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Amateur with Fujifilm GFX 50R vs Pro with a Google Pixel 3, Matt Granger Fujifilm GFX50R vs Hasselblad X1DII, GFX 50 fake ISO and More


The Fujifilm GFX100 is surely a game changer for the medium format world, and as such the coverage is massive (and sales are excellent).

I had the pleasure to shoot with it, and I can fully understand the hype, and I think it deserves all the best success.

  • DPReview says – Fujifilm GFX100 image quality? It outperforms full frame! Best IQ we ever tested

But as it happens often, when some new gear comes, we tend to forget about “older” gear… but not here on FujiRumors :).

So down below there is a roundup dedicated to the Fujifilm GFX50R and Fujifilm GFX50S.

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The GFX Community

Matt Granger Fujifilm GFX 50R Coverage

Matt Granger compares the Fujifilm GFX50R with the brand new Hasselblad X1DII 50C (video above). Here are his findings:

  • final resolution is slightly higher on the Hasselblad, despite having the sensor
  • Fuji has bad ergonomics
  • Hasselblad has shutter in the lenses, hence higher flash sync speed
  • Hasselblad is smaller, but only 10g lighter
  • build quality feels much better on the Hasselblad. GFX50r feels plasticy
  • the Fujifilm focusses faster, but he can get the job done also with the Hasselblad
  • nice to have eye detection AF on the Fujifilm, although it misses the eyes quite a lot
  • for studio, the Hasselblad high sync speed matters
  • shooting outdoors, both cameras are acceptably fine except for sports
  • the new Hasselblad is still not as fast as the Fujifilm. Still slow start up time for the Hasselblad (3/4 seconds), but how often are you going to turn on your camera on a shoot?
  • face detection on the GFX50r does not work when shooting portraits through the bushes
  • he likes the interface of the Hasselblad more

His coverage continued on several videos, and here is his video with the final conclusions (video above).

  • the Fuji GFX system is a lot cheaper, especially if you consider the lenses [FujiRumors already calculated the difference here]
  • Matt thinks Fuji is going to put lot more R&D into the system, letting the lens selection grow faster than the X1D system
  • autofocus on GFX is simply faster in every situation than on X1D
  • GFX100 is even faster and has IBIS
  • technology seems to move faster with Fuji, hence also more bodies in future
  • he says both are baby medium format, since 60% bigger than full frame [we would like to correct and say it is 70% bigger]
  • you can adapt lenses easier on GFX, since it has a mechanical shutter, and the X1D has no shutter at all, since it has leaf shutter in lenses. On X1D you rely on electronic shutter, which is slow (hence lots of distortion when moving)
  • Ergonomics, the GFX 50R has no grip, uncomfortable with bigger lenses, so you have to buy a metal grip for better handling. X1D has the best grip ever, but it does not operate as fast as the Fuji
  • VALUE: Fujifilm is best value for money

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Google Pixel 3 vs Fujifilm GFX50R + More GFX Videos

Ever wonder which is better? An Amateur with a Fujifilm GFX 50R or a Pro with a Google Pixel 3? The youtube channel LinusTechTips (9 million followers) has released a new video with a shootout. At the end, the amateur wins, because… well, gear matters a little bit ;).

GFX Group Request

by Fujifilm GFX member Fahim Manzur

We see a good number of enquiries regarding using FF lenses on Fuji GFX bodies using adapter. To make things easy for everyone, I have allocated a space on my website. Members can upload their test images, and also browse the galleries for already uploaded images. This will be helpful to those whoe wants to purchase an adapter or adapt a specific lens, and will know what to expect.

Here is the upload link.

This link will let you upload images to the ‘unorganized samples’ folder.

Here is the gallery link to browse already uploaded samples.

Please upload sample images, preferably full size / highest resolution possible, with exif data intact, and rename the file with information such as which adapter used, copyright / photographer info etc. You can also add information as comments to the photo. And I will regularly move the photos to their own gallery, with proper information attached.

Thank you, and lets make a useful database for GFX users.