Fuji manager admits that they may go Full Frame!

Amateur Photographer interviewed Mr. Hiroshi Kawahara from Fuji. And he confirmed that “Fujifilm technicians are seriously investigating the possible launch of a full-frame compact system camera (CSC) and are focusing on the sensor and processor that would be required.” Mr Kawahara also confirmed that “the covering circle of Fuji’s current X-series lenses is large enough to accommodate full frame.” The problem is that current wide angle lenses would not cover the full FF area.

That would be a huge move from Fuji! Although it’s a bit pity that current wide angle lenses will never work on a FF X camera. I guess they have to launch a complete new series of FF compatible lenses. Question is…when will they do it?

Two more new lens pictures and more Fuji links…

(Image courtesy: Alexander Radojski)

Click on the pictures on top to see a full size image of the lenses exposed by Fuji at the Photokina show.

There are some new hands-on and news around the Fuji world:
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HOT! New Fuji X lens pictures!!!

Image courtesy by Optyczne

Wow guys! You have to see this! The polish website Optyczne (Click here) just published the pictures of five new Fuji X lenses! These are the:
Fujinon Super EBC XF 10–24 mm f/4 R LM OIS
Fujinon Super EBC XF 23 mm f/1.4 R
Fujinon Super EBC XF 27 mm f/2.8 R
Fujinon Super EBC XF 55–200 mm f/3.5–4.8 R LM OIS
Fujinon Super EBC XF 56 mm f/1.4 R


I like that pancake a lot!

Fuji X PRO 1 firmware 2.0 released!

Watch out there X PRO 1 owners! You can finally download the new 2.0 firmware at http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/x/xpro1/index.html. Here is the list of the improvements:

1. Improvement of Auto Focus Performance
(1)Auto focusing speed has become much faster under a various shooting condition such as dark scenes, bright scenes and so on.
(2)The shortest focusing distance without switching to macro mode has become shorter.

2.Improvement of Manual Focus Performance
(1)The speed of images coming into focus when turning the focus ring has become faster.
(2)When adjusting the focus with the EVF or the LCD, displaying live view with the minimum depth of field in full aperture has made it easier to focus on subjects.
(3)In addition to the focus checking with the 10-time magnification function, the checking with “3-time” magnification function has been added.

3. Improvement of Writing and Processing Speed
(1)Writing speed to a memory card has become faster with the maximum speed doubled.
The speed may vary depending on card type and sizes of images.
(2)The waiting time of viewing image after shooting has become shorter.
(3)An image will be displayed approx. one second after pressing the playback button.

4.Other improvements
(1)The ISO setting of “Auto (6400)” has been added.
(2)When EVF or OVF is used, the indicator lamp will turn off because the lamp comes to just in front of your right eye if you see the finder with your left eye.
(3)When shooting in low light situation, a recorded image will look like more natural atmosphere you saw.