I name you 3 metamorphoses of photography: from the camel (DSLR) to the lion (MILC) and finally to the child (FUJI-X)!

F. Nietzsche: “I name you three metamorphoses of the spirit: how the spirit shall become a camel, and the camel a lion, and the lion at last a child

1) Camel (DSLR): carry a lot of weight, stuck in old mental schemes and values.
2) Lion (MIRRORLESS): break your habits. Don’t be a slave of old conventions and values. Get rid of the weight, the “thou shalt”.
3) Child (FUJI X): have fun again, be free, and have a new look at… photography.

At the end of the metamorphoses we will experience “pure joy” with photography, like the little Sherpa in Richard Simko’s video (richardsimko.com/blog).

Personally, the X-series helped me to have fun again and rediscover photography (and therefore take better pictures). But, whatever is your way to reach the spirit of the child, be brave, and go for it.

And now travel… light, free and possibly X ;-)

enjoy your day,
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P.S.: And pardon me for this rather unconventional post. It’s not a news, nor a rumor or a good deal… it’s just, I’m on holiday with a Nikon shooter (and an Olympus shooter), and when I saw him carrying his heavy gear on the beach, he really looked like a camel :-). So I had the idea of this post.

On the other hand, I look more like a cow-boy, with my camslinger 160 (which you can also win with Fujirumors and Cosyspeed, thanks to this giveaway).

Nikon + one lens VS Fuji + two lenses

 photo 10527350_746751215390411_3061980112133520803_n_zps077f93cd.jpg

First evening of my holidays: the advantage to be able to see what you get in the X-E2’s EVF. My friend (Nikon shooter), still adjusting the exposure… FR already shared the shot on facebook. And to be clear, it’s not a dead rat the child is holding, just an umbrella ;-) .

 photo 10408057_746371038761762_3088800430899420295_n_zps1fbc2fd8.jpg


 photo asdas_zpsb7c7e721.png

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Nissin i40 flash for Fuji X coming already in July in Germany and UK?

 photo i40_zpsf7a95e6d.jpg

Maybe stores are a little bit too optimistic about the shipping of the small and powerful Nissin i40 flash for Fujifilm. But fact is that wexphotographic has marked the TIPA awarded flash available in July/August. The German branch wexcameras instead just says “July”.

As you may remember, I’ve told you it will come in September. In fact, Nissin gave the following answer to a FR-reader, who asked them when the flash will be available for Fuji-X cameras:

Nissin i40 for Fujifilm system will be available around the early of September. Due to the order and shipment status, the actual available date will be various between countries. You may consider to contact to our local distributor around September, to check for the detail and which authorized dealer will have the 1st lot of stock..”

Is Nissin too careful with the release date (September), or are stores too optimistic (July)? I don’t know, so I’ll follow Aristotle’s theory of the golden mean and expect it to come in August.

More options, like the Nissin i40, are definitely good. But Fuji, on the flash-front, X-shooters need more than the Nissin i40 to achieve eudaimonia.

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