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Fujifilm Camera Remote App: Which Improvements Would You Like? POLL


Fujifilm Camera Remote

I think we all agree, if I say that the Fujifilm camera could definitely need some improvements.

Personally I use it for geotagging (I wrote a geotagging with Fujifilm tutorial here), transfer images to smartphone, remote control my camera (rarely), and for these basic functions it works just fine.

However, other apps like Cascable show how much more such a camera App can actually do.

Now FR-reader Uwe contacted me, asking if I could launch a poll about Fujifilm’s camera remote app. And since your participation and contributions are the spine column of FujiRumors, and I am so greatful for your help, I am happy to share Uwe’s requested poll here on FujiRumors.

Now word, to the community :)

by Uwe Dockhorn –

Value from Innovation. That’s Fujifilm’s slogan and over the last couple of years we, the Fujifilm community, experienced almost weekly what this means.

We are holding our beloved cameras in our hands and enjoy this more and more. The value that comes from innovation. But on the one side we fight around IBIS and other hardware advancements, and forget about that we are increasingly living in a hybrid world. Not only between Photography and Video, but more importantly between hardware and software.

Let’s have a look at the remote app of Fujifilm. The week spot so far. For photographers there are almost all necessary features checked, but for videographers!? Not so much. Still only recording 720p! That doesn’t sound like very much like value from innovation.

So let’s give Fujifilm one more time the opportunity to listen to their customers. Here’s a poll to address that.

What new features do you want for the remote app regarding video? - Max. 2 Selections

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What features do you want for photography? - Max. 2 Selections

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