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Fujifilm X Quick Tips with Palle Schultz + Top 10 Wedding Photography Business Tips by Kevin Mullins


Quick Tips by Palle Schultz

Palle Schultz is about to launch a new series on his youtube channel, where he will share quick tips and tricks for your Fujifilm X-H1 and other X series cameras. The videos will be super short and go directly to the point and touch the following topics:

  • Update Firmware
  • Format SD card quickly
  • Assign preview exposure to a button
  • Assign high speed video to a button
  • Use focus assist for manual focus
  • Move around the focus point
  • Move focus to back button instead of shutter release
  • Get a high contrast black & white photo in camera
  • Get a beautiful color portrait in camera
  • Set up for video
  • Set up auto focus for video

Interested? Then make sure to subscribe to Palle Schultz youtube channel.

Wedding Photography Business Tips by Kevin Mullins

And since we talk about tips and tricks…

Kevin Mullins shared his 10 tips for setting up a wedding photography business at Kevin Mullins youtube here.

He also shares how he approaches wedding photography (or photography in general) in his video “Looking For Emotion In Photography” at Kevin Mullins youtube here.