Zack Arias: “Life without DSLRs”… X100S follow up review


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image courtesy: Zack Arias

Zack Arias announced it a couple of weeks ago, when he tested the X100S: “DSLR is dead”. And now, how is his life without the DSLR? What changed in Zack’s photography after he switched to Fuji? See his shots and read the whole blog post here. And if you plan to switch too, check out the X-superkit deals.

“I was recently asked on my Q&A blog whether I was switching to Fuji just to be different and not because they are better. I replied saying it is part of the equation. Not a large part. Not even half of the part, but yeah, that’s part of it. Who has a DSLR these days? Everyone. Moms, grandpas, clients, kids, that guy in accounting, everyone. Nikon this. Canon that. […]

It’s mostly a mental departure from how I’ve done things for a long time and how much of the rest of the photography world works. It makes a difference with my clients and subjects as well. DSLRs are so generic these days that when you show up with something different like a Fuji or a medium format people take notice. They ask questions. These cameras start conversations. When I shot DSLRs I always heard about what camera my client or subject had. “Oh. You shoot Canon. I have a Nikon.” Etc. Etc. And then those conversations would take place. Not any more. “Wow. What is that? I’ve never seen one of those.” is now the opening line. […]

When you change those tools there’s a mental change as well. The retro styling of the Fuji cameras isn’t just for show. There’s a reason cameras have been set up like those for decades. There’s a very practical reasoning behind dedicated aperture dials on the lens and shutter speed dials. I can “feel” where my settings are.

I say all of this to say I’m emotionally connected to my Fujis. I’ve never been emotionally connected to a DSLR. Ever. That connection matters. It’s not on a spec sheet. It can’t be tested in the lab. I look at my Fuji cameras and I want to go shoot. I want to make photos. They don’t belong in a bag. They belong on in my hand.”

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Waiting for Godot… the X100S “under review (?)” at AmazonUS


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You probably know Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot” (wikipedia your Amazon), where two homeless men are waiting for Godot, but he never arrives.

Well, we are not looking for Godot, but for the X100S. Announced at the 7th of January (but FR told you about it for first already weeks before), in stock for the first time in late March for a very short time, now it almost disappeared from stores. And so we are here, waiting for our pre-ordered X100S to come, but nothing happens.

And now this: I’ve checked the X100S status at Amazon every day. They said “in stock in 1-3 weeks”, “in stock in 1-3 months”, “in stock in 3-5 weeks” and now AmazonUS says “ITEM UNDER REVIEW” Here is the full text. What went wrong with AmazonUS?:

“Item Under Review: While this item is available from other marketplace sellers on this page, it is not currently offered by because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it’s described here. (Thanks for the tip!) We’re working to fix the problem as quickly as possible.”

btw, I also believe that Fuji was surprised by the high demand for this camera and has now problems to deliver the camera to the stores. As you know, Fuji announced to cut down the compact camera lineup by 50%. It’s a good news: let’s focus on the X-series and not waste energy into bottom-end models.

Fuji, concentrate your power on the X-series, everything else is just distraction!

We started with Godot and therefore we have to find an absurd final for this story: so, while nobody knows when the X100S will be in stock at AmazonUS, the guys over at just found it in stock at AmazonUK (shipped and sold by AmazonUK). And if you find them in stock too, subscribe to dealsrunner and spread the word!


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Nikon A vs X100S (ISO) + Video comparison: X100S vs NikonA vs RicohGR


1) Cameralabs compared the X100S with the Nikon A and we have (again) a clear winner: the X100S with his X-Trans sensor:

“Compared with the COOLPIX A, at the lower ISO settings, the X100S looks a little sharper, but in noise terms there’s little to choose between them with the COOLPIX A’s 100 ISO crop a close match for the X100S’s 200 ISO. At 400 ISO it’s still a pretty close call, but at 800 ISO it looks to me like there’s noticeably more noise in the COOLPIX A crop. At 1600 ISO there’s clearly more texture in the wall, the text panel looks softer and the edge detail is beginning to crumble on the COOLPIX A crop where the X100S is still holding strong.

But read more and see all the ISO-comparison shots here at cameralabs.

No need to tell you which images comes from the X100S X-Trans sensor ;)

 photo comparison_zps36bceece.png

2) Mike Kobal posted his video comparison of the X100SNikonA and RicohGR at his website here.


USA: Fuji X100s in Stock at Sunset Electronics (limited quantity).

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Zeiss Touit vs. Fujinon XF


by Rico Pfirstinger

Talk to Rico (open forum for questions & feedback)Rico’s Flickr sets – Touit 1.8/32 samplesTouit 2.8/12 samplesTouit vs. Fujinon comparative samples (Flickr Guest Pass) – Mastering the Fujifilm X-Pro1 reading samples (65 free pages)

DSCF7781 - f/2
Carl Zeiss Touit 1.8/32, Fujifilm X-E1 (ISO 200, f/2, 1/1200s), RAW, Lightroom 5, DxO FilmPack 4

Why would a business-savvy lens manufacturer like Carl Zeiss decide to introduce two prime lenses for X-Mount cameras that compete head-to-head with already existing, smaller and cheaper Fujinon offerings, while at the same time ignoring obvious gaps like a fast 23mm lens?

It’s a Sony

The answer is: they wouldn’t. And they didn’t! The new Zeiss Tout 1.8/32mm and 2.8/12mm prime lenses are quite obviously targeted at customers of Sony’s NEX camera system. They perfectly fit into Sony’s current lens lineup, and their design is pretty much in line with the sleek NEX appearance. A fast 23 mm lens to satisfy the cravings of the X-Mount crowd? No such luck, because Zeiss and Sony already offer such a lens (a 1.8/24) for NEX. This is apparently all about what Sony NEX customers want and need.

DSCF7301 - f/2.8 Carl Zeiss Touit 2.8/12, Fujifilm X-E1 (ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/480s), RAW, Lightroom 4.4

So the X-Mount versions of the Touit lenses were clearly one of those “me too” decisions. But why did Fuji go along with it and invite a formidable competitor like Carl Zeiss into their home, not only offering full technical support and cooperation, but even co-marketing the Touit lenses? I know the real answer but don’t want to spill the beans just yet, so let’s just say that Fujifilm is making money with each X-Mount Touit lens that’s sold. They also like the Zeiss brand’s premium image and the resulting image transfer to the Fuji brand. After all, Panasonic also loves to put a Leica logo on their cameras and MFT lenses.

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