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We Are the 5.9%

Marketing research data says we Fujifilm X and GFX shooters make up 5.9% of the entire digital camera market.

So we are certainly not the top dog in the industry, but it is still better than the 0.1% we were back when I started this blog over 10 years ago.

Slowly, but steadily, Fujifilm was able to carve out its niche and some cameras even got some decent mainstream success, leading Fujifilm to be the third most popular mirrorless camera manufacturer ahead of Nikon.

And this number, 5.9%, made me think… how did it all start for you?

I mean, which one was your first Fujifilm camera that you bought intrigued by the X/GFX system and hence made you become part of those 5.9%?

If you want to satisfy my curiosity, then you can vote the survey down below.


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Which one was your FIRST Fujifilm X/GFX camera?

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