REVIEW: Samyang 300mm f/6.3 mirror lens for Fuji X + IN STOCK: X-M1 at AmazonDE/ITA


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A FR-reader shared with us via rumor box the link to a short review and some sample shots of the Samyang 300 mirror lens for Fuji X. The lens is a bit smaller than the XF 18-55mm, built mostly out of high quality plastic and the focus ring rotation is very smooth and well-damped. “Close focus performance is pretty good, without a trace of chromatic distortion and good clarity edge-to-edge. […] Overall image contrast is slightly low compared to the excellent Fuji 18-55 zoom, but this is easily corrected during post processing.” Check it out at dpreview.

Samyang / Rokinon 300 mirror lens for Fuji X: AmazonUS / BHphoto

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There are right now only 2 X-M1 (body only) available at AmazonDE via third party for €14 more than the regular price. Here is the AmazonDE link. A limited number of X-M1 bodies is available also at AmazonITA. In the meantime AmazonUS changed the status for the X-M1 from “will be released on July 29” to “temporarily out of stock”. BHphoto expects to have them in stock on July 31.


X-M1 (body only or with 16-50mm)USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / DigitalRev / Pictureline EUROPE: DigitalRev / WexUK / PCHstore / AmazonITA / AmazonDE

XF 27mm – USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / DigitalRev / Pictureline EUROPE: AmazonDE / DigitalRev / WexUK / PCHstore / AmazonITA XC 16-50: WexUK / PCHstore

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83%: X-M1 overall score at the Cameralabs review


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let’s hope so: the X-M1 could be released today at AmazonUS

Camberalabs posted a comprehensive X-M1 review. They compared also the AF (“the X-M1 AF is responsive and accurate. In terms of speed it’s not quite up to the standards of the PEN E-P5 or the Lumix G6, both of which where marginally quicker“) resolution, noise, RAW’s etc. to that of the Olympus PEN E-P5 and the Panasonic GF6. So there is a lot to read and to see at the Cameralabs review here. From the final verdict:

“[…] if Fujifilm wants to widen the appeal of its X-series to consumers I think it has a bit more work to do if it’s to compete with the likes of Olympus and Panasonic, not to mention Sony, Nikon, Samsung and even Canon. Once again there’s no touchscreen, no auto-panoramas, no built-in timelapse shooting, and you can’t apply effects, like the miniature mode, to movies. And while the built-in Wifi may let you transfer images to your phone, you won’t be remote controlling the camera with it and the geo-tagging implementation is odd to say the least. The absence of these features may or may not be deal-breakers for you personally, but it is unusual not to have them on a camera aimed at consumers.

Basic feature-set aside though, the X-M1 is a solid performer that remains fun to shoot with and won’t let you down – it’s also the cheapest way to enjoy the superb X-Trans sensor and the small but high quality range of X-mount lenses. But aside from picture quality there isn’t really any one area in which it sparkles, no one feature that’s new and innovative. More than anything, the X-M1 leaves me wondering what Fujifilm has lined up for its second mid-range X-Series system camera. In the meantime, purely on the grounds of its excellent image quality and high ISO noise performance and not forgetting its excellent handling, the Fujifilm X-M1 is a model Cameralabs is happy to recommend, but for the reasons noted above it falls short of our highest award.”


X-M1 (body only or with 16-50mm)USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / DigitalRev / Pictureline EUROPE: DigitalRev / WexUK / PCHstore / AmazonITA / AmazonDE

XF 27mm – USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / DigitalRev / Pictureline EUROPE: AmazonDE / DigitalRev / WexUK / PCHstore / AmazonITA XC 16-50: WexUK / PCHstore


FR-reader zone: “X100S, you Rock”, X-PRO1 in Florence and still in love with the X100



FR-reader Kaushik (his facebook) shared with FR his review of the X100S. Check out the PROS and CONS list. He also posted a 7-point wish list for the X100S successor at Amazon here. (Here are some videos which he did with X100S: video 1, 2, 3)

Kaushik’s X100S review

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In the last FR-reader zone Meeno asked us to “let the love affair with the X100S begin“. But FR-reader Nath remains loyal to the good old X100 and shared on the FR-facebook wall the following image, saying: “I love the way the Fuji X100 handles light! This shot was taken just after sunrise on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. f/16 – 1/500 sec – ISO 3200 (I had Auto ISO set for the earlier hours of low light and forgot it was on. However it exposed this image perfectly…clever camera).

Nath’s facebookFR-facebook wall

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“Dear Patrick, I love photography and in this period I took with my Fuji X-Pro1, with the adapter for Leica lenses. These photos were taken in Florence, a wonderful city that lends itself well to street photography. I am sending you the link to my flickr account


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AmazonDE: €200 price drop on the X-E1 (body only or with 18-55) + AmazonITA: save €177 on X-E1 body


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The prices of the X-E1 are finally dropping also in Europe; after fotomundus and besieroehling (Germany) and the PCHstore (Belgium – they ship everywhere in Europe) now also AmazonDE has cut the prices on the X-E1.

So, if just a couple of days ago you had to pay €1.299 for the X-E1 + 18-55 lens now at AmazonDE you can grab it for 1,099! The body costs €799.

Check the price drop at AmazonDE.

Also AmazonITA (via third party reseller) dropped the price, but just for the X-E1 body (€772-black body). The kit remains at €1,320. Check AmazonITA here.

found via dealsrunner and FR-reader panda


miXed zone: Silkypix, X-M1 (with ISO comparison) and more



Thanks Justin for sharing the following news with Fujirumors (facebooktwitter).

Hello Patrick, I have just spotted that a new version of Silkypix RAW File Converter for Windows and Mac has been posted by Fuji, under the Application Software tab on the Download Drivers & Software page. The new version is This is a further update from the version supplied (on CD) with the X100S,, which has never, to my knowledge, been offered as an online download. Best regards, Justin“. You can download Mac / Windows version. From the Fuji Global site:

The firmware update Ver. incorporates the following issues:
Image quality is improved for models in which “X-Trans CMOS sensor” or “X-Trans CMOS Ⅱ sensor” is incorporated.

Applicable models for the raw file converter are added as follows
FUJIFILM X-M1 / X100S / X20
FinePix F900EXR / HS50EXR / SL1000


(XF 27mm pre-order available at AmazonDE)

X-M1 (body only or with 16-50mm)USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / DigitalRev / Pictureline EUROPE: DigitalRev / WexUK / PCHstore / AmazonITA / AmazonDE

XF 27mm – USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / DigitalRev / Pictureline EUROPE: AmazonDE / DigitalRev / WexUK / PCHstore / AmazonITA XC 16-50: WexUK / PCHstore

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Rico Pfirstinger updated his X-M1 flickr set with a lot of new images. Click here to see them!

– The French site focusnumerique posted the following ISO comparison: X-M1 vs X-PRO1 vs X-E1 vs Olympus PEN E-P5 at their website here.

Dave Kai Piper does not agree with the statement that the X-M1 lost the X-series soul. He is testing it with the Zeiss lenses: “There are some interesting elements to this camera, which you can read all about after I have finished the Review.” Check out Dave’s post here. Oh, and as usual, Dave will spoil you with beautiful images!

– Randall Cipriano posted his first impressions (and samples) of the X-M1 with 27mm lens here. His conclusions: “The X-M1 and the XF27mm F2.8 are great additions to the Fujifilm X Series ecosystem. With these, Fujifilm has addressed not only the entry level market but also for those who already own an X series camera who may want a second (or third or fourth) smaller and lighter body especially when paired with the XF27mm that does not compromise image quality from the top of the line models. The XF27mm F2.8 is very sharp even wide open. And despite being tiny it’s also fast and quiet. It’s the first XF lens to not have an R designation which signifies that it doesn’t have an aperture ring. My guess is it’s the same with the X-M1, to make it smaller and make it even more affordable. It’s a great walk around lens and anyone with an X series wanting to add more stealth to their already inconspicuous cameras will enjoy this lens a lot.”

– The Japanese site camera.itmedia posted its X-M1 review here (translation)

– The Spanish quesabesde X-M1 hands on and samples can be checked out here (translation)

– X-M1 shooting report at (translation).


Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

– Documentary Photographer Jack Picone was in Myanmar and he chose the X100S as his travel companion. See how the X100S works on the field here at vimeo.

– “YES” That’s the unequivocal answer of fujix-files to the question if it’s worth to sell the X100 and get the X100S (click here). From the conclusions:

“After using this camera daily for more than 3 month with roughly 5000 photos taken, I can answer this question with a big “YES!” for myself. […] And it is also worth a second look for people who had operating issues with the classic X100. But I must also add that this does not make the classic X100 an obsolete camera. If you don’t want to spend the new price on a X100S and don’t mind the minor operating issues that I had with the classic X100 (mainly close focus distance before having to switch to Macro, MF in low light and two handed AF point selection) it is still a camera with wonderful image quality at a very interesting used price. […] Only the difference in image quality from the new sensor would not have been my reason to upgrade…”

– Is the X100S the best manual focus camera ever made? Yes, according to Neil! Read why here.

FR-reader Justin sent me his X100S review and I’m glad to share it with you here. It feels good, it’s fast and WOW, these image quality. According to Justin the battery life could be better and, well, it’s not weather sealed!


Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

– Matt Golowczynski published his comprehensive X20 review here. From the verdict: “[…]. Although it may be difficult to distinguish any extra detail in real-world images from those of other enthusiast compacts, lab testing confirms the sensor’s ability to record detail beyond what would ordinarily be expected for a 12-million-pixel compact. Furthermore, the inclusion of a viewfinder immediately heightens its appeal, with the addition of the Digital Trans Panel making it considerably more useful in low-light. […]. Naturally, the X20 is not perfect. Its noise-reduction system illustrates why shooting and manually processing raw images is often the best approach in terms of image quality, and it’s a shame that the LCD screen’s resolution hasn’t improved since the X10. […].”


Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

– Fun & Frustrating Fuji X Pro-1 at foto-gizmo: “The “Q” button, a great idea, but in the wrong place. It is too easy to hit the button with the lower part of one’s thumb when gripping the camera for an shot, bringing up the quick menu instead of an image on the LCD or within the hybrid viewfinder. […]” Read more here.

– Here is another one who moved from the DSLR to the Fuji X-system. Read thebigpicturegallery’s post here. “I usually see the grumbles about autofocus speed to be the main gripe, and one that leads folk to stay with the DSLR. However if you persevere and learn how to use the camera, learn how to overcome its focus issues, you will be so pleased with the image results. Once focus is found its totally bang on. I have always loved Fuji for their approach to applying their knowledge gained in film development, and applying this to their digital camera systems.”

Fuji GW 690 III

Daniel Stocker from stockografie (nice X shots on his blog!) told me via email:

“Many people think that Fuji was inspired by the Leica cameras at the time they designed the X-PRO1. I think differntly. Take a look at  this auction. Well if that´s not our beloved X-PRO1 then I don´t know what is. Thanks, Daniel”

see the Fuji GW 690 III available at your ebay here

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