Firmware Updates for Fujifilm GFX 50S, X-Pro2, X-T2, X-T20 and X100F Available

Fujifilm just released new firmware that fixes the following issues:

  • The phenomenon is fixed that in the MF mode, repeated halfway shutter pressing can shift the focus point under a specific exposure condition.
  • The phenomenon is fixed that in the AF-S mode, repeated halfway shutter pressing can shift the focus point with SHUTTER AF setting OFF.

The following cameras can be updated:

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Big Fujikina Event in Toyko September 7, 2017

Earlier this year, on January 21, Fujifilm launched the first “Fujikina” event in Kyoto, Japan. On that event, Fujifilm also announced the Fujifilm GFX and more.

Well, Fujifilm just officially announced a new Fujikina event, this time in Toyko on September 7, 2017. If you want, you can sign-up now for the event.

And if Fujifilm does it like last time, also this one could be a nice event to finally unveil to the world new gear, such as the rumored X-E3, XF80 Macro, the GF 45mm and maybe even more.

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Kipon Electronic Aperture Adapter for Canon EOS to Fujifilm GFX Pre-order Available

The Kipon electronic adapter for Canon EOS to Fujifilm GFX is now available for pre-order at Adorama here.

“Kipon EF-GFX E adapter is designed for the Fuji GFX Medium Format camera, allowing Canon EOS mount lenses to be mounted onto Fuji GFX Medium Format camera bodies. This adapter features you can control the lens aperture electronically with the adapter itself

With KIPON EF-GFX E adapter, although the lens will fit physically, auto-focusing, and other functions will not work, only manual model will be available.”

Kipon offers many more adapters. Full overview in this fujirumors article.

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Michael Schnabl‎
Shot with Fuji X-T2 and XF 56mm
ISO 200 – f/4.0 – 1/125
Photo: Michael Schnabl photography
Model: Simone Haas — at Fotopraxis-Fotoworkshops


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Fernando Peres Rodrigues‎
Scotland, Highland Cow

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Development of Wide Dynamic Range and Global Shutter Technology for Organic Photoconductive Film Image Sensor – Panasonic

The Endless Tale of the Organic Sensor

Do you remember when back in June 2013 Fujifilm and Panasonic announced together the development of the organic sensor? If not, then check out below all the articles we shared here on FujiRumors about the organic sensor in last 4 years.

The last thing I’ve heard from sources about it (in March 2016), was that they had issues with too much heat generated by the sensor.

I have still no word about when (or if) the organic sensor will (if ever) find its way into actual digital cameras. For sure they are having more problems than they expected, since in June 2013 X-guru Rico Pfirstinger expected it to be read for mass production within 2015… and it we still have no organic sensor.

And despite delays and issues, both, Panasonic and Fujifilm, continued to publish press-releases about the organic sensor development.

The last one comes from Panasonic and has been published on May 2017. It’s written completely in Japanese, except for the English part I’ll share here on FR:

We are trying to effectively offer greater value to customers and developing technology to dramatically enhance performance and functions utilizing the structural feature of organic photoconductive film (OPF) image sensors. In these sensors, the photoelectric conversion part and signal processing circuits are vertically stacked and they can be designed independently. We have proposed and developed a dual-sensitivity pixel utilizing this unique feature of the OPF CMOS image sensor. It realizes a simultaneous wide-dynamic-range image capture of over 120 dB without time distortion. Photoelectric-conversion-controlled global shutter technology has also been developed by only modulating the voltage applied to OPF. It has improved the tradeoff performance and realized a high-saturation signal up to 10 times larger than the conventional image sensors. These technologies enable high-speed, high-precision imaging without time distortion in high-contrast scenes, and will be applied to new imaging and sensing devices.”

The FR-reader, who spotted (and shared with us – thanks a lot) also reminds us what Image Sensor World (via 43rumors) said about this paper:

“[Panasonic is] describing, essentially, a way to control sensitivity on per pixel basis. It’s quite similar to the sensor presented at ISSCC 2017, but without the IR sensitivity.”

You can read the entire (Japanese) publication “Development of Simultaneous-Capture Wide-dynamic-range Technology and Global Shutter Technology for Organic Photoconductive Film Image Sensor” in this PDF here.

And now, as promised, all the episodes of the long organic sensor story :) – just click READ MORE

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