Fuji says they will launch more system cameras this fiscal year! And compact camera lineup cut down by 50%.


Amateur Photographer reports that “the company plans to launch more mirrorless system cameras this fiscal year, Tanaka said in the Nikkei interview.” This one more time confirms that our rumors about new entry level X cameras coming soon are correct. And “Fuji tells AP it is ‘extremely pleased’ by the public’s enthusiasm for its higher-end compacts – a market in which it plans to focus its future compact camera resources. Fuji hopes to get its camera division back into the black by 31 March next year.”

Ap also writes: “Hiroshi Tanaka, general manager of Fuji’s Optical Device and Electronic Imaging Products Division, explained that bottom-end models have a low profit margin and will be axed from the firm’s line of around 20 compacts.

This isn’t really a surprise. Smartphones are eating up the compact camera market.

news found via ThePhoBlographer.


miXed zone: X-reviews, get wide right (XF14mm) + Samyang 8mm (sulantoblog)



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– The X100S and the Lee Seven5 System at fixelpix here: “When it comes to filters Lee are the gold standard and their recently released Seven5 micro filter system now includes an option for Fujifilm’s X100 and X100s cameras. I should also make it clear at this point the Lee Seven5 micro system isn’t just for the X100s and I plan to employ it with the X-Pro1 with various lenses. […] I love long exposure photography and the Lee Seven5 renews the excitement of capturing at any time of the day. If you want to venture into the realm of long exposure photography and have a compact camera then the Lee Filter Seven5 compact system is without doubt the way to go.”

image courtesy: fixelpix

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– Adam Lerner’s X100S review here. “For me, it’s the perfect camera. Amazing that all of that capability is in such a small package. Sure, the X100s isn’t for everyone, but for any of you guys who are ready to pop on one, you won’t be disappointed. If you were a fan of the X100, then you will love the X100s. The Fuji X100s is THE camera and for anyone who’s been considering one or anyone who’s got the X100 and loves shooting with it, then the X100s is a must-have.”


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– Infrared shots with the X-Trans sensor of the X20 and the RM72 Filter. Check out the results here.

neocamera posted his X20 review here. “The Fuji X20 is an excellent premium compact and the only one to have a mechanical zoom. […] Image quality is excellent for its sensor-size with low noise, good dynamic-range, nice colors and superb sharpness. Metering is highly conservative and WB is mostly good but struggles a little more than average. […] No camera is perfect but this one clearly shows plenty of strength.


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– Latino TV-super star Raul de Molina loves the X-E1. Just jump to minute 2 of this video, and hear by yourself: no more heavy DSLR’s, excellent image quality (“pretty close to the Leica“)… a declaration of love ;)

– phototechmag X-E1 review here: “The X-E1 camera is a keeper. I wouldn’t hesitate to make this my everyday camera, or take it on an extended trip abroad – particularly with some of the new wide-angle lenses coming up. Light and durable, it’s completely controllable with quiet operation and great image quality.


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– A review of the Samyang 8mm lens can be read over here at sulantoblog. “The Samyang 8 mm f/2.8 is a good fisheye both optically and mechanically, but it is also quite affordable, which makes it a worthwhile purchase even for a casual user.”

– FR-reader Olaf posted 5 useful tips to make the best use of your wide angle XF14mm. I’ll post just the summary, but stop by his blog to read more and see his great shots (“Get wide right!”) 1) Always start with observation and vision 2)Choose a distinctive subject that stands out from the surroundings 3)Get unnaturally close 4)Watch corners and eliminate any unnecessary junk 5) Change the point of view – with a wide angle it makes a huge difference.

image courtesy: olafphotoblog photo c2a9osztaba_pitt_20130525_c2a9osztaba_pitt_13-05-25__dsf3886_zps44ae2d9a.jpg


IN STOCK: XF 55-200 (and Zeiss Touit) at AmazonUS (via third party reseller for normal price) + Touit first impressions


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Grab it if you can! There are only 4 XF 55-200 in stock at AmazonUS (via third party) for the normal price of $700 (click here)! It’s the only lens that is not part of the Fuji X-superkit deals.

There are also only 5 Zeiss Touit 12mm for normal price sold by third party reseller here and one 32mm here.


FR-reader Craig has both Touit’s and begins his ongoing review. He told me that “I’ve gotten my new Zeiss Touit 12mm and 32mm lenses today, and have written a “First Impressions” article on them. I will be shooting with the Touits for the next week, and writing several updates with lots of real world samples. If you are interested, here it is!” So, stay tuned at Craigs website. Just an extract of his first impressions:

““they are smaller than I expected.”[…] but they are actually the perfect size for the mirrorless systems […]. both lenses feel very solid and well made in my hands. […] The apertures have a nice “old-fashioned” click sound to them and most will be happy to hear that they are a bit stiffer than their Fuji counterparts.”

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XF 55-200 in stock status check: USAAdoramaBHphoto / AmazonUS / DigitalRev / Uniquephoto / Pictureline / Europe: AmazonUK / AmazonDE / PCHstore Brussel / Worldwide ebay: slidoo

Zeiss Touit 32mm in stock status check: USA: Adorama / BHphoto / AmazonUS / Uniquephoto / Pictureline / Europe: AmazonDE / ebayUK / PCHstore Brussel
Zeiss Touit 12mm in stock status check: USA: Adorama / BHphoto / AmazonUS / Uniquephoto / Pictureline / Europe: AmazonDE / ebayUK / PCHstore Brussel