Europe to join USA with Huge Deals on Some of Fujifilm’s Best Lenses

FR-reader Ralf informed us about upcoming cashback deals coming to Europe that are mirroring those already available in the United States of America.

Here is the list of savings available starting from February 16 in Germany (and very likely in many other European countries too).

On February 16 I will pay a visit to my local store to get the Fujinon XF23mm f/1.4 R LM WR ;).

Europe Deals

USA Deals

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X Camera Deals

GFX Deals

Fujifilm Patents (Full Frame) Fujinon 27-184mmF3.5-5.7 and 26-175mmF3.5-5.8

Asobinet spotted new Fujifilm patents.

Asobinet also notes that looking at the angle of view, these look like zoom lenses for full frame, but since Fujifilm has no Full Frame camera, there is no possibility for such zoom lenses to ever become real.

They also note that the lens configuration has a lot in common with the Fujinon XF18-135mmF3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR (although the rear group is completely different) and maybe this could be a patent for an eventual replacement.

FujiRumors says: whenever you see a patent, forget about it. In 99,9999% of the cases they never become real products. At least in 11 years of blogging on FujiRumors and hundreds of patents shared, I still have to find the one patent that later on became a real product.


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RUMOR UPDATE: Upcoming Third Party Autofocus X Mount Lens is NOT from Chinese Manufacturer

We told you recently here that a new third party autofocus lens is about to come for the X system.

Well, now we have an important update that rules out quite some options.

According to information we have received, the upcoming third party AF lens will not be from a Chinese manufacturer.

So which are the brands left?

From those, who already offer AF lenses, we have Tokina, Tamron, Sigma, Samyang and Zeiss.

Let’s discuss the options:


There is the lovely Tamron 11- 20mm F / 2.8 Di III-A RXD that Tamron itself hinted here would come also for the X mount in future.


I think whatever Sigma has in terms of mirrorless DC lenses (DC = APS-C lenses), is already offered for X mount. But they could adapt an FF lens to the X mount. So if it is coming from Sigma, then it must be something new, or maybe adapted from their Full Frame glass, as for example Tamron did with their Tamron 150-500mm f/5-6.7.


Tokina has until now only the Viltrox-clones for X mount. However, they have launched a dedicated mirrorless APS-C lens (for Sony) last year, the Tokina 11-18mm f/2.8. However, when they launched that lens Tokina has not hinted that it would come also for the Fujifilm X mount.


I know Samyang offers the Samyang 12mm F2 AF lens for X mount. But I am not aware of Samyang having any other APS-C autofocus lenses available for other mounts.


I feel we can rule out Zeiss, as they are virtually dead in regards to AF X mount lenses. They could have been very successful, as they entered the AF X mount market when Fujifilm hardly had any lens available. But they did so by offering lenses that Fujifilm already offered at a lower price than the Zeiss Touit lenses. Such a missed opportunity.


Will a new brand join? Well, I can’t rule that out either for now.

Your Guess

Just for fun, a little survey where you can make your guess on who will offer the next X mount AF lens ;).

The Next Autofocus X mount lens will be coming from...

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Full List of Third Party AF X Mount Lenses

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BREAKING: New Third Party Autofocus X Mount Lens Coming Soon

According to trusted information we have received, the Fujifilm X mount system will soon be richer of one more third party autofocus lens.

Place your guess now ;)

Down below is the full list of third party AF lenses by third parties.

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Full List of Third Party AF X Mount Lenses

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