X-E1 firmware 1.02 coming soon?


Our reader Georg just received his X-E1. He checked his firmware version. Take a look at the image above. Body version firmware 1.02. He sent me a link to this German Forum, where another guy claims to have the 1.02 firmware.

I checked Fujis site, but the 1.02 firmware is still not available there (click here).

This could mean that Fuji is about to release the new firmware update soon. But, as Georg says: “one bumper: there is still no selectable shutter speed in auto iso.

Thanks Georg, and leave a comment if you also have the 1.02 firmware on your X-E1

P.S.: set minimum shutter speed in auto ISO is leading our X-series future improvements wish list poll. Keep on voting. Choose 3 options.

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$100 price drop + Fuji X-F1 and X-10 win Design Award

From the Fuji Press release: “The premium compact digital cameras, the XF1 and X10, by Fujifilm Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) have been commended in the iF Product Design category of the iF Design Awards 2013. The iF Design Awards, which are organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH, were established in 1954 and are widely regarded as one of the most prestigious industrial design awards in the world.

via PhotoRumors via Fujifilm

X-F1 in stock status check

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Black and White: thoughts and pics

Riflessifotografici mirror

image courtesy: riflessifotografici.it

From riflessifotografici: “Waiting for the full test of the Fuji XE-1, here is a short reportage made along the streets of the most characteristic district of Rome. The images were all made with Fujinon XF 18-55 mm.There are 9 very beautiful Black and White images shot by Donato Chirulli (click here to see them). It was hard for me to choose one to post here ;-).

And regarding BW… I just stumbled on the very personal considerations and plea for the black and white photography of olafphoto.com. He says that with the digital photography technology, nearly everyone has gained access to the world of photography. That’s ok. But he says that now “photography has become a form of visual -fast food-,” snapshots taken without any thought, and posted in the web. “Snap and share.”

But there is a little area of photography that remained relatively untouched by this problem: black and white photography. “Your senses immediately awaken to search for something more, something deeper and more profound.” I don’t want to anticipate more. Just read his post, and look at the beautiful shots taken with the X-PRO1 here at olafphoto.com.

image courtesy: olafphoto.com




Four enthusiastic X-series photographers launched of The Kage Collective. They shoot documentary projects about a wide variety of subjects. Follow their stories at kagecollective.com.

The Trinity: X-E1 vs X-PRO1 vs X-100

Alexander has the trinity… he is starting his comparison between these cameras. Who wil win? There can be only one! Read part one of his review here.


For purist photographers who want high image quality over versatility.” Click here to read the gizmodo review or see the full size images here. So should you buy the X-E1? Gizmodo says: “Absolutely, for stellar images. But not if you want bells and whistles. This isn’t a camera for video, for in-camera effects, wi-fi, or scene modes. It’s for unadulterated photography, with fantastic image quality and control.

Street photography in Cuba with the X-E1. Click here to read it on stevehuffphoto. It’s funny when the Canadian photographer met a German tourist with his Canon 5D and they make a quick comparison! :-)

camerani.blogspot.fr would like to share his shooting experience with the X-E1 with you. Click here to visit his site.

mikobal makes his considerations about the X-E1. He’s very happy with it. Read the reasons here. For mikobals Portrait Of The Day shot click here. It’d been taken with the X-E1 and the Nikon 50mm f1.8 G.

The initial comments of diglloyd can be read here! If you click here you can read his first impressions working with Adobe and Silkypix. He likes the EVF. But he focusses on some quirks. So he says that: “The camera resets its focus when the SD card is removed, so it is not possible to shoot an image, check it, then put the card back in and adjust focus (e.g. with a nodal slider to move it precisely)— the focus has been whackedThe self timer disables itself with power off, so one has to re-enable it every power off/on cycle...mounting the smallest camera plate blocks access to the battery and card, a problem for field work. The good news is that Really Right Stuff will be offering a camera plate that retains access to the battery/card door without the above issue.

We already posted the first part here. Now the Spanish DSLR magazine updated his XF18-55 review (translated version).

The real jewel in the crown of the X-E1 is its sensor. The quality of the results and the detail rendered is excellent, delivering images that are some of, if not the best we’ve seen from an APS-C sized sensor.” This is just a part of the verdict of the whatdigitalcamera review here.

a french review of the X-E1 can be read here at focus-numerique.com


photoxels.com posted his detailed review. Take a look at it here. They assigned to this lens the Photoxels Gold Award (best Point-and-Shoot Camera). Read the review to understand why.

The digital-photography-school.com review is online. Read it here.

Read the comprehensive steves-digicams.com review here.

 X-PRO1 (and lenses)

Macro shots with the XF18-55 and XF35 lens? see the adventure of the mini-car here!

A initial test comparison X-PRO1 vs Nikon D700 at nickcoury.com.

X-PRO1 and XF60mm lens. Take a look at the pics here and understand why bdonphoto says: “The in focus elements are razor sharp and look at that awesome bokeh.”

-14 degrees, snow and not so static objects as persons and planes? see the performance of the X-PRO1 here.

You’d like to know how the X-PRO1 works with the Voigtländer 28mm 1.9 (click here). So click here to read the review. It’s not without quirks, but it works quite well. Thanks to George for the link.

“All shots were taken with the Fuji X-Pro1, Fujinon XF 18mm F2 and processed in Lightroom 4…. In this magical moment I shot about 15 images, each of them without a tripod. In a few minutes it had all disappeared. The openings in the clouds closed and the rain started.” Look how olafphoto captured these magical moments here.

Conclusion: “Will I be buying this camera? No, but I do have a the newer FujiFilm X-E1 with the 18-55 f2.8/f4 zoom lens on order. This camera has exactly the same sensor as the X-1Pro and is even a bit smaller and lighter, due to the lack of the Optical viewfinder (OVF). By the way, on the X-1Pro, I did hardly use the OVF and really like how the Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) works.” This are the conclusions of bjornmoerman after testing this camera for 3 days in Dubai. If want want to go directly to his image gallery, click here.

It’s nearly 3 months ago that vetpan.de swapped all his DSLR gear for the Fujifilm X-Pro1. Read his experience here.

And for our spanish audience, click here to read a spanish review at fotoaprendiz.com.

Fuji X-100

It’s 2 am. Dhruv is sitting in a bus, travelling from Delhi from Puskar. He just shot his first images with the X-100, and fell in love with this cam. So, during the bumpy bus ride he decides to write about this camera. Then he posted his considerations and some images in his blog. Click here to read it at dhruvsfoto.com


A review on DSLRphoto.com can be read here.

Read the cameras.about.com review here.

PS.: what’s the best way to use natural light? If you just started shooting and want some useful tips, just read this post at digitalcameraworld.com



X-PRO1 with other lenses + Fujifilm Student Award winner

Here is a little comparison between different lenses (gambofoto.blogspot.nl). Nothing technical. gambofoto tested a few lenses with a minimum focus distance and a shot between 1.50 meter and 1.80 meter. It’s all out of cam jpegs, no postprocessing, no adjustments. He shot with the following lenses:
Zeiss / Contax G 90mm f/2.8 (worldwide in stock status at ebay)
And if you want to see who won the Fujifilm Student Award click here to read the article at ephotozine. If you want to know more about the contest and see previous winners, just visit www.fujifilmstudentawards.co.uk.