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Fujifilm X-T3 vs Sony A6600, Low Light X-T3 vs A7III Wedding Photography, X-T3 Water Resistance and More – X-T3 Roundup



The inevitable will happen: the Fujifilm X-T4 will ship within March, and this means that the time of dedicated Fujifilm X-T3 roundups will soon be over, and the X-T3 content will be moved to the general camera roundups.

But we are not yet there.

The Fujifilm X-T3 is still today the DPReview most recommended camera below $1,500 and at the same time the DPR camera popularity winner.

So, it’s still a beast of a camera, that will soon get even better, thanks to this firmware update.

Hence, here we have one more glorious Fujifilm X-T3 roundup for you.

The Fujifilm X-T4 will have a serious challenge: improve what is already very, very good. Let’s see if it will stand up to this task.

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X-T3 Roundup

Raggie shared his X-T3 and Sony A7III images in a blind test. The results? In the comments people do not really see a difference and give mixed voting. Speaks volumes for Fujifilm X-T3 ;).

Tony Northrup reviews the Sony A6600 and compares it to the Fujifilm X-T3

  • Sony A6600 is the most functional APS-C camera
  • Sony has excellent eye autofocus
  • Sony A6600 has IBIS, but X-T3 has 4K 60p
  • no selfie screen on X-T3
  • Sony has worse controls
  • Fuji cameras are more fun to use
  • Fuji has worse battery
  • only X-H1 has IBIS, but that one has also worse AF than X-T3
  • X-T3 has dual card slot, but in the Sony world, only full frame has dual SD cards

The Slanted Lens published their Sony A6600 vs Fujifilm X-T3 comparison.

  • the color of the Fuji is rich and it is just wonderful
  • Sony colors are not as good as Fuji colors
  • eye autofocus is at the same level. Sony has the advantage that it can pick the eye from further away, though
  • when overexposing, the Fujifilm retains colors better (Everything about the Fuji is better. There’s more color, more density, etc.)
  • when underexposing, the Sony wins due to less grain, but “but the color on the Fuji is really nice.”
  • at very high ISO, though, “the color seems a bit better on the Sony vs the Fuji.
  • Video Dynamic Range: “I feel like the Fuji won this one overall, because it’s not quite as bad in the underexposure, and I like the color in it a bit better but the Sony is still pretty good.”

shot on X-T3 and X-H1