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Fuji X-T2 wet sensor cleaning is not for the faint hearted but the location and accessibility of the sensor is far more convenient than you will find on a digital SLR and the process although daunting at first is actually fairly straight forward with the right tools.



I recommended the excellent Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly Sensor Brush as a good next step beyond bulb blowers for Digital Camera Sensor cleaning. I would caution against not keeping the bushes clean though as oil from the sensor chamber can get on to the filaments and will smear onto your sensor.

I didn’t follow my own advice and added some smears as well as dust to my new Fuji X-T2

I was not helped by the fact that my Arctic Butterfly is the larger size (I used to have a Nikon D800) and this makes cleaning the smaller APS-C X Trans Sensor trickier.


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Vincenzo Noletto‎: Gone with the metropolitan wind. X-Pro2, 23 1.4 @f2 , 1/125, ISO 2000
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Michele Berlingeri‎: levitation room – fuji x100s

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Moez Munshi‎: I recently switched from the Sony a7r2 to shoot with the the fuji xt2 I also own the x70 and previously x100t all of them delightful cameras to shoot with. Here are a mix of photos from the above cameras. I am a visual artist so I use lightroom and Photoshop for my editing. For more of my photos you can check me out on Facebook and instagram under Hyrografix

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Drew Reese‎: In the Courtyard at the Contemporary Art Museum in Sevilla, Spain. Fuji X100T

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FujiRumors 2016: 860 Posts Shared * Top Articles of the Year * Top/Flop Blogger Moment ** And Happy New Year :-) !!!

It’s done… another Fuji Year is over. I hope I could give you some fun moments in 2016, even though you had to go through a total of 860 articles written in my crappy English ;) .

I’ve tried to give my best, also in my personal email exchange with you (gmail says that I’m now reaching 4,700 emails written in 2016… not counting the easily 1,000+ private messages on Facebook and Twitter).

You can be sure that I’ll put all my passion/fun/excitement (and a lot of time) into this blog also in 2017, in order to make your time here on FujiRumors the most informative & exciting as possible.

A wonderful, healthy and fun 2017 to everybody out there… and may you capture many great moments with your X (or G)-series camera :)
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2016 on FujiRumors

Top & Flop Blogger Moments

TOP Blogger Moment 2016:

  • Going to Photokina was, by very far, the highlight of my year. I was undercover, hence 100% anonymous. And I liked it this way. I could watch all the Fujifilm X-photographers, like Kevin Mullins, making their speeches and stage performance, I salivated on the window that protected the GFX, tested out some lenses that I never had the pleasure to play with (like the XF100-400), and I was able to do all this without Fujifilm kicking me out of the boothwonderful :). And… I have never seen so many X-shooters on one spot, all together, sharing my same passion, with the Fuji X photowalk at the end of the day being the final touch on the top of a wonderful day. I could have stayed there the whole week, but sadly, I had to go back teaching (with some evident difficulties, though ;)).

FLOP Blogger Moment 2016:

  • When a trusted source informed me the Fujifilm X-T2 will come in early July (and not in June like originally planed), and I had to cancel my trip to Iceland in order to be able to cover properly the announcement as well as the busy time after the announcement. S*it happens. Next time, Iceland :)

Top Articles of 2016

 photo sdee_zps576dfqtf.jpg

“Brides Magazine” Says Only Full Frame Canon & Nikon Should be Used for Weddings…. Anyone Out there Using Fuji X for Weddings? ;)

Weddings with Fuji X? No Way!

Ok… so I’m hiring a wedding photographer, who will have the important responsibility to capture forever one of the most important days in my life: my wedding.

As a client, what are the essential questions I need to ask my potential wedding photographer?

Brides Magazine (a huge magazine and website) made a list of question that should help us (the clients) to make a well thought-out decision… but especially the answer to one of the question is creating quite a buzz right now.

If the client asks: “What gear do you use?” the answer of the photographer should be “Full Frame Canon or Nikon“. However, after the story broke at Petapixel, Brides Magazine quickly changed the sentence, which now says: “Ideally, your photographer would use the most readily available professional camera…”

Ok guys… it’s their opinion. But also mirrorless can do the job these days. So just share in the comments your experience about using X-series cameras for weddings.

btw, it happens that I live in a rented apartment over a very popular wine cellar, that hosts a wedding almost every weekend in the “wedding-season”. I always look down to the photographer, but, until now, I only saw Canon’s and Nikon’s (as you can see in this image). I’m still patiently waiting to see the first X-shooter wedding photographer… and when this happens, then yes, that guy shouting from the balcony that You Rock!!!… that guy will be me ;).