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DPReview Head to Head: Adobe Lightroom Classic vs Capture One 21


As you know, I left Adobe Lightroom for Capture One quite a while ago.

And while Lightroom is a fantastic tool, I am so happy with Capture One that I haven’t looked back since.

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DPReview now compared Adobe Lightroom Classic with Capture One 21.

The results:

Adobe Lightroom Classic
Capture One Pro
Pros: Pros:
  • Faster at importing files and generating standard previews
  • Gives you the option to generate 1:1 previews (if you have the time)
  • Seamless integration with Adobe Photoshop and other CC apps
  • Robust cloud integration and companion mobile apps
  • Faster at exporting heavily edited files
  • Features significant GPU hardware acceleration
  • Better optimized to take advantage of Apple Silicon M1
  • Available as Sony-only, Fuji-only, and Nikon-only versions for less money (or included with camera purchase)
  • Available as a one time purchase
Cons: Cons:
  • No GPU acceleration for import, preview generation, and export
  • Export speed is heavily RAM dependent
  • May eventually be discontinued and replaced by cloud-based Lightroom CC
  • Not everyone loves the subscription model…
  • Performance is similar to Lightroom when using low-end hardware
  • No cloud integration or companion mobile apps (yet)
  • Pro-focused interface comes with a steep learning curve

You can read the full comparison here.