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LEAKED: First Image of Fujifilm X-H2 Shows No Markings on Front of the Camera


As we know since the Fujifilm X Summit, Fujifilm introduces the 5th generation cameras with two sensors:

  • 26MP X-Trans CMOS 5 HS
  • 40MP X-Trans CMOS 5 HR

The first model to come was the “HS” version, hence the Fujifilm X-H2S.

In order to mark this specific model, Fujifilm printed the letter “S” on the front of the camera.

All this considered, there was a wide-spread belief out there that the “HR” model would therefore have an “R” printed in front of the camera.

However, as we can see from the first leaked image of the Fujifilm X-H2, there is nothing at all on the front. Where the X-H2S has the “S”, the X-H2 will have nothing.

But hey, don’t blame me guys!

I already told you that leaked images of the Fujifilm X-H2 will be the most boring ever as it will use exactly the same body of the Fujifilm X-H2S.

On a positive note, having the same body means you’ll be able to use all your X-H2S accessories on the X-H2, including the world famous modular optional cooling fan ;).