Fujifilm X Summit in April: What’s Coming? Drop Your Guess!

Fujifilm not only announced a couple of new firmware updates, including rather substantial ones (read here), but they also announced the Fujifilm X Summit for April 2023.

Usually, when Fujifilm announces an X Summit, FujiRumors already rumored ahead what will come.

But this time I have not yet published anything, which makes it very interesting for me to see what your guesses are (and how good they will turn out to be).

What will really come?

Well, just stay tuned on FujiRumors for that ;).

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Rumors and Discussions

Fujifilm Announces X Summit in April 2023, Massive New Firmware for X-H2S and Promises More Firmware for other Cameras in 2023

Fujifilm has published a video with the New Year Greetings 2023 (vide below). And it comes with a few interesting tidbits.

Most interesting for us:

  • GFX grant challenge winners will be announced in March
  • improved Autofocus system via firmware update for X-H2s
    – improved motion prediction output, for better tracking even if subject moves in and out of frame and speed changes
    – AI deep learning subject detection improvement for tracking human faces in the most tricky conditions, and more subjects can be detected (such as drones)
  • more firmware for other 5th generation cameras are being prepared for 2023 and you can look forward to them
  • Fujifilm X Summit will be held in April with Fujikina to be hold at the same time of the X summit

Of course the X summits are here to introduce new products. Feel free to drop your guess in the comments… the answer will follow on FujiRumors ;).

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Fujinon XF7mm F4, XF8mm F3.5, XF9mm F2.8 and XF10mm F2.8 Patents Found

Back at the X Summit in May, Fujifilm announced the Fujinon XF 8mm f/3.5.

FujiRumors already compared the XF8mmF3.5 in size to other Fujinon lenses here.

It is no surprise that during the development for this lens Fujifilm made several versions of it, and those versions now appeared as patents.

  • XF7mm F4
  • XF8mm F3.5
  • XF9mm F2.8
  • XF10mm F2.8

Looks like Fujifilm went for the golden middle: not the widest nor the longest, not the slowest nor the fastest: hence, XF 8mmF3.5. A good decision if you ask me, but you are free to tell us your opinion in the comments.


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Fujifilm Launches Instax App for Nintendo Switch, but What We Want is the Long Awaited New X-App Camera Remote

Fujifilm has just launched a new App, but it is not the one we want… unless you are a Nintendo Switch user.

The new App is the INSTAX App “INSTAX mini Link for Nintendo Switch” and it allows you to print directly from your Nitendo Switch.

First a little RANT (no better way to start the year than moaning, right?) ;)

So Fujifilm figured out how to directly print images on Instax via a third party device like the Nintendo Switch, but they still don’t allow us to print our images taken with Fujifilm cameras directly on the Fujifilm Wide Printer (except for the X-S10 as reported here, which can do that since 2021). Now we are in 2023 and still waiting for firmware updates to support that feature on other cameras, too. But I have given up hoping. Fujifilm HQ probably thinks that this is a good way to push X-S10 sales. They sometimes come up with such “brilliant” ideas and are too proud to admit they were wrong.

And what about the App we really want? The new camera remote App?

We have leaked internal Fujifilm documents back in 2022 here, that show that at that time, the new App was planed to be called “X-App”.

But to be clear, FujiRumors never gave a timeline for its release. However, the fact that it is circulating in internal documents can make us cautiously optimistic that they are in a rather advanced stage of development.

So let’s hope the wait won’t be all that long anymore. As soon as I hear anything I will let you know here on FujiRumors.

Oh, right, forgot about it. If you want to know more about the Instax Nintendo Switch App, check out the dedicated Fujifilm page here. And a few videos below.

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This LEAKED Internal Fujifilm X-H2 Document Confirms Fujifilm’s Plan to Advertise X-H2 as Having Improved Low/High ISO Performance

If you have seen our big yearly rumor roundup, you’ll have noticed that out of 85 rumors, I’ve listed 2 as wrong and 83 as correct.

And I was extremely severe to myself, as one of the wrong rumors was that I said Fujifilm would advertise the X-H2 40MP as having better low and high ISO performance.

But here is the thing:

When the X-H2 was launched, Fujifilm did not use the words “better low and high ISO performance“, but they talked about “better Signal to Noise Ratio” and “better Dynamic Range” and “wider pixel saturation” and “new base ISO 125” and more of this stuff.

That’s close, very close. But not 1:1 identical to what I said. So I decided to move it into the wrong section.

Well, it seems that our sources wanted me to start the year by being not too harsh on myself and they’ve forwarded me a slide of the internal Fujifilm training material, that said exactly that: X-H2 has “improved Low/High ISO“.

So, first and foremost huge thanks to all our sources, including the one who helped me out today. Without you, FujiRumors would be just half as fun as it is and being a Fuji shooter would be so more boring.

Also, I’d certainly I would make many more errors without you, as I would have no reliable guidance through the think jungle of fake rumors I receive every week.

Second, I will not correct my original rumor check, as at the end what matters is what Fujifilm said in public, and not the marketing material that circulates behind closed doors.

But at least you guys know that I am not following the sad trend to make up stuff for traffic. That’s not who we are and I leave these things to others.

What we share is what we trust in. And sure, even then I can be wrong sometimes. But I know I’ve tried all I can to be as accurate as possible.

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