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Fujifilm X-T3 vs Canon EOS RP: Which Camera Will Save Your Butt if you Underexpose an Image?


Fujifilm X-T3

After his Canon vs Fujifilm colors comparison, Andrew has now published his full Fujifilm X-T3 vs Canon EOS RP comparison.

Yep, once again, Full Frame vs APS-C… and we find out, that sensor size is not all that matters.

Also sensor technology is important. Canon has its own sensors, which are great in many ways (ie dual pixel AF), but have one shortcoming: they are not iso-less (or iso-invariant) as Sony sensors are (which are used by Fujifilm).

Here is a summary of the video (full video below):

  • both cameras deliver spectacular images
  • both 26 megapixel
  • Canon sensor is 1.5 times larger than X-T3
  • Andrew can assure you that the assumption full frame is always better is false
  • detail rendering is same
  • full frame sensor has slight low light advantage at ISO 3,200
  • however, ISO values are not all create equal, so better test is to underexpose an image and then recover it
  • shadow recovery: Canon looks horrible compared to Fujifilm X-T3 (see image above)
  • Canon sensor is not ISO-less or ISO-Invariant
  • low light performance is slightly better on the Canon, if properly exposed
  • you must decide what do you want: a camera with slightly less noise if properly exposed, or a camera that saves your butt if you underexpose an image?
    FUJIRUMORS: I have shown Fuji’s APS-C impressive shadow recovery potential here
  • Canon RP gives you shallower DOF when shot at the same f-stop value
  • for many shallow DOF has become the single most important factor
  • Andrew says his clients, though, don’t give a cr*p about the minor difference between APS-C and FF blurriness
  • for Andrew, Fuji delivers enough for his needs of subject isolation
  • for Andrew, DOF is not so important as other factors
  • Canon’s face detection system is better. Fuji lacks in AF tracking, Canon is better
  • Fujifilm is fast in continuous shooting (20 fps), Canon only 5fps. Quick burst modes can ensure that you to snag the best shot
  • Fujifilm has more Pro photography features
  • X-T3 has dual SD Card slot
  • Canon has better battery life
  • Canon EOS RP is a bit lighter than X-T3. But once we factor in lenses, Canon is heavier
  • Andrew can carry more lenses when he travels, since they are smaller
  • more used lenses and third party lenses for Canon
  • less lens options for Fujifilm
  • shooting experience is very different, Fujifilm is more retro and tactile experience
  • Canon has bigger grip and great ergonomics. Controls on Fuji are more spread out
  • Fuji X-T3 has weather sealing, Canon EOS RP not
  • Video: no contest, Fujifilm X-T3 has much better specs. But Canon has selfie screen
  • if he should pick one camera, he chooses X-T3

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