KAIZEN RUMOR: Fujifilm X-E3 Firmware Might be too Big for Fujifilm X-T20

As you know, the Fujifilm X-E3 is currently the most sophisticated Fujifilm camera on the market. And compared to its direct competitor, the Fujifilm X-T20, it offers not only hardware advantages (the joystick, bluetooth…) but it is also superior when it comes to firmware (it lacks of tilt screen, though).

The X-E3 offers for example:

  • improved AF-system
  • RGB color histogram
  • live view highlight alert
  • ability to use the touch screen also in EVF mode

Fujifilm has already announced a firmware update for the Fujifilm X-T20, which should be out by the end of November. However, it will only add the ability to use touch screen in EVF mode.

Just like many of you, I wondered here why Fujifilm simply does not pack all the X-E3 firmware goodness into the X-T20 with a nice Kaizen update. A question, now answered by our sources, whot told us, that…

… the new Fujfilm X-E3 firmware file is significantly bigger than the X-T20 file, and there is simply not much memory space left on the X-T20 to pack all the new X-E3 firmware features into the X-T20. The only chance for Fujifilm would be a major and expensive X-T20 code redesign, but not even with the code redesign, it’s sure that Fujifilm would be able to pack it all into the X-T20.

So, it’s not a marketing strategy to differentiate between products or a strategy to give the X-T20 a second Kaizen marketing life later on. It’s a real hardware issue, that we currently don’t know if Fujifilm can solve.

Now let’s assume Fujifilm will be able to implement only one more X-E3 feature in the the X-T20, which one would you like it to be?

Which of these 3 features would you prefer on the X-T20?

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I remind you that, unlike the X-T20, the X-T2 and X-Pro2 will get the improved AF system at the end of November (X-T2) and at the end of December (X-Pro2).

Fujifilm X-E3: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS, FocusCamera
Fujifilm X-T20: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS, FocusCamera

7Artisans Will Launch New Fujifilm X Mount Lenses This Year

via Mirrlessrumors via Richard Wong

7Artisans contacted me and told me about their upcoming product roadmap which they haven’t announce before. They have three new lenses coming out before end of this year:

1. 12mm f/2.8 lens for cropped sensor mirrorless cameras: Sony E, Canon EOS-M, Fuji X and Micro Four Thirds.

2. 35mm f/1.2 lens for cropped sensor mirrorless cameras: Sony E, Canon EOS-M, Fuji X and Micro Four Thirds.

3. 35mm f/2 lens for Leica M Mount cameras. And unlike their 50mm f/1.1 lens (review link in this post), the aperture lens of the 35 f/2 will have clicks!!! The de-clicked aperture ring on the 50 f/1.1 lens is probably the biggest complaint I’ve heard about this lens and I did contact them while I was working on the review and suggested them to consider making a clicked version for their future M lenses. So it’s great to hear they are listening to customers!!

No price or other information about these lenses yet, but they promised they’ll let me know as soon as they are available (which can’t be too far away as it’s already Nov!)
So stay tuned!!

7artisan recently launched the 50mmF1.1 for Fuji X. All 7artisan articles on FR here.

Fujifilm Registered Another Camera with Bluetooth

Fujifilm registered another camera with bluetooth, with another code name compared to the 2 cameras registerd back in August (one of the 2 was the X-E3).

So there are still 2 more bluetooth registered cameras (at least) coming.

Which one? The full rumored camera list can be seen here (with last specs update). There are the X-T100, X80, X-T2S and X-A5.

The document can be seen here. The news was spotted by letsgodigital here… thanks to letsgodigital for contacting me.

Fujifilm X80: X-Trans III Sensor and X-Processor Pro “Too Power Hungry” for Such Small Form Factor

As you know, back in February our sources expected the X80 to be announced by the end of 2017.

However, I started getting reports of delays, and our sources told us an X80 is no longer scheduled for 2017. Everything has been postponed to 2018 (for now).

So why the delay?

A possible answer comes from Gordon from Cameralabs, one of the most respected and professional reviewers out there, who often test pre-production gear and has some great insights into plans of camera manufacturers.

While talking about the possibility of having an X70 successor (the Fujifilm X80) with X-TransIII sensor and X Processor Pro, he said at dpreview here:

As a professional journalist of over 25 years I have close access to camera designers and manufacturers and when I asked Fuji’s engineers if we would see X-Trans III in an X70 successor, they told me the sensor and processor are too power-hungry for the smaller battery and form factor of the X70.

My personal take on that then is that it would be possible, but the battery life would be too short to be useful. A shame as I’d have liked an ‘X80’ with X-Trans III.”

So what will Fuji do now?

  • Fujifilm might have to think at other solutions such as making changes to the original X70 design to manage heat better and fit in a larger battery. However, that would go against the purpose of the X70 line, to have an ultra-compact APS-C camera.
  • Fujifilm could completely drop the camera line, if they realize too much R&D would be required make X-TransIII and X-Processor work on a compact X80, especially considering that the Fujifilm X70, despite being a little great camera, was a failure for Fujifilm and they might no longer be motivated to keep the series alive.

Thanks a lot for the reader, who send me the link to this 1 month old comment… you guys are great… what I miss, you find it for me :) .

Fujifilm X70: BHphoto, AmazonUS, FocusCamera, Adorama

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Message to Anonymous Source, Who Just Shared an Interesting Rumor

Dear readers, sorry to bother you with it, but I just got a message from an anonymous source. It came to me anonymously via rumor box, so I have no idea, who it is and how to contact it. My only way to contact the source is via FujiRumors. I hope you don’t mind.

To the Source

thanks a lot for sharing the rumor via rumor box a few minutes ago. If possible, I would like to discuss this with your further.

To discuss it further, you could use your private email (which, of course, I would keep 100% confidential). Some sources created a fake email account for this purpose. But also Direct Messages on Twitter and Facebook could be a way to talk to me.

If you decide to use the rumor box, that’s perfectly fine and I’m very grateful, but I won’t be able to interact with you. So just feel free to drop me some information in case you have more details. And to use a nick-name, if you want.

Again, thanks for sharing. I will work on the rumor and share it… and just in case, I’d be happy to talk with you further behind the scenes ;)