Happy New Year from Antwerpen!

antwerpen sky

 image courtesy: myself ;-)

Happy new year, dear readers! I’m here in Antwerpen, waiting for the fireworks to illuminate this sky! Have a good start in this new year, and, as Olaf wrote me in his mail, a 2013 full of photo events! Let’s start with the CES early January. :-)

But now, have fun tonight!


P.S.: if you want, take a look at the 2012 round-up at pixiq.com… in one sentence: “it was all about putting big sensors in smaller cameras“.

miXed Zone

Fuji X photography

gizmodo top 10 cameras 2012

Gizmodo released his top 10 cameras 2012 rating (click here). The X-PRO1 reached the 8th position. First position for the Canon EOS 5D MARK III, second position for the Nikon D800 and the RX100 is third.


Landscape photography and X-PRO1? See the results at fstopguy.com. His landscape photography equipment is: XF 18mm, XF 35mm, XF 60mm. Accessories: L-Bracket and grip for X-PRO1cable release, extra batteries, SanDisk Extreme PRO, Circular Polarizer, ND Filters, Tripod with ball head.

The X-PRO1 in the metro of Paris. See all the people with their mobile phones and read the impressions of parisphototours.

Street photography with the X-PRO1 and 18mm lens? See the pics of the trip in Melbourne here.

Some X-PRO1 pics at high Iso. (click here)

Is the X-PRO1 the perfect travel camera? Read the opinions of mcgaughey here.

X-PRO1 highlight recovery at hfortysixit.com

From 11th. of August 2012 Juha Periniva started to shoot with Fuji X-Pro1 and four lenses. Click here to see his beautiful shots in Finnland.


Street photography by derekclark (click here). Don’t avoid to shoot in the rain or in the midday sun! Read why.

All I want for X-mas is a X-E1… read the creativelondonphotographer review here.

Did Simon Peckham the right decision by selling his Nikon DSLR and purchasing the X-E1? Here are his first thoughts. And once he received the camera, he posted his first impressions and pics (click here). (also he enjoyed “the best review of the X-E1 to date” of riflessifotografici as he worte here. If you want to read the riflessifotografici review, click here!)

A German video review on youtube can be seen here. If you want to read the review and look at sample pics click here (translated version).

Many, many snapshots can been seen here: brandonremler

Read the sansmirror review here. It focuses also on the difference between X-PRO1 and X-E1.

Fuji’s has always made cameras and camera sensors that intrigue me and have enabled me to turn out beautiful files. And their lenses are also well regarded“. Read the whole opinion about the X-E1 at visualsciencelab (click here)


A video review of PhotoNewsReview here.

Fuji F800 EXR

For a first look at digitalcamerareview click here.


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X-mini roundup

Capture One vs Lightroom

Photo By 夏天: see more ot them on Flickr

  THE X-PERT CORNER – Poll: What should Rico write about in his next article?

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Capture One Beta

Take a look at all the Capture One Beta vs Lightroom comparison pics here on flickr (Photo By 夏天).

There is another “new product” in the Beta version. It’s AccuRaw Beta. Just take a look at chromasoft’s post here.

The Trinity Comparison (part 3): the EVF comparison

Alexander of fujifilm-x-opinions.net posted his third part of the Trinity Comparison (X-PRO1 vs X-E1 vs X-100). It’s an important part, where he compares the EVF. Just click here and read it. Remember, he will sell the “looser” of this comparison. Which camera would you sell? And which one will be the winner?


All in all, I’m impressed. I’m pretty sure I’ll get used to the quirks and come to really love this camera.  It has only been two days, and like I said, I haven’t used strobes with it or really shot much in the way of people yet. I’m sure the sync speed slowness with frustrate me, once I do. It will be interesting to see how much, if any, this can replace my D700 for that sort of work. That isn’t why I got it, but it is the cherry on top if it works out.” This are some thoughts from the first impressions of rodneyboles.com (click here)


Brandon Remler posted some shot taken with the X-F1 (needle) and with the X-E1 14mm and 18-55mm (pigeons). Click here to see them.

We all share the same passion: photography! It’s this passion that brought David to start his blog composinghands.com and write about his experience with the X-E1. So click here an take a look at his site (first time with X-E1) and his clear PROS and CONS post here.

image courtesy: composinghands.com