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DPReview Fujifilm X-Pro3 Review: Silver Award and Living the Moment


Fujifilm X-Pro3

DPReview just published their Fujifilm X-Pro3 review.

The X-Pro3 gets the silver award, but I doubt those, who got an X-Pro3 care anything about it. It is all about getting a different shooting experience that DPR sums up with the sentence “living the moment“. And in this case, the reviewer says:

Personally, although I can recognize the X-Pro3’s appeal, I don’t find that I feel it enough to give it a Gold award.

No review will ever be able to tell you if the Fujifilm X-Pro3 is the camera for you. All you can do, is to get your hands on one, shoot with it for a while, and you will just feel it.

Pros and Cons

What we liked

  • Excellent image quality
  • Range of attractive film/color modes
  • Optical viewfinder gives interesting experience
  • Electronic viewfinder further boosts flexibility
  • Flip-down screen excellent for waist-level shooting
  • Attractive, detailed 4K video
  • USB charging is useful
  • Faux film stock sub monitor is undeniably cool

What we don’t

  • Optical finder doesn’t work as well with wide or long lenses as predecessor
  • Obscured rear screen limits styles
  • AF point indication in OVF makes near-to-far parallax shift unpredictable
  • Some lenses (particularly the F1.4s) aren’t especially fast to focus, undermining the the immediacy of street shooting
  • Face/Eye detection mode a little prone to false-positives and requires input if your subject temporarily turns away

Read the full review at dpreview.

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