X100 firmware ver. 2.01 available!


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A couple of weeks ago Fuji released a major firmware updated for the three years old and discontinued X100. Now the next update is available, ver. 2.01, at Fuji’s global site here, and it’s going to fix a bug. Download, test it and share your findings on Fujirumors… and spread the word via facebook and twitter.

“Detail of the update: The firmware update Ver.2.01 from ver.2.00 incorporates the following issue The phenomenon is fixed that in Manual Focus mode, repeated pressing the shutter button halfway or repeated recording images could move focus position and the distance indicator to near side.”

Patrick (google+, facebook and twitter)

NOTE: If you have problems to see the firmware ver. 2.00 then you probably have to clean the cache! The easiest way is described in Rico’s X-pert corner post “Tips for Updating your Firmware”: “just delete your browser cache or force your browser to reload and refresh the page by, for example, holding the Alt or Option key while clicking on Reload.

You will find tips like this and much more in Rico’s new book “Mastering the Fujifilm X-E1 and X-Pro1 (use code FUJISAVES30 to save 30%!)


AF-challange: Kobe’s soccer game photographed with the X-E2! (Bert Stephani)


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XQ1 – USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / AdoramaDigitalRev / EUROPE: wexphotographicUK / DigitalRev / PCHstore / AmazonDE (via DR) /AmazonUK (via DR)

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The big question is: how fast is the AF on the new X-E2 really? The AF-performance was maybe the only real weak spot of the overall amazing X-system. Although much improved firmware after firmware, the AF of the X-E1 still can’t catch up with the records of Panasonic and Olympus.

What changed with the X-E2? Bert Stephani tested the AF-performance during Kobe’s soccer game:

“The X-E2 has an AF system that combines contrast detection and phase detection technologies. Theoretically this should improve focus speed a lot, particularly in good light. So I took the X-E2 and the 55-200 to Kobe’s soccer game last weekend to give the AF a serious challenge.

I didn’t expect the X-E2 to focus as fast as a Canon 1Dx or a Nikon D4 but I also didn’t expect it to be really useable for shooting soccer. But to my surprise it held up pretty well and I got quite a few action shots. The continuous focus is still a bit hit or miss, but it focusses so fast that I got some nice stuff in single shot focus mode.

I’ve seen some impressive numbers about the focus speed after the lenses will have received a firmware update, so things can only get even better in the near future. “

Read Bert’s full article (and see his shots) here at confessionsxl.com.

image courtesy: confessionsxl

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Happy birthday: 500px giving away four X100S!


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500px is turning Four! For their birthday they decided to run a contest. The first price? Four X100S!

“ll you have to do to win one is 1) Take a photo that interprets 500px logo in a creative & clever way and 2) Upload it to your account with tag 500pxbirthday. You have one month to enter and winners will be announced December 1st 2013. We will ship world-wide, no age restriction and winning photos will be judged on creativity and photo techniques.”

Join the contest here… I hope some FR-reader get the X100S. The winner will be announced December 1st! (no restrictions, they ship worldwide!)

good luck to everybody… may Fortuna be with you!
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Fuji X-A1: “the best ISO performance on any CSC for £500!”


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1) We know it, the X-A1 doesn’t feature an X-Trans sensor and has an AA-filter… but don’t worry, the image quality is still impressive! According to trustedreviews there isn’t a camera in the X-A1 price range that delivers better ISO results than the cheapest X-series camera. Outstanding ISO performance and details, good battery live (Fuji quotes 350 shots but trustedreviews shot almost 400 “including usage of the Wi-Fi feature and several shots with flash“), impressive operational speed:

“Indeed, the sharpness of the Fujifilm lenses and the camera’s impressive image processing combine to deliver a level of detail some way ahead of expectations.”

2) steve-digicams X-A1 review is online here: “Low light performance was outstanding. As you will see on our Samples page, noise is not much of a concern with the X-A1. The camera offers a very impressive ability to shoot in dimly lit situations without introducing a distracting amount of digital noise. […] The biggest disappointment with the auto focus is that it does not operate in burst mode. […] The mirrorless camera market has a serious contender in the X-A1. Its APS-C sensor, high image quality, and stellar low-light performance make it a very attractive option. Fast burst shooting in both JPEG and RAW formats sweetens the deal.”

3) It’s again: Fuji X-M1 vs Fuji X-A1. This time it’s the Spanish site dslrmagazine that compares them here (translation). As already shown by Rico (here and here) and Max (riflessifotografici here), the X-M1 with X-Trans sensor delivers better results also according to dslrmagazine.

So the X-Trans is “superior” to the Bayer sensor. You’ll notice the difference especially at higher ISO’s and if you set the NR at its minimum (and especially if you pixel peep!). But if the better image quality is worth the $200 extra is another question. Both cameras deliver great results. The X-A1 seems to be the better deal for dslrmagazine: loose a bit of image quality, but save $200!

image courtesy: dslrmagazine

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Tested: XF 23mm (dslrmagazine) and XC 16-50 (photozone)


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first bunch of lenses is shipping

Fuji XF 23mm

Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

The Spanish site dslrmagazine shared its XF23mm review (mounted on a X-E2). Read the result of their field test here (translation). It’s a high quality lens with “character”, beautiful bokeh, no distortion, very little lens flare… lot of great feedback! For their technical test click here (tranlsation). They say it’s worth every cent: “From a technical point of view, image quality, those opting for this lens will soon discover they have made a good investment with € 929.”

Fuji XC 16-50

Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

photzone‘s XC 16-50 review can be read here: “The Fujinon XC 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS is a fairly good standard zoom lens but it doesn’t really stand out due to a number of weaknesses. In terms of resolution, the quality is generally high in the image center and decent in the outer image field. The lens relies heavily on auto-correction with respect to its native distortion characteristic which is nothing short of extreme at 16mm. Since most users will never notice this, this is probably an acceptable compromise (albeit a lossy one). The original vignetting is rather heavy at large apertures but also corrected behind the scenes. Lateral CAs are an issue at 16mm at large aperture settings especially in the image corners.”