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Fujifilm vs Canon Colors Blind Test Battle – Here are The Results!


Fujifilm VS Canon – Colors

Canon and Fujifilm both have excellent reputation, when it comes to color science.

Now Andrew compared Fujifilm with Canon RAW as well as JPEG colors.

What we can say ahead:

  • with RAW files, it’s harder for people to have a clear preference
  • with JPEG files, the differences are stronger

The JPEG comparison is more indicative for the so called “color science“, since with RAW files also the converter plays a role.

So, if you don’t have time right now to make the full blind test, I recommend you to go to minute 5:37 of the video and make the JPEG comparison only.

Before I disclose my results, I’d like to say that:

  • I consider Canon colors excellent, and if I should switch brand tomorrow morning , just for the sake of colors, I’d go Canon!

*** TOP TIP ***
turn off “truetone display” on your Mac/iPhone

The Problem

Since I love you so much, in order to give you a more objective feedback, I went through all the comments on the video, and tried to sum them up in a ranking.

It was not easy to summarize, because:

  • sometimes people did not specify enough (example: “Canon is best”)
  • In case of comments like “Canon is best“, I assigned a JPEG point to Canon, although I am not sure those, who made such comments, really made the test
  • In case of Fujifilm, sometimes people did not specify if Classic Chrome or Provia. In which case, I assumed they mean standard Provia
  • In case of close results (just 1 or 2 points of difference), I gave it a “same same”

Overall, reading the comments, I had the impression that those, who said to be Fujifilm shooters, had a very open minded and honest approach to the test. Bravo!

The Results


FujiRumors Results

  • 31% – Fujifilm Capture One
  • 27% – Fujifilm Lightroom
  • 23% – Canon Lightroom
  • 19% – Canon Caputre One

Video Comments Results

  • 53% – Canon
  • 25% – Same Same
  • 22% – Fujifilm

JPEG COMPARISON – starts 5:37 of video below

FujiRumors Results

  • 54% – Fujifilm Classic Chrome
  • 31% – Fujifilm Provia
  • 15% – Canon Standard

Video Comments Results

  • 70% Fujifilm Provia
  • 18% Canon Standard
  • 7% Same Same
  • 5% Fujifilm Classic Chrome



  • RAW: the results are overall pretty close (remember, no film simulation profile applied)
  • JPEG: Apparently I love Classic Chrome :)

Video Comments Results

  • RAW: Preference for Canon. But still, 47% either preferred Fujifilm or got a tie between Canon and Fujifilm
  • JPEG: Provia comes out clearly on top. Not many liked Classic Chrome


  • In the test, Fujifilm tends to be a bit cooler (less warm) compared to Canon. If you like a bit punchier colors and warmer tone, try Astia film simulation. You’ll love it.

COLOR SCIENCE – Marketing BS or Editing Shortcut?

Some say, color science does not matter, since “real photographers” make their own colors starting from the RAW file.

I understand, and that’s a valid point.


… for me, film simulation are the shortcut I need to get to pleasing editing results as fast as possible.

In fact, even when I work with Fuji RAW files because I need to, in most of the cases I start by applying a film simulation profile in C1 or LR, because that’s a great starting point, and then edit from there. It saves me a lot of time!

So, if you, like me, are on the lazy side of editing-life, and just want to get to great results as fast as possible, then color science (hence, film simulation) does matter, even if you shoot RAW.

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