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Roy Cruz‎: Fujifilm X-E1 + Samyang 12mm Gyeongju, South Korea. By Roy Cruz Photo

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David Solodar: The Church of the Holy Sepulchre,Jerusalem
Fujifilm X-E1 + Fujinon 27mm

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Gabor Nagy‎: In the mist – Streets of Nice. For more images check out my blog here:

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Eric Anderson‎: Taken in Ala Archa National Park, Kyrgyzstan, halfway up Peak Uchitel. Fuji X-E2 and the XF 14mm. and

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Thien Bui‎: The Blood Mountain (Khan Tengri). Viewed from Inychek Base Camp.

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Stockografie‎: The X100T captured this great image

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L.P.: More than eight months ago I left home for my big trip around the world. I’m still travelling, still with my Fuji X-T1, and still super happy that I’ve chosen that camera! This picture was taken during one of these fantastic sunsets on Caye Caulker, Belize. More pictures & blog:

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Declan Courell‎: XE1 18-55MM F2.8-F4. This photograph was taken outside of a friend of mines home in n Sligo Ireland. Love the contrast between the green of the field, the blue of the sky, and the lone tree

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Fuji XF 90mmF2 will start shipping on June 18th (source – BHphoto)


 photo 90mm_zpsjbgpp4dj.jpg

XF 90mmF2 WR
USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama EUROPE: AmazonDE / AmazonUK / AmazonFR / WexUK / PCHstore / AUS: Camerapro

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While all the other stores expect to have the 90mm in stock in July, BHphoto says here, that they will start shipping the XF 90mmF2 as soon as June 18th.

X-pert Corner: XF 90mm First Look / First Look at the X-T10

SAVE up to $ 280

Dramatic savings on XF lenses at Cameraland.

XF 10-24mmF4 save $280
XF 16mmF1.4 WRsave $150
XF 14mmF2.8save $250
XF 35mmF1.4 save $200

 photo 0-24_zps4cogmzir.jpg



$2061 donated to KNGO thanks to X-shooters, who bought the MICHELLE OBAMA Approved X-shirts :)


 photo tonle clothes_zpsniqvrojm.jpg

As promised, I didn’t keep a single penny for myself, and therefore Tonlé was able to make the first donation of $2061 to KNGO (XL shirts sales of June not included… a second donation will be made soon).

We are on the good road to achieve our first goal, which is to pay all teachers at KNGO a higher salary for their incredible work. The final goal remains the classroom, but for that we need to sell more X-shirts. Feel free to support the project: Small, Medium and Large are still available here. If you are located in Europe or anywhere else outside USA, you can buy the X-shirt via Spreadshirt.

Thank You. Thanks to those who bought an X-shirt. I hope that one day I’ll meet someone, somewhere, walking on the streets with an X-shirt… and you can be sure I’ll stop you and offer you a good beer ;)

And what about Michelle Obama?

Well, the US X-shirts are made by Tonlé, and all you have to know about this amazing workshop is packed in this short & creative video. The thing is that Michelle Obama was in Cambodia and also knows about Tonlé and its incredible work. Michelle admired the work of Tonlé (who wouldn’t?) and wrote to Rachel (founder of Tonlé) the following letter:

sorry, I took that pic with my iPhone

 photo obama_zps4d00suc6.png


Hi, I’m the Fuji-tive, and who are you? From now on, direct links to your FXF profile. Feel free to present yourself to the X-world :)


 photo fujia_zpstmumwwyu.jpg
 photo aaaaee_zpsqwl9w8gm.png

I’m The Fuji-tive, so I can’t share too many details on my personal FXF profile ;). But for all the others, it could be worth to take a few minutes and fill it in properly.

And here is why:

Starting from the next “Best of FXF zone” (see episode 1, 2 and 3), I’ll link DIRECTLY to the FXF Profile of those Forum Members, who have launched a hot thread or shared a top voted image.

So, if you want, you can introduce yourself to fellow X-shooters in your FXF Profile and also share your own blog, portfolio, Flickr account, contact details and more.

And today, one month after the Fuji X Forum launch, allow me to express my thanks to:

1) Thanks to all those, who already joined the FXF. It’s great to see how quickly a friendly community is coming together. I’m having lots of fun there and learn (and share) many things… feel free to join us, too.

2) Sure, when the Admin of the 5 years old German Fuji-X-Forum and my humble self decided to cooperate and launch the English FXF sister Forum, I knew that I was in professional hands: he had the knowledge, the experience, the workflow, was familiar with the forum software and more… but the reality even exceeded my expectation. He’s working hard and meticulously, always ready for a Skype call, quick replies to emails and has great ideas for the future of the Forum! Just Amazing! Thanks, FX Admin!

That’s it… I’ll now prepare the next “Best of FXF zone“, which should go online soon.

 photo FXF_zpskvxeu9my.png


The X-T1 Firmware 4.0 coming on June 25


 photo KAIZEN_zps1fdb780f.png

A source, who was right in the past, and is on the best way to become trusted, told me that the Fuji manager, who said the firmware will come on the 22, is wrong, and the firmware will come on the 25th, as usual early in the morning London Time… of course if Fuji doesn’t find a last second bug ;)

I have no reason to doubt this source, and if this rumor is correct too, it will become a trusted source. For me, the new release date is the 25.

Oh, just to let you know:

– Fuji Manager: “FW 4 will come on the 22”
– Fuji France: “FW 4 will come on the 21”
– FujiRumors: “FW 4 will come on the 25”

at least we agree on “late June” ;)

Fuji France says FW 4 will come on the 21… that’s not the information I have, though

 photo firmware 4.0_zpszy4mkobb.png