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Fujinon XF 8-16mm F2.8 Available Mid 2018 (New Source)… and Now, Dear Fujifilm, We Want an XF 16-80mm F4 :)

According to a new source, the Fujinon XF 8-16mm F2.8 WR will be available mid 2018. Take it with a grain of salt for now. We have already shared the first images of the XF 8-16, XF 200mmF2 and GF 250mmF4 in this Fujirumors article.

And which one should be the next X mount zoom lens after the XF 8-16mm F2.8 WR?

In our gigantic X mount lens poll request to Fujifilm, where over 14,000 of you guys voted, dropping a total of 34,431 preferences, a lens like an XF 16-80mm F4 became the most wanted zoom lens after the XF 8-16mm F2.8.

So, dear Fujifilm, the FujiRumors community worked very hard to collect for you free market investigation data, and we decided for something like a Fujinon XF 16-80… thank you very much for listening :) .

What’s Next from Fujifilm? Big 2017 / 2018 Rumor Overview and Check

Ok guys… after the major announcement a few days ago, it’s time to see what is left, and what was correct (or not).

but first….

Huge Thanks!

Fujirumors is not only a great source for Fujifilm to get feedback about their products and early feedback thanks to rumors, but also a place that keeps the whole community excited and informed. And none of this would be possible without everybody, who helped me with the rumors and the news. Huge thanks to all of you for guiding me safly through the stormy Fuji waters.

The Facts

  • 670 blog post published so far in 2017
  • 84 rumors shared in 2017
  • 14 rumors still to be verified (and 1 out of ranking)
  • 65 correct rumors out of 69 verifiable rumors
  • 4 wrong rumors out of 69 verifiable rumors
  • 94% correct rumors

What To Expect From Fujifilm…
… and 2 Notes

The Ultimate Fuji X: I know that this camera was in Fuji’s plans, and I know they scrapped it in favor or the Fujifilm X-T2S (which is basically an “ultimate X light”). However, I decided to already move the ultimate X rumors in the wrong rumor section, because I need a public statement of Fujifilm that such plans existed to share it as a correct rumor (as it happened with the X-Pro1s)… and also because otherwise the wrong rumor section would have been empty :)

Fujinon 33mmF1: In January, I reported that the 33/1 has been scrapped. As a consequence, I launched a huge lens request poll, where the 33/1 became the most voted prime lens by the FR-community. The results might have convinced Fujifilm to think about it again, as a rumor recently suggested. Hence you will find 2 rumors down below… the one that says the 33/1 has been canceled, and the one that says there is a little bit hope again.

* 75% to 99% correct

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Fujifilm Unveils New G and X Mount Lens Roadmap!

Fujifilm erroneously published the new lens roadmaps a few hours before the official embargo ends… and FujiRumors is happy to break the news for you :).

The X-mount roadmap includes the long rumored XF200/2 and the XF8-16, as well as the Fuji X mount version of the Fujinon MK18-55mm F2.9 and MK50-130mm T2.9, which launch, as Fujifilm said, has been postponed from 2017 to 2018.

The G-mount roadmap inlcudes the GF250mmF4 OIS and the GF 1.4x Teleconverter. The GF 250 (as well as other lenses) has been already rumored on FujiRumors back in April.

As I told you, you can’t expect major updates on the roadmap anymore. Why? Because in the past Fujifilm made long term lens roadmaps, but then, when they changed plans, they had to cancel lenses they officially promised to deliver (remember the XF120 for example?), and some customers got really angry about it. That’s why Fujifilm will launch only minor updates.

But hey… there is still FujiRumors for the unofficial long term roadmaps :)

You’re welcome to follow the FR Live blogging at 02:00 AM New York time.

1. Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens “XF8-16mmF2.8 R LM WR”

XF8-16mmF2.8 R LM WR” is an ultra-wide angle zoom lens with a focal length equivalent to 12-24mm (on a 35mm format) and maximum F2.8 aperture. It is a lens most suited to shooting dynamic landscapes, night views and architecture. With the “XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR” and “XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR”, Fujifilm’s XF lenses will cover F2.8 across the entire zoom range of Wide/Standard/Telephoto shooting areas.

2. Telephoto Prime Lens “XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR”

XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR” is a telephoto prime lens with a focal length equivalent to 305mm (on a 35mm format) and maximum bright F2.0 aperture. It is a lens most suited to shooting sports, nature, or wild-birds. Both the existing “FUJINON Teleconverter XF1.4X TC WR” and “FUJINON Teleconverter XF2.0X TC WR” are compatible, so it can be used as an ultra-telephoto lens.

Fujifilm will continue to expand the lens line-up from ultra-wide to telephoto to support a wide range of photography styles and requirements. The release date of the “MK Series for X Mount version” will now be 2018 rather than 2017, as previously communicated.

1. Telephoto Prime Lens “GF250mmF4 R LM OIS WR”

GF250mmF4 R LM OIS WR” is a telephoto prime lens with a focal length equivalent to 198mm (on a 35mm format) and maximum F4 aperture, enabling a beautiful bokeh effect for shooting portrait and landscapes images.

2. Tele Converter “GF1.4X TC WR”

The “GF1.4X TC WR” is a high-performance teleconverter capable of multiplying the focal length by 1.4x. Compatible with “GF250mmF4 R LM OIS WR”, its focal length will be 350mm (equivalent to 277mm on a 35mm format).

FUJINON “GF Lenses” are high quality lenses featuring rich tone reproduction, unique color reproduction and high resolving power, designed to incorporate Fujifilm’s optical technology. These lenses will be designed to the highest standards to allow photographers the ability to create the best images possible. Fujifilm has already released the “FUJIFILM GFX 50S” (hereinafter “GFX 50S”), the first camera in the “GFX Series,” as well as six “GF Lenses”. All of which have proved popular among professional photographers and photo enthusiasts, who praise it for its ability to capture high levels of detail, giving the atmosphere a three-dimensional feel, and its compact, lightweight body for easy operation.

With the addition of the two lenses, “GF250mmF4 R LM OIS WR” and “GF1.4X TC WR”, the GF range will now cover telephoto needs. The GF lens line-up will be expanded total of eight lenses, covering 18mm – 277mm (on a 35mm format). Fujifilm will continue to produce technology for the “GFX Series” Which reinvigorates passion for photography.

… and now let me grab another coffee :)
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Fujifilm X-E3: USA: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS EU: AmazonDE, AmazonUK, WexUK, PCHstore AUS: CameraPro

Fujinon XF 80mmF2.8 Macro: USA: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS EU: AmazonDE, AmazonUK, WexUK, PCHstore AUS: CameraPro

Fujinon GF 45mmF2.8: USA: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS EU: WexUK, PCHstore AUS: CameraPro


Fujifilm X-E3 Announced: Full Press Release, Product Catalogue, Sample Images and More!

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Fujinon XF 80mmF2.8 1:1 Macro: USA: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS EU: AmazonDE, AmazonUK, WexUK, PCHstore AUS: CameraPro
Fujinon GF 45mmF2.8: USA: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS EU: WexUK, PCHstore AUS: CameraPro

Fujifilm X-E3 Links

Full Press Release

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Fujinon XF33mm F1.0… there is (a Tiny Bit) Hope Again for the “Full Frame Killer”

Fujinon XF33mmF1.0

The Fujinon XF 33mm F1.0, or as some of you guys call it here on FujiRumors, the “Full Frame Killer“, has such a long rumor story, that it’s better to make super-quick summary for all new FR-readers, before we move on to the next chapter.

If you’ve followed the 33/1 story since its start and are familiar with it, then scroll down to “The Hope” section.

The Rise

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Fujifilm X-E3 will Shoot 4K Video

Ok guys, I’ll keep it short this time because I’m babysitting and we are trying to build a rangefinder Lego Camera like this one now : )

Today’s rumor is as simple as that: the Fujifilm X-E3 will shoot 4K video.

And in the meantime…. Billy, keep up fighting for 4K on X-Pro2… or the X-Pro2 will be the only X-TransIII camera that can’t shoot 4K!

have a GREAT day,
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Rumored Fujifilm X-E3 specs

Two Most Underrated Fujifilm Lenses :: Mitakon 35mmF0.95 Review :: Do You Need To Refocus After Zooming On X Lenses? (Fuji Lens Zone)

The Two Most Underrated Fuji Lenses at Finding Middle Earth Youtube

Fujinon Lenses (and third party / adapted)

Fellow Fuji X and G shooters,

I really get a terrific amount of emails with requests to be featured on FujiRumors and I want to make everybody happy. So I have decided to share more miXed zones than we were used in the past. This will allow me to keep roundups smaller (less links) and give you guys an overall better reading experience (I hope).

Also, I’m trying to organize miXed zones in a way that it makes sense, which is why lenses, GFX, X100F and occasionally also RAW converters, accessories and more get a a dedicated roundup.

It’s quite a lot of work for me, but I’m happy to invest my time to feature you all and to improve your reading experience.

As usual, I’m thankful for feedback… I really try to do my best, and in case you have suggestions, they are always welcome.

Now back to today’s roundup, which is dedicated to the heart of every system: the lenses!

In the past I’ve written a 3 articles that included the 5 Fujifilm lenses/cameras I think are the most unterrated in the Fujifilm world. Links below:

We also launched a “most underrated Fujifilm camera/lens” Poll… feel free to drop your vote :)

Push READ MORE to SEE and VOTE the Polls

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Fuji XF 55-200 Revisited, the 18-135, and Other Musings!

Write Your Articles Directly On FujiRumors!

guest post by Philip Sutton: philipsuttonphotography website + Instagram @finartfoto

Previous guest posts of Philip Sutton

  • Fuji X-T1, X-T2 – A New Way of Seeing! – Read here
  • Fuji X-T2 and X-T1 – a New Perspective on Myanmar in 2017 – Read here
  • Fuji X-T2/X-T1 – Recce in Bali – Read here

As you would have read on my last two blogs, I had recently sold off all of my Nikon gear over the last year or so and replaced everything with Fuji equipment. I have extensively used my 18-135 lens and the marvellous little 35mm f2. The 18-55 I never liked (not sharp or very useful wide open at the 18 or 55 end), so that was sold recently on ebay. However, the 55-200 kind of sat there in no-man’s land and never really got used. I did a commercial shoot last year where I had to shoot over 25 models for our local TAFE (Technical and Further Education). The girls were graduating from their Makeup and Beauty Course, and I was asked to photograph the models for their portfolios. Of course the 55-200 was the perfect choice for that occasion. The photos looked great and everybody was very pleased with the results.

One of the models from the shoot with the 55-200 lens.

After that – I kind of popped the lens back into the camera cupboard and forgot about it. I had thought long and hard about the lenses I would take on the month trip to Myanmar at Christmas, but because the 55-200 lens was not sealed, it did not even get on the short list. I ended up specifically purchasing the 18-135 because of the weather sealing. I had been to Myanmar on two prior occasions and I remembered how unbelievably dusty and dirty it can be over there (especially Mandalay and Hsipaw).

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Fujifilm Manager: “X-T2 (and X100F) Worldwide Sales Are Remarkable. The Canon and Nikon Stranglehold is Starting to Relax a Bit” (miXed zone)

The Interview

In a quick interivew, well-known FujifilmUK manager (as well as fellow GFX facebook group member) Theo Georghiades, says that:

  • The Fujifilm X-T2 feedback and sales are remarkable, worldwide. It’s the top 5, sometimes top 3 interchangeable camera in the country. “The Canon and Nikon stranglehold is starting to relax a bit.”
  • Recently, especially the Fujifilm X100F has such a high request, that Fujifilm can’t fulfill pre-orders. Fujifilm is aware that customers are upset, but they do their absolute best.
  • The Lens quality and variety are the biggest aspect of Fujifilm’s success
  • The Fujifilm GFX Feedback is really amazing. Really positive vibe about the camera.
  • The manager also sounds very confident about the GFX image quality, as he says he likes that people put Fujifilm products up against the big contenders and to open people’s eyes to what else is out there.

Check out the interview at youtube here.

Btw, the Fujifilm GFX facebook group is well represented by Fujifilm Managers, employees and X-photographers, as well as 10,000 more fellow Fuji G shooters and fans. Feel free to join us there.

And to get only GFX tailored news, follow our GFX facebook page.

Fujifilm GFX
USA BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS

  • New Orleans with the Fujifilm GFX-50S Camera at mendelsonfineartphotography
  • Fuji GFX 50s vs Sony A7r II in German at enjoyyourcamera (the reviewer somehow sounds much more excited about the GFX image quality and says it has more 3D pop than the Sony)
  • GFX 50S: Surpassing All Expectations by Kara Mercer at fujifilm-x
  • The Photography Show 2017 (general coverage with short remarks also about Fujifilm and the GFX and Hasselblad X1D) at electriclemonade

Fujifilm X-T20
USA BHphotoAdorama, AmazonUS

Fujifilm XF50mm
USA BHphotoAdorama, AmazonUS

  • Close-up Examples From The Fuji XF 50mm f2 R WR Lens at findingrange
  • Fuji XF 50mm F2 IR & UV Hotspot Test at kiwiinkyushu

What’s Next From Fujifilm? … and First 2017 Rumor Check (100% Correct Rumors)

Two or three times a year, I feel like I need to put a bit of order in the whirlwind of rumors, and give you guys a well-ordered overview of the rumors shared so far this year by FujiRumors.

It’s also the opportunity for me to check back the accuracy of all the rumors I’ve shared this year.

So high time for some facts:

  • 229 blog post published so far in 82 days (2017)
  • 36 rumors shared in 82 days (2017)
  • 12 rumors still to be verified
  • 24 correct rumors out of 24 verifiable rumors
  • 0 wrong rumors out of 24 verifiable rumors
  • 100% correct rumors

Sure, there are still 12 rumors that have to be verified, not all will be correct (because they are wrong or Fujifilm will change plans), but I’d say of the 12 remaining, I wouldn’t be surprised if most are correct.

A big hug goes to all sources, from the most anonmyous to the most trusted one, who decided to help me to find the right path in the fake rumor jungle and to put excitement in the Fuji world by sharing accurate rumors. You make being an Fuji shooter even more fun :-)

Also, thanks to everybody, who spotted some interesting Fuji related news/rumor/deal/review on the web, and took his/her time to drop me an email with the link to it. Much appreciated… and feel free to keep it up.

thanks to all,
Fuji X Forum, Facebook, RSS-feed and Twitter

* 75% to 99% correct

  • Fujifilm X80 Coming Second Half of 2017 (shared February 20)
  • Trusted Source Confirms: “Fujifilm Developing Ultimate APS-C X-camera. Based on X-T Design. Price Not Yet Set, but Most Expensive X” (shared 14 March)
  • Instax Goes Hybrid: Fujifilm INSTAX Square SQ10 Will have a Micro SD Card Slot (shared 16 March)
  • First LEAKED Image of the Fujifilm Instax SQ (not SQ10). Film Only (shared March 17)
  • Instax Square SQ10 with USB-Charging (shared March 18)

*50% to 74% correct

  • Fujifilm X100F Allows You to Change ISO Value with Command Dial (Probably Coming to X-Pro2 via Firmware) (shared January 16) – NOTE 1: X100F part is correct. To see if it comes also to X-PRO2. NOTE 2: The firmware announcement of March 23 says that this feature will come via Firmware, but only to X-T2. This sounds very strange to me. Could be an error of Fujifilm. I’ll wait for the firmware to come out, and if indeed the X-Pro2 does not get this feature, move this rumor in the wrong rumors section
  • Fujinon XF 33mm F1.0 No Longer on Fujifilm’s Internal Roadmap … GAME OVER for Fuji’s Super Fast Lens? (shared January 30)
  • Fujifilm Plans Fujinon XF 18mm F2 Mark II Lens (shared February 9)
  • Profoto and Miltiblitz support for GFX (shared February 26)
  • Fujifilm (Currently) Planing a Fujinon XF200mm F2 (shared March 2)

*25% to 49% correct

  • Fujinon XF 8-16mm F2.8 WR will Be The Next X-mount Lens Launched after the XF80mm Macro (shared January 25)
  • Fujifilm Working on the Ultimate $5,000+ APS-C X-Trans X-series Camera (also for Video) (shared March 3)

*1% to 24% correct

  • This could actually be by far the longest section…. I’d just need to publish all the fakes ;) .


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