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Fujifilm GFX 100 Reviews and Change Your Factory Default Menu Settings


Nick Schreger has published a video, showing a couple of Fujifilm GFX100 factory settings that, according to him, don’t always make much sense, and he recommends you to change them.

The video is in German, so down below his setting advices in English.

  • change FINE to RAW+SUPER FINE
  • change sRGB to Adobe RGB
  • enable FOCUS PEAKING
  • set INSTANT AF SETTING to AF-C (so you have AF-S with single press and AF-C if you keep pressed)
  • set shutter type to MECHANICAL SHUTTER only
  • If you work with flash in dark studio, deactivate Preview exp/wb in manual mode
  • Activate histogram and live view highlight alert
  • Set Shoot without Card to OFF
  • set AUTO POWER OFF to 5 minutes (default is 2 minutes)
  • set high performance mode ON

Do you agree with this list? And which changes did you make to your Fujifilm default menu settings?

Down below more Fujifilm GFX100 reviews.

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