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My First Wedding Photography Adventure is Coming and This is the Fujifilm Gear I’ll Use


Maybe you remember.

Back in January 19, 2020, a very dear friend asked me if I can photograph part of his wedding and I accepted. You can read the story here. But we all know what happened in 2020, and the wedding had to be postponed.

But now time has come. In just a few days, I will grab my gear and photograph his wedding.

  • Risking my Friendship?

When I initially accepted, I was pumped and excited about it and I reported about it on FujiRumors. But as soon as I did, some of you guys warned me that I am putting my friendship at risk, which caused a little bit of panic in me.

But then I thought back at what we lived together. Lots of great moments, but we also crossed the darkest hours together, which are too sad to touch on in this article, but I briefly mentioned something in the comments here and here.

What binds us is too strong to be put in danger by some eventually not so fantastic pictures.

And also, I have been very clear to him and his wife: I’ve never photographed an event like this.

I mean, I know I have excellent cameras and lenses, I know how to use them, I understand photography, but this does not make me a wedding photographer. So do not expect anything near to the professional results of the official photographer.

And speaking of the official wedding photographer…

  • The Official Photographer is the Boss – Don’t Stand in His Way!

One more thing gives me huge confidence: they do have an official photographer. He will be the boss and under no circumstance I will interfere with his work. He is the Pro, he has the skills and experience.

So whatever I shoot, however my images turn out, the most important moments of the day will be captured by him.

What I have been asked for is to just photograph the preparations to the wedding of the husband. Hence i will go to his home, take a few pictures how he gets ready for the wedding etc. And then, after dinner, the official photographer will leave and I will be taking some pictures of the people chilling, talking, dancing etc.

Plus, without interfering in no way with the work of the official photographer, during the day I want to try to get some candid shots of the guest interacting with each other and so forth.

  • The Gear I’ll Use – The Power of X

There have been some changes compared to 2020 when it comes to my gear. And so also what I plan to bring is a bit different.

My main gear, and maybe only gear, will be my X gear. I think at something like this:

  • Fujifilm X-T4 – main camera
  • Fujinon XF56mmF1.2 (to use on X-T4)
  • Fujinon XF35mmF1.4 (to use on X-T4)
  • Fujifilm X-E3 with XF23mmF1.4 glued on it
  • Fujinon XF80mmF2.8 (maybe??? What do you think?)

So a setup made of two cameras and three primes. Maybe I’ll add the XF80mmF2.8 to the bunch. If it’s good weather, the wedding will take place outside, and in the open space I could use it as a longer portrait lens. But let me know if you think I should take the XF80 with me.

  • And my GFX100S?

Well, I’ve just received my GFX100S, and even though it is actually easy to use, I am simply just much more familiar with my X gear. Plus, in terms of performance, there is simply no doubt that my X gear can handle a wedding. If anything goes wrong, then not due to the gear, but due to the photographer.

But as you might know if you saw this image on my Instagram, a friend of mine dropped all his full frame Nikon Z gear to jump on the Fujifilm GFX system. And he has the Fujinon GF80mmF1.7. He would happily lend me his lens for the wedding, so I am thinking if it is worth to add some extra weight in my camera bag and bring also my GFX100S with GF80mmF1.7 to the wedding.

I am tempted to leave it at home, as I totally trust the X gear I have, but if you guys think it I should bring it with me and give it a chance, then it’s also no big deal to make space for it in my bag, especially if maybe I’d leave my XF80mm at home.

  • Help Surveys

I think I’ve given you an overview over my gear situation and my last few doubts. Now maybe you can help me to solve my last struggles by voting the survey below.

Soon the day will come. I will just try to enjoy the day, enjoy myself, and have fun taking some pictures.

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