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Cascable Remote Control App Update introduces Shutter Robot Recipes… And Time for Fujifilm to Redesign their Camera Remote App!


** thanks to VatArt Photo for sharing ***

Cascable, a small Swedish company working on tools for the modern photographer, released an update to their iOS photography app Cascable that introduces Shutter Robot Recipes — a photography automation tool available on mobile platforms.

Introducing Shutter Robot Recipes! Recipes are an extension to our Shutter Robot feature that allow you to automate your camera in exactly the way you want. Using the Recipes Editor, you assemble a series of camera setting adjustments and shutter triggers together in whichever way you’d like. Once you’ve constructed the perfect recipe, Cascable’s Shutter Robot can run it against any camera that supports the features the recipe uses.

Shutter Robot Recipes works with all of Cascable’s supported cameras and allow complete freedom and creativity when building time-lapse, exposure bracket sequence, or any other series of shots you can think of. You can find out more about the Recipes feature at

Keep in mind that it does NOT support Fujifilm RAW files, only JPEG. I have asked Cascable about it and they told me:

“Unfortunately, Fujifilm cameras won’t allow access to RAW images over WiFi. If you have your camera set to RAW or RAW+JPEG before connecting, RAW images will be created but you won’t be able to see them through Cascable. We plan to add support for the X-T2’s improved wireless tethering mode later in the year, which should allow access to RAW images for that camera.”

All in all it looks like a lovely app, and definitely something Fujifilm should take as a reference for their own Camera Remote App, which could really need a redesign and improvement.

And btw, I have tested the new geotagging via bluetooth on the Camera Remote app, and I have shared some tips to make it work best here.


Industry-leading photography automa4on tools and a modern camera SDK, available now

STOCKHOLM — January 18th, 2018 — Cascable AB is happy to announce the release of two new products that will revolutionise the automation of complex photography tasks, from building custom time-lapse routines to building entire custom photography applications.

Shutter Robot Recipes is the most powerful photography automation tool available on mobile platforms, providing complete freedom and creativity when building that perfect time-lapse, exposure bracket sequence, or any other series of shots you can think of. Alongside a powerful and intuitive recipe editor, Cascable provides tools to ensure your recipe works exactly as intended, including a built-in camera simulator — perfect for checking your multi-hour time-lapse recipe before you hike up that mountain!

Cascable is available to get started with for free from the iOS App Store. Cascable’s Pro features come with a free trial when subscribing from $2 per month, or can be unlocked with a one-time $29.99 purchase. Please visit for more information on Cascable, including screenshots, photographs, and detailed user guides.

CascableCore is a Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS and macOS that provides the power and flexibility of Cascable’s industry-leading camera connectivity to your public or internal applications. Using one set of unified and modern APIs, the CascableCore SDK allows you to concentrate on building great applications while we handle interfacing with well over 100 supported cameras.

CascableCore is available with a 30-day evaluation for products and companies that meet our partnership criteria, with pricing depending on the application. Please visit for more information on CascableCore.

The Cascable family of products are developed by Cascable AB, a mobile development company founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015