Fujifilm Instax is King… and Now Goes Mickey Mouse!

UPDATE: It’s the Instax Mini Tsum Tsum (thanks again Mistral) :) – See Fujifilm China

Instax sells like hot cakes. Fujifilm simply can’t keep up with the demand, as they also said in this dedicated Fujifilm reportage about how the company survived the arrival of digital photography. At a certain point of the reportage, they will bring you inside the Instax factory, and a Fujifilm worker says that the factory can’t keep up with the Instax demand.

In fact, just take a look at the AmazonUS OVERALL camera and photo ranking… it’s years now, that Instax products are selling better than any other camera product (action cameras included).

So it just makes sense that Fujifilm launches all kind of Instax products, from the Hello Kitty Instax camera to the Star Wars Instax Film, Comic Instax Film, Hello Kitty film, Candy Pop, Rainbow and a lot more.

And now it’s time for more… and to be precise, for a Mickey Mouse Instax camera, leaked by nokisthita.

I remind you that, if you like the Square format, but don’t like the hybrid film/digital Instax Square SQ10 (epic fail that it has no WiFi!!!), you will get a film only Instax SQ version, as we leaked here.


Not Only USA… Big Fujifilm X Deals Coming also in EU in Mid October – UPDATE – Canada Too

We waited a long time for some good deals, and suddenly Fujifilm drops them all at the same time.

And now I hear that…

  • in mid-October, Fuji X deals will also come to Europe UPDATE: and to Canada

I know you guys love rumors that make you save hundreds of dollars/euro, so I’m glad to help you and to share them with you a few weeks in advance (and thanks a lot to sources for sharing :)).

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Fujifilm Registerd Another Camera (FF170002) with WiFi

Fujifilm just registered another camera with WiFi (FF 170002) at the WiFi Alliance. This comes now in addition to the ” FF 170011 ” which was registered recently.

So what could it be? The hottest rumors at this time are

The code name “FF 170002” of Fujifilm’s unreleased model was posted on the Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • FF 170002
    • Wi-Fi Alliance
    • Product: Digital camera
    • Company: FUJIFILM Corporation
    • Authentication date: October 3, 2017
    • Wi-Fi standard: IEEE 802.11b / g / n
  • In addition to ” FF 170011 ” which was registered the other day, at least two models are likely to be announced from Fuji Film by next spring.

Via nokishita

Fujifilm X-T100 Currently Planned with Bayer Sensor

Fujifilm X-T100

Last week I told you here that Fujifilm is right now working on the Fujifilm X-T100.

I don’t have much details, and the camera might be still in a relatively early development stage. So take everything with a grain of salt, because you know how Fujifilm can change (or scrap) just everything at every moment.

With that said, here is an update regarding the Fujifilm X-T100… it should have a Bayer sensor.

So Fuji’s APS-C MILC line could look like this in future:

Fujifilm Rangefinder Style:
Fujifilm X-A line (Bayer) – entry level
Fujfilm X-E line (X-Trans) – mid range
Fujfilm X-Pro line (X-Trans) – high end

Fujifilm DSLR Style:
Fujifilm X-T100 line (Bayer) – entry level
Fujfilm X-T10/20 line (X-Trans) – mid range
Fujfilm X-T2 / X-T2S line (X-Trans) – high end

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▶︎ HOT: Big Fujinon XF Lens Deals Coming Mid October (USA)

They Will Be Back!

Fujinon lens deals have become a rather rare thing. But I’m pleased to inform you that you should better not buy any Fujinon XF lens in the next few weeks.

In fact, after a long break, Fujinon XF lens deals will finally be back in mid October!

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