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Fujifilm Launches ‘Create Forever’ Storytelling Workshops in USA and Video Tutorials + Glossary Series


Fujifilm has launched “Create Forever”, a series of free tutorial videos and storytelling workshops.

The Create Forever content series is a celebration of storytelling. It’s a celebration of being in the moment, doing what you love, and building a legacy that will be enjoyed by generations to come. We want to inspire you to tell your story, teach you how best to tell it, and provide you with a stage to share it from.

We believe everyone’s story deserves to be heard, so sign up for a workshop, upload an image, and become part of our community.

Fujifilm’s driving force behind the Create Forever campaign is to encourage creators to go forth in the pursuit of making something that matters to them.

And while it is technically a marketing campaign, it surely goes well beyond what we perceive as such and I invite you to check out the dedicated Fujifilm Create Forever page and the workshop section.

To me, this shows once again the great photographic culture Fujifilm has.

Also, check out the Fujifilm Glossary mini tutorial series (all videos below).

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Create Forever Series


Glossary Series