Fuji releases the Firmware Update Ver.1.03 for the X100S.

The X100s got a new firmware update (ver. 1.03)! You can download it here: http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/x/x100s/. That issues has been fixed: “The phenomenon is fixed that in rare cases a grainy image like TV fuzz could appear on LCD under a certain shooting condition.

The X100S is still sold out at Amazon US (3-4weeks delivery). It is in Stock in UK at CameraCentre eBay (Click here).

[UDPATE: Feedback: Silkypix + X20] Silkypix 5.0.39 with improved X-Trans support now available!

 photo S_zps5ad38862.png

Silkypix announced the updated program (Ver.5.0.39) for improved RAW image development of Fuji Film’s X-series on “SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro5.” here. In the release note (here) it says:

Image quality improvement of a development for photographs filmed with a digital camera which uses X-Trans CMOS sensor. The improved image processing algorithm reduces several undesirable effects (moire, etc.) but keeps high resolution of a photograph. In addition, color reproducibility of photographs filmed under specific conditions is improved.

Click here to download the latest version of Silkypix (30 days trial available).

Download, try it out and leave your feedback in the comments. And check Rico’s comparison at Flickr.

Thanks for telling me, Bille!



FR-reader Bille was so kind (he owns the X20) to sent me his findings about the new Silkypix version

[…] Files developped with the new version of SP5, camera is X20, the places are my home (portait of Grand Ma and the Dog), Paris (Fountain of Saint Michel, a little ghost flare on the left of the pix, the Beggar and its dog), Marne River near Paris (the boat).
The fujifilm X20 is a very capable camera, much better than any compact I had till now.

My foundings are:

a) the previous SP5 version with the support of the X20 had a major issue with the white balance, the green channel was over represented, correctable through the tools but this version 5.0.39 has the proper decoding, it is far easier to work and colors are  more faithful.
b) the previous version had some patterns showing in the developped image at full enlargement, pixel peeping, for the X20, these were squares of Moiré, the new version has reduced a lot this phenomenon. Still visible when pictures are taken at setting over 800 iso. But the noise reduction tool can really reduce this easily (with some loss of detail)
c) The previous version produced some ‘muddy’ contour for the X20 images, while the new version shows nicer contours, This is visible, again, at pixel peeping distance. At reasonable distance, images from the X20 thru previous SP5 looked ‘dull’.This phenomenon was clear on the images taken with the X20 sensor, less with the X100 sensor. Reason, the X20 has a smaller sensor than the X100 and the processing needs subtler algorithms.

I have developped sample raw images from the X100 downloaded at the site www.focusnumerique.com and with the previous version of SP5, the contours were a bit smeared. Not much. Now, with the version V5.0.39, I have more details and sharpers contours, like using a Leica CL in the old days of the FujiChrome Provia!

This version of Silkypix 5.0.39 has been a giant leap forward for the Compact X20, addressing some nasty issues. All my enquiries to ISL and the support team has been answered with a great accuracy and courtesy. This is important to mention: ISL back supports its customers and does it well.

The camera X20 has been sold since first week of April, it’s normal to discover a few bugs. But they have been addressed by Editors or Manufacturers.

I’m now a happy camper!

 photo DSCF2633_dev_zps491523f3.jpg

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miXed zone: “When god was not there”, the enlight photoshow, lenses and more

 photo god_zps2aea7ad4.png

image courtesy: Donato Chirulli (riflessifotograficitheartofphotography)

In February Donato Chirulli from riflessifotorafici  visited Auschwitz, equipped with the X-E1, the 35mm and 18mm. He tried to put his feelings and thoughts into images. The result are some really strong pictures that impressed also le journal de la photographie.

You can read Donato’s introduction to his work and see his pictures here at le journal de la photographie.

And if you want, stop by Donato’s new blog the art of photography to see some of his most interesting shots.

_ _ _

You can see the first episode of the enlight photoshow here at youtube and read Dave’s introduction to the show here at his blog. In this episode: 1) Smart Phone Tip (from minute 00:00) 2) Bill Cunningham (from minute 02:20) 3) Mirroless Cameras / X-PRO1 (from minute 06:30) 4) DKP – Theatre shoot  (from minute 12:43)

“Whether you love shooting photos with your smartphone, compact, mirror-less, compact, SLR, medium format or even good old film, the enlight photo Show is for you. This is a show full of a variety of shooting tips, technique tips, photo film reviews, gear features and more, hosted by James Madelin the founder of enlight photo and produced by Dave Kai Piper, noted UK fashion photographer.”


Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

– Photoluma “Fujifilm X100S – outdoor photography usability review ” can be read here.

– “It is a joy to use. I can’t help but agree with the reviews by Zack Arias and Bert Stephani…this is the best camera I have used. It’s small, feels right, looks right, produces stunning images and feels like an extension of my eye/ mind/ heart/ soul. It’s the best, in my opinion, not because of one outright performance factor, but because of the sum of the parts.” Read ianmacmichaelphotography‘s review here.


Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

– X20 review at CNET (click here). “There’s a lot to recommend the Fujifilm X20, especially if you’re looking for a more old-school shooting experience in a digital compact or want an optical viewfinder and can’t afford the X100S. It delivers very good performance, a nice feel, and a streamlined interface. But its image quality — while very good — doesn’t make it stand out from the competition, and its video disappoints.”

– “Hey guys, I did a ‘usability’ review of the new Fuji’s (X100s and X20) based on a trip to the Easter celebrations in Sicily, thought you might be interested in how the cameras worked for this kind of event based documentary photography. Colin” Click here


– Review: SLR Magic 23mm f1.7 (specs&price) (Fujifilm X Mount) at the phoblographer here.

– slgear XF 14mm review here. “There’s no question Fuji has spent a lot of time on this lens: Sharpness at ƒ/2.8 is very good, and excellent at ƒ/4 or smaller; distortion is non-existent (quite a feat in and of itself on a wide-angle lens), and chromatic aberration is also hard to come by. While the price tag for this lens might be high, there’s no doubt that you get what you pay for.

– Quick test, XF 60mm vs Olympus 60mm f/2.8 at admiringlight here.

– “Hi Patrick! I have some pictures with the Fuji X-E1 and the Samyang 8 mm f/2.8 on my site. […]. if you wish to share the link, feel free to do so.” See Matti Sulanto’s shots taken with the X-E1 and Samyang 8mm at sulantoblog here.

image courtesy: sulantoblog

 photo image1-e1369472224844_zps66429e0b.jpg

FR-readers roundup: where the trains go to die, X-PRO1+Nokton 50mm, Lego rangefinder and Laguna Beach

in stock (55-200)

-The Fuji XF 55-200 is now in stock at Amazon Japan (via third party reseller. Click here).
XF 55-200 pre-order: USAAdoramaBHphoto / AmazonUS / DigitalRev / Uniquephoto / Pictureline / Europe: AmazonUK / AmazonDE / PCHstore Brussel

deals (via dealsrunner)

I’ve found all the following deals at dealsrunner. To see more Fuji-deals or insert by yourself new deals stop by dealsrunner.com.
-Save about $50 on the X20 (DEMO camera) at ebay here.
-$25 price drop for the X-E1+18-55 at AmazonUS here.
-X-PRO1 body only for $1.1120 at ebay here.

Fujirumors readers roundup

Olivier: “Hi Patrick, a big HELLO from tiny Luxembourg :-) I’ve been following Fujirumors ever since my interest in Fujifilm cameras arose, with the announcement of the fantastic X-E1 last year.

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a morning shooting an old industry and railway park with my best friend who carried along 4 (!!!) Sony Alpha bodies (he hates changing lenses ;-) ), while I only took along the X-E1 equipped with the XF18-55mm lens, the XF 35mm and XF 60mm.

In the end though, I only used the XF 18-55mm. This is one seriously great allrounder!

As far as postprocessing goes: I shot raw and (minimally) edited the shots under LR 4.4. Really love the improved X-Trans support.

The results can be found under: http://500px.com/OliGlod/stories/85077/where-trains-go-to-die (short excerpt) and http://www.blurb.com/b/4228521-one-day-in-fond-de-gras (complete book). I hope you’ll enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed taking them ;-)

Best regards, Oli

P.s. Thanks again for all of the hard work you put into Fujirumors!!! :-)

Olivier (where trains go to die)

 photo traindevie_zps2fac0aa8.png

book preview
 photo preview_zpsc14cb167.png

Jim “Hi Patrick, First off thank you for your site and all of the work you put into it for our Fuji community.  On my blog site gambofoto.blogspot.nl  I have just posted a review/user impressions of using the X-Pro 1 with a Cosina Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.5 lens. Possibly some of your readers might enjoy it. Regards, Jim Gamblin”


Nick: “Hi there. Your blog has been of great assistance to me now that I’m a Fuji convert. I’ve even started blogging my Fuji photos and my camera collection […]. Thanks for all of your efforts. Nick http://camerapassion.wordpress.com


LEGO-rangefinder: made by Nick’s son! (Fuji X100s, Aperture RAW conversion, cropped)

 photo lego_zpsd654b3be.jpg

Shahrokni: “I have a Fuji X100 and recently I bought a beautiful Fuji X Pro1 with 18-55mm ( I ordered it separately ). At the beginning I was not happy with the color of sky and landscape until I found out about a correct setting […] I have to say Now I love my Fuji X Pro1. Yesterday was HOT Here in Laguna Beach in SoCal. I took many pictures and here are some of them , Hope You like them. Best Regards SM Shahrokni


palm photo DSCF3532ex_Sts_zpsa4d270bb.jpg

Samyang Tilt-Shift lens for Fuji X + review (for Canon version)

 photo sam_zps1a869cdc.png

Samyang T-S lens for Canon at AmazonUS

Yesterday FR-reader Andrew wrote me an email and asked me if there are Tilt Shift lenses for the Fuji X. I told him that Samyang will release a 24mm T-S lens… and I’ve realised that I’ve never told you about it, so I’ll do it now!

At last year’s photokina Samyang presented the 24mm f/3.5 Tilt Shift lens.

It will be initially available with mounts for Canon EF, Nikon F and Sony A. Versions with Canon M, Fujifilm X, Samsung NX and Sony will also be released afterwards.

The first T-S lenses are now in stock. Check the Samyang T-S at your amazon here and your ebay here

There are also the first reviews on the web, as this one of ephotozine (for the Canon version).

“Although this tilt-shift lens is far from being an inexpensive optic, with its launch price being over £500 less than equivalents from Canon or Nikon, it does bring tilt-shift control within the reach of more people.It manages to be less expensive, whilst offering excellent optical performance, great build quality and handling. Those in the market for a tilt-shift lens should definitely add this to this list of considered optics.”

You can read also the Samyang T-S presentation (with sample pics) here at samyang.pl.

enjoy your day