Additional $1,500 Donated to KNGO to Support Free Education in Cambodia (TOTAL $5,000 Raised in 2 Years)

Just a flash to tell you that… it is simply waaaaaaaay more than I could have EVER hoped.

In one week, thanks to your donations and to the Charity auction, we collected a total of about $1,500 to support free education in Cambodia. The strap, grip and hot shoe cover go to official Fujifilm seller Popflash store (who also made a generous donation in addition to that). I’m just waiting for your mailing adress, and then I will ship it to you guys :)

So thanks to everybody, who participated at the auction, but also to those who didn’t, and yet made a donation to KNGO… I really would like to hug you all :)

Combined with the $3,500 of the X-shirts, we are now at $5,000 raised for charity in 2 years. This was my best birthday present ever!

Your support highly motivates me to keep up the cooperation with KNGO. Let’s see if I can come up with another idea! :)

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 Announced. Hybrid Instant Camera


Synergy of digital imaging technology and the existing instax system enables greatly improved photographic image quality and image editing / processing before printing.

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) today announced that it will release the instax SQUARE SQ10 (“SQ 10” ), the first hybrid instant camera with the new square format film “instax SQUARE Film” on May 19, 2017. The SQ 10 is the first hybrid camera within its range equipped with a digital image sensor and digital image processing technology, which enables greatly improved photographic image quality and image editing / processing before printing. This new system takes the image quality of instax to the next level and allows photographers to add a creative, artful edge to their photography with intuitive interface designed especially for the SQ10.

Seeing an opportunity to provide photographers with more occasions than ever to use instant cameras equipped with new technologies, Fujifilm decided to create a brand new device fully dedicated to the SQUARE format. The improved image-capturing functions of the SQ10 give this latest addition to the instax range unrivalled levels of control and ease of use. The SQ10 will now allow photographers to effortlessly capture a wealth of different scenes with perfect control.

Highlights of the instax SQUARE SQ10

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Hey Guys, It’s My Birthday… and These are The Very Last Hours to Join The Charity Auction + Discover How Useful $200 Can Be

The Auction

So, today it’s my birthday, and it’s a very special one for me here on FujiRumors :)

Because this is the last day, where you can join the charity auction. You will get:

  • a cool J.B.Cameradesigns wooden hand grip for Fujifilm X-T1 (with unique “fujirumors” logo engraved)
  • a leather strap
  • a wooden hot shoe cover (with unique “fujirumors” logo engraved)

The items are worth $110, and the current highest bid is of $155.

100% of the money you pay will go to charity, more precisely to KNGO, an NGO that gives access to free education to Cambodian kids. We already helped them last year, with the fair trade X-shirts, where we collected $3,500 for them.

You can read all about the Charity auction and our cooperation with KNGO in this article here. You can see all the products I sell for charity and if you want place your bid at this page here.

What KNGO can do with $200

Here is what KNGO told me they can do with $200:

With $200 we can spend around four months on materials in teaching such as markers, ink, erasers, books, pens, certificates and photo copy worksheet for the students.”

So, $155 is already a great support… but everything higher would be even better :)

I will ship everything to you and pay for the shipping, as soon as you made the payment (via PayPal) to KNGO. All the details here.

That’s all folks… have a great start in your week… and don’t forget to place your bid ;)
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