X-PRO2 with Dual Processor chip coming within a few months?


Image on top: The dual processor chip used by Canon cameras

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please check the updated post here! The X-PRO2 won’t come before LATE 2013 EARLY 2014

I’ve received an email from a new source who shared with me an interesting rumor. According to the source the X-PRO1 will be replaced in a few months. The camera will have a newer viewfinder and a Dual Processor chip. I have been told the new Dual Processor eradicates jerkiness and lag in the EVF. And it of course makes the image processing even faster.

Reminder: A Nippon magazine rumored the X-PRO2 for June, the X-E2 for September and an X-M1 for this month (read here). But the source we have could not confirm this release period now. Hope I can tell you more soon. So stay tuned!

As you can see, there is a rumor-box now on FR. You can use it to share anonymously rumors. Please mark your message with an invented name or mark so that I can recognize you in future. That will help me to recognize trusted sources :)

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  • Glenn Brown

    That would be most welcome, but I would like to see a few new lenses too.

    • Antonio G

      It would also be interesting to know if the MF focus improvements seen in the X100s “translated” to the X-Prox implies changes to the existing X sys lenses, or if it can be done via firmware. If not, Fuji needs to release also mkII versions of the present lens models.
      For new models they could ad DOF marks.

      • Christian

        Yeah I hope they can just update the firmware of the lens, but you have to ask why they haven’t done that already if that’s the case…

        • Iulian Ignat

          Because, somewhere over the internet, some really tech guys said that the processor used in X-Pro1 and X-E1 is too slow for focus peaking.

          • Jon R

            I’m not entirely too sure that’s true though. Sony was able to add focus peaking via firmware on the NEX before I think on the original NEX 3 and 5.

          • Adam

            As we know, X-Trans takes more horsepower to process than Bayer. The hypothesis (no one knows for sure except the Fuji engineers) is that the processor in the X-Pro1 and X-E1 aren’t powerful enough to process X-Trans in real time in order to do focus peaking. Another possibility is that the processor might be able to, but only with some fairly extensive (= expensive) optimization work by the engineers. Fuji might not be able to cost justify that, particularly when it will become moot when the next generation of cameras comes out with a faster processor that can do focus peaking without the optimizations.

      • Iulian Ignat

        I don’t really understand the necessity of the DOF mark on autofocus lens paired with LCD/Electronic viewfinder and, more, with electronic driven manual focus.

        • Antonio G

          It look like that really but you use do do street photography and use zone focus (you will be using MF) ring marks are more effective and faster than the electronic viewfinder bar.
          On the other side you align the ∞ mark one side with the aperture and you get the hyperfocal indication along with DOF right away.

          • MotherOfAllF*ups

            Just that none of the Fuji X cameras are fast enough as street camera.

      • One can hope, and hope well. Remember that the X100 did pave the way to the X-Pro1. If the new features in the X100S are tests for the X-Pro2, then we are in for a super camera, full frame or not.

  • Jon burtoft

    At this rate there will be more fuji bodies than lenses. Fuji need to get on with the lenses and develop a system, camera bodies will always be outdated by the next thing which is always just around the corner, my money is going on lenses, not an xpro2. I will have the xpro1 for a long time, it is more than good enough for me. Cheers jon.

    • Adam

      I respectfully disagree. Fuji’s lenses have been of exceptional quality so far (possible exception the 18mm), and I’d encourage them to take the time to keep that standard. If you just compare the number of lenses, they’re far behind, say, m43. But if you compare the number of high quality lenses, they’re actually making very quick progress.

      • jon

        I did not say the lenses were bad or poor quality, I said they should develop a system, what is sorely missing is a fast 85mm equiv. What irks me is seeing the lens roadmap getting pushed further back, releasing another xpro after such a short period of time will only push things back more, then the xe1 will be replaced by nov and not forgetting the rumoured xm1.

    • Renato S.

      More bodies than lenses? Fuji is not Sony.

      They have 2 bodies – so far – and 4 primes/2 Zoom. It’s a very good range from 14mm to 60mm and the zoom are high-quality and although not constant aperture, it’s faster than normal. There are still to come this year 3 more primes and a wide-angle zoom. So even if they launch another 2 bodies, there will be more than double the lenses. In 2 years of existence they will have covered the main focal length, I don’t see any other company doing a better job, so I hardly think it’s a valid complain.

      • jon

        I was being facetious.

  • Great news!

    That would mean that the news version of the XP1 could be used with an M mount lens and have split image focussing, without the awful judder in EVF that happens with manual lenses already stopped down.

    Fingers crossed the rumours are correct :)


    • Fingers crossed and thumbs up. And thanks for the link. Fine work!

  • Imgurian

    Even though my xpro1 is only 3 months old and I love it’s image quality. It can defiantly do with an upgrade.

    I’ll buy an xpro2 pretty fast I think.

  • CGL

    I’ll be pre-ordering the first day!

    • admin

      me too :)

  • Luis

    Really nice to see this potential progress on a new camera model, but at the moment I’m still waiting for the anounced fast portrait lens to fit my style of photography. We now have a beautiful standard lens, some nice wide angle lenses, but the long end of the zoom kit lens doesn’t do it for me…

  • Wen

    X-M1? interesting, an entry level body without viewfinder?

    • Wen

      there are rumors saying XM1 will have the X100 12mp sensor

  • kuishinbou

    If this is true, there will be a lot of happy people and a lot of new Fuji customers, assuming it will have the new features in the X100s and will have minimum shutter speed settings in auto ISO. I am sure this will be my DSLR replacement. The 23mm, 56 mm, and the 10-24mm should be great as well – hopefully not too long from now!

    • Antonio G

      I guess it will have it but even now you can fix a minimum speed if you turn to manual (setting aperture and speed via the dials) and set ISO to auto.

      • kuishinbou

        Yes, but you can’t use exposure compensation in manual mode, which is a significant limitation. So, the ability to set minimum shutter speed in auto ISO is a very important feature…

        • hexx

          why would you need exposure compensation in manual mode? that’s what manual mode is for, set combination of aperture/shutter speed/ISO to whatever you need.

  • McPix

    With an articulated screen I will be in – no doubt!
    That’s the only thing I miss at the actual X-Types and my reason not to have one already.

  • I certainly don’t *need* an upgrade, as my X Pro 1 is serving me quite well, but I wouldn’t mind it at all. I might mind the price, and eating the cost of upgrading though… ;)

  • Hilarious!

    • Antonio G

      Yeah, it most probably is but Fuji has to do the move and “update” the X sys cameras.

      • Patrick really should get better sources.

        • admin

          So you know for sure this is wrong? :)

          • An X-Pro2 in June is obviously BS. Let’s hope for a major firmware update for the X-E1 and X-Pro1 by then, that would be very welcome.

          • patrick

            my new source said in the next months, and not June. A Nippon magazin said June.

          • Edgar Brown

            All signs are pointing towards an update. Look at all the massive sales Fuji have been putting on their x-systems.

            Throw in the updates with the x100s, and it makes sense that they would be paving the way for implementation of an upgrade for their flagship.

            > An X-Pro2 in June is obviously BS

            No, it isn’t “obviously BS”, unless you absolutely know something that we don’t. The X100S is going to cannibalize Fuji’s XE-1 sales with the better processor, and the PDAF sensor.

            Considering the X100S and the huge sales on X-Pro1 bodies, I would be willing to put money down on an announcement for an updated X-Pro1 by the end of June.

          • kuishinbou

            If this isn’t true, it would be really disappointing!

            It is obvious that people want the features in the x100s in an X-series system camera, but I will believe it when I see it. They would be smart to introduce those improvements soon while people are interested and especially because most people are deferring their purchases of X-series cameras until we see those improvements…That said, they still need to introduce the full set of lenses to make them a full system…

          • Jason

            Agree with kuishinbou3

            People are delaying their X purchases altogether.

            Fuji must act and enhance their Pro line while there is considerable interest.

            Current lenses are ample. Having a roadmap is as important in this regard, so less of a rush.

          • Huge sales of X-Pro1 bodies? Wishful thinking, unfortunately. Fujifilm had a bad fiscal year with the digital camera division, so budgets are tight. The obvious move is X-Mount for “the masses”, small and affordable. And of course firmware updates for X-Pro1 and X-E1, which were initially scheduled for March but had to be pushed back. That’s why I am rescheduling and changing my X-E1 book, turning it into a combined X-Pro1/X-E1 book that will include the next major firmware update, whenever that materializes. There is plenty of software stuff that can be improved, just look at the X20 and X100S. You will read more about that next week, so stay tuned.

          • hexx

            Could it really have such a short life span? Pro range shouldn’t be updated every year. X100 received update after 2 years. I would expect X-Pro1 replacement next year, not this.

            Honestly, all owners of X-Pro1, do you feel like you need an upgrade? I definitely don’t, I’m happy with X-Pro1 and it does the job for me.

          • Tv

            Rico, I think there might be a slight misunderstanding in your post. By “huge sales” I believe the poster meant huge discounts not large numbers of cameras sold.

  • Man! I don’t know what to think of such quick upgrade from Fuji. On one hand, I fell in love with the x-pro 1 few months after switching from Canon to Nikon, there I am with Fuji, and can’t wait for the next generation x-trans body
    On the other hand, the current line up is quite young and I’m not very happy to hear that a 1.5K Euro body is osolete after only a year and a half! Prosumer DSLR lineup last 4 years, which is I think more acceptable considering the cost of the bodies.
    I quite agree with a comment above about the fact that fuji should focus on the lenses. Spending money for lens we keep years and yeas is ok, but spend it on body replaced every year or two is another story…

    • Antonio G

      Well, present models will continue as good as they’re now and changing is an option.
      I own a X100 and besides I recognize all the advantages of the X100s I will stay with mine.
      However, I was considering to buy an interchangeable lens camera and I will wait till Fuji introduces the new features.
      I was considering the X-Pro1 when the X-E1 came out and made me to reconsider, but now I think I will go for the X-Pro1 successor, but if I did buy one of them before I wouldn’t be in a rush to change my gear as IQ will be the same.

      • I agree, IQ ils already awesome, ans personnaly, I wouldn’t rush on the new xpro as the current one is just a wonder to me. But I think some mate customer may feel disappointed looking at a less-than-2-Years-system and see a replacement arrive on the market with most of the quirks corrected…
        Anyway, I’m overall pleased to see fuji is showing listening ears to his customers feedback :)

        • Sorry, I meant “late customers”…. Stupid Android auto correction…(french inside ;))

        • hexx

          Yep, fully agree. What they could focus on is proper RAW support. LR 4.4 is still not there, getting sharper results from C1.

          These are not cheap cameras. Nikon updates their ‘Pro’ camera every 3-4 years and I think that’s about right approach.

    • Edgar Brown

      > On the other hand, the current line up is quite young and I’m not very happy to hear that a 1.5K Euro body is osolete after only a year and a half!

      Will your X-Pro1 be incapable of taking pictures once the X-Pro1S comes out? Because if not, then you camera isn’t “obsolete.”

      If you love your camera now, why would you love it any less when a newer model comes out? Go out and take photographs and stop worry about the inevitable technological innovations tat will ALWAYS happen; regardless of what system you use.

      • Exactly!!!

      • >Will your X-Pro1 be incapable of taking pictures once the X-Pro1S comes out? Because if not, then you camera isn’t “obsolete.”

        yeah yeah yeah, of course. ;)
        And honestly I’m not the buy-the-latest-gear kind of guy (for example, I prefer 5D classic over mark II, I purchased D700 last year, not the brand new D600/800…).

        It’s more about the investment. I wouldn’t have that feeling if I had purchased the xpro 1 year ago, and not 2 months ago.
        That’s why I’d prefer see more lenses coming than new bodies. ;)

      • Well said mate!

      • Robert

        The important thing here is for Fuji to continue to provide firmware updates for the X-Pro 1.

        The autofocus — while improved from the last few updates — is still a bit laggy with the 35mm f/1.4 in certain situations, and even fails to accurately acquire focus occasionally in situations that are well lit! Fuji needs to continue to try and improve the speed and accuracy as best they can.

        Camera also really needs focus peaking — it’s a big help when shooting in lower light when autofocus is actually slower cause it hunts around too much…and would definitely help for those using M glass.

        And a minimum shutter speed setting for Auto ISO would be nice (and should be very doable).

    • ThomasT

      That’s why I stay with velvia till the pro2 reaches the standard of the 100S. See Ken Rockwell’s review of thr 100S. He likes the color. Better than Leica M9..

  • Carlo

    I think instead fuji will release soon a firmware update with focus peaking.

  • Thomas

    Oh please, new lenses ! I miss something between the 18mm and the 35mm actually !

  • Aleste

    I hope they change the design and make it smaller.

    • hexx

      I hope they won’t make it smaller. X-Pro1 just fits my hands, smaller would be too small but everybody has different hands :)

  • achates

    Could you update the webpage so that the “Share Rumors” control doesn’t overwhelm the display on iPhone with Safari? I cannot dismiss the prompt without a rumor to share, and am left with but a few lines of article to read per page.
    I am sorry if this is not the right place to leave a feedback on the fujirumor website design, but I don’t see another place to do so…

    • ph


    • Jason

      +1 agree this makes viewing Fuji Rumors on iPhone very annoying.

    • +1 both the header and “send rumors” are waaaaay too big. In landscape orientation there is no website at all – only header and footer. It’s even annoyingly large on a retina iPad.

      Thanks to the site for all the good work, though!

  • david blanchard

    Take my money Fuji !! I was thinking of getting a xpro 1 as a second body but I’ll just wait now ! Give me speed and focus peaking !

    • kuishinbou


  • Sky

    Jeez…. and I was THAT close to buy Leica M9. I think I can wait a bit than. Really hope that they fixed firmware, cause FW in X-PRO 1 was horrible. I’m not going to preorder. The risk is way too high. But if I’ll manage to test it on my own – my money surely will go to Fuji bank accounts ;)

    • Anon

      You are right. How can I ever take good photos with the X-Pro? Clearly it is a horrible camera.

  • FlashOperator~


  • kuishinbou

    Hopefully this is not bullshit, as someone was just complaining the other day about there being not enough rumours. While they should release an upgrade to their system cameras immediately, this rumour seems a little too timely. That said, if they do introduce it, I will be buying it with all of the lenses in the system, excluding the 18-55mm and perhaps the 60mm. And, I would then buy the 23mm, the 56mm, and 10-24mm when they are released. Also a body for my wife too. So, assuming there are many others waiting like me, which is likely, it is in their best interest to do so soon.

  • ph

    No need for the x-pro2. Just release new firmware for the x-pro1 and give us at least ‘auto iso minimum shutter speed’.

  • Kalle

    I would prefer proper weather sealing.

    • hexx

      + 1

    • JP

      What’s the point – the lenses aren’t weather sealed?

    • Robert

      The camera is more resilient than advertised. Zack Arias has used his in inclement weather and even dropped it a couple of times.

      Didn’t slow it down on iota.

  • A firmware upgrade the moves the AF button from the left to the right like the X100s is enough for me.

    • hexx

      That for sure would make massive difference. I guess it can’t be that hard to re-map HW buttons.

  • Jason

    Are there any events coming up where they might announce something?

  • Dan

    Hi, first time poster, long time viewer. Fuji needs to release an X-Pro S (or 2) soon. I’ve been considering switching to Fuji for a while, but stories of below average AF performance have always delayed that decision. I suspect that there are many people out there like me. The X100s shows that Fuji have some new tech that will improved AF performance. Add the focus peaking and some other small enhancements and everyone knows the X-Pro S will be a much more responsive camera. Therefore, who in their right mind will buy the current X-Pro? I suspect sales of the X-Pro will free-fall given consumer expectations of the X-Pro S.

    • Dima

      Also waiting AF suitable for taking pictures of active kids :-)

      • “Therefore, who in their right mind will buy the current X-Pro?”

        I will, i have been extremely happy with the current X-Pro 1, i shoot Minolta and Konica manual lenses exclusively on my X-Pro and can use a back up for a lot less than what i had originally paid. Depending on the improvements on the X-Pro S / 2, i might buy that as well :)

  • Ryan

    I wont buy anything until the x100s features are in the xpro1s or xpro2. Put a speed booster in the mix for portraiture(85mm-135mm MF lens) and i’ll be a happy camper! Until then, ill shoot with my XE-1 and be happy. Once released the xe-1 will go to the wife.

  • Imgurian

    I know this is off topic, but is there any way to fix the mobile version of this site (or at Lear let us choose desktop mode).

    It’s impossible to read some of the replies to comments on an iPhone at least.

    Also the “contribute rumors” thing covers the text input area when typing a post. So please excuse any typos as I can’t see what I’m typing.

    • Tv


  • I am eager to see what Fuji will improve in the X-PRO2. I do love my X-E1, but I am always happy for improvements!
    And I really hope Fuji will add as many updates through firmware updates!

    I hope Fuji will not join the Canon/Nikon style of very small improvements between generations.

  • Per K

    My belief is that, Fuji X being a new system, they need to update their cameras often. Solutions are a bit immature but they need to sell to be able to further develop cameras. Pure business economy. Fuji is huge but cameras division is small.
    Looking at lenses + lens roadmap it’s not the highest number of lenses but the most intelligent considering target photographers.
    I hope and expect new versions of X-Pro and X-E during this year – anything else would be a big mistake by Fujifilm.

  • tim

    The problem with the rumor is that a dual CPU solution requires twice as much electrical power. In fact even a larger sensor would likely require more power. Where would the second battery go?

    As for Fuji, they had a bad year with digital sales, however the X system was very successful. Their stated strategy is to expand that revenue source. Therefore one must assume that the lens delay, which delays revenue, is product related rather than capacity related (as most items are in stock ATM, and discounted).

    And with the premium, high margin product being discounted and technically super-seeded by its lower priced sibling, Fuji will need to do something to restore that revenue.

    Furthermore, Fuji has competition now, standing still is not going to increase revenue. They created the market, now they have to work to stay in it. That probably means “s” style updates, which are actually fairly easy to implement. Perhaps a cheaper model (with no view finder at all) for that segment (with a foldout LCD etc). And then something more substantial in 2014.

    Sorry to say, but releasing firmware to existing owners does not bring Fuji any revenue. Expect only updates to support new lens variants, and be grateful for anything else.

    • T

      That’s not how processors work.

  • Jay

    I love how people are stating that a new release will make the current line obsolete. Not true. All it means is that the camera has a new iteration, the former will still be a capable, formidable piece of kit.
    I have been waiting for fuji to make the new X line more usable and versatile. I’m even considering funding an x100s, xpro1 successor and lenses by selling my seldom used M9. The quality of the X line is just amazing. Unfortunately the initial release seemed somewhat premature in terms of usability. I recently purchased the X20 and was pleasantly surprised at the intuitive design and wonderful image quality.

  • I was going to order an X-Pro1 but my camera store told me to hold off. They either know something or they read Patrick’s post but I listened. Rico sounds very bullish so perhaps he knows something too.
    Either way, I’m betting on something sooner rather than later for what that is worth.

  • hexx

    what would be really cool if they could take digital split-image from X100S and implement it into the OVF as an overlay

  • MonteCarlo

    On the subject of the X-Pro 1 only having been out around a year, there is one thing to consider. Yes, if an X-Pro 2 comes out soon it would be a short life span for the X-Pro 1 compared to many DSLR’s. But the thing to remember is that Fuji introduced a brand new system. In a way, the X-Pro 1 might be looked at as the test camera. Now that it has developed a good following and they see where improvement is needed, it only makes sense to come out with a follow up improved camera sooner than later to keep the momentum growing for the Fuji line. Canon, Nikon and the like don’t need to upgrade as fast because they are established in the market and have worked out the bugs. Each upgrade for them usually doesn’t involve much of an upgrade.I would love an X-Pro 2 soon even though I have only had my X-Pro 1 a few months.

  • Economist

    Don’t look at cameras as”investments”, look at them as “depreciating asset”. If you buy a $1500 camera today, it will be available for about half that two years later. Hence, the average cost of ownership during these two years is just over $30 per month. If you think that’s too expensive, just buy a two-year old camera instead.

  • Stephen

    I am thinking of buying an E-1, but read that the auto focus is slow. Did the last firmware update change that or is it still not great for moving subjects.

  • if it will be good…I switch from canon 5d II to x-pro2 :-)

    now I just received my new x100s…it’s very very nice

    for your consideration:

    I upload few test shot , high iso, no modify raw vs jpg on camera with LR 4.4 here


  • Kevin

    i would love it if fuji allowed the early x pro 1 adopters to trade in their x pro 1 + some cash to upgrade to x pro 2. :) my wishful thinking…. lol

    looks like a great camera and something i’d like to try out! but probably won’t since i already own the x pro 1.

  • D

    I actually was just dreaming about an X-M or X-L today. It’s essentially an Xpro 1 with a coupled rangefinder :D

    That would be the ultimate.

    But in the mean time, I would love focus peak in xpro1. If there is a must feature for me, that’s it.

    As far as Xpro2, if it has all of the x100s updates, that’s the pdaf, split-screen, focus peak, low shutter lag, etc. I will buy it in a heartbeat. Bit more updates would be nice, too, like a better EVF. I will just keep my current x-pro1 as a backup body if Xp2 does come out.

  • Meep

    A near term ‘S’ upgrade for the X-Pro1 and then the XE-1 shortly there after wouldn’t surprise me. Fuji needs to get the new sensor into the X-Pro and XE bodies to keep them competitive. Rapid replacement of initial models isn’t that unheard of since the initial model is often not fully baked.

    I expect the more significant ‘2’ upgrades for the X#00, X-Pro# & XE-# about a year after the S upgrades.

  • chris

    I’d like to see the x100s updates and more processing power in the Xpro2, along with a MP bump into the 20mp range — and FULL MANUAL CONTROL OF VIDEO! Do it and I’ll dump my current 5d3, Canon lenses and divorce DSLR’s forever.

    • Tv

      Now you’re talkin

  • kuishinbou

    All of these comments prove that Fuji needs to introduce the features in the X100s into the x-pro 1/x-e1 soon. With so many people, myself included, talking about replacing their Canon/ Nikon gear with one once they introduce it, it is a no brainer for them to do it now. If they wait, they may miss the opportunity.

  • Sounds great! BUT, just hope they get their act together and make it smaller, because the X-pro1 is just OBESE! Thats the only reason I went with one more generation of Nikon Dslr gear.. Why make an obese rangefinder with small aps-c sensor?

    • Tv

      I think the pro1 is about the right size and perfectly shaped. It certainly isn’t obese unless you really want a canon s100.

      • Photographer

        It is a lot larger than competing cameras with the same sized sensor (Samsung and Sony Nex cameras). However, for true portability, the availability of compact “pancake” lenses is at least as important as a compact body.

    • Hi Danonino, if you want the full OVF that the XP1 offers then you need a bigger body than the XE1. The X100 is able to be smaller because it’s fixed lens, and a smaller sensor, and consquently the processor board is smaller, too.

      If you want a compact camera, then there are products that will suit you fine, but the XP1 is aimed at another market. It’s for the customers to find the camera that suits their individual needs, and Fuji have provided several smaller bodies for people whose needs run to smaller bodies, and one that is big for those requiring a bigger body.

      We all buy the model that best suits our needs. If Fuji were to make the XP1 smaller it would no longer suit the end users it was aimed at, and those who like it as it is would not be happy :)


  • Tv

    Is this a record for the most comments for a post on this site?

  • Petrick Lim

    While dual processor might help a lot on its functionality. I’m hoping that Fuji will increase the megapixel to 20 or more..

    • Hi Petrick,

      Why 20MB?

      I exhibit regularly here in Italy. 90% of my exhibits are printed to approximately A2, and 10% at A0, which is ENORMOUS, and they print fine.

      Bear in mind I do not shoot raw, I shoot JPEG Black & White (I don’t convert afterwards) and the photos are printed as they come out the camera, with no post processing apart from a tiny bit of contrast adjustment if needed.

      My EOS 7D photos, when enlarged to A0, are terrible, but the X-Pro 1 JPEGs straight out the camera are perfect.

      I think the extra processing power will be better used in the EVF. I’m not worried about autofocus speeds as I don’t use Fuji lenses at all, only manual M-mount lenses.

      Really, if you’re not planning on printing bigger than A0, there’s no need for more MBs from the sensor.


  • deng

    When asked about the imminent X-E1 replacement the manager said:


  • JimB

    I think the frequent updates are because Fuji started from nearly nothing when they introduced the X-100. As the product line matures, the updated products will slow down. In another year or so, Fuji will have surpassed the micro 4/3 companies and will be able to focus more on lenses and accessories development. Fuji is doing things right, but they have to penetrate several targeted markets before they can rest. The new guy on the block has to make a real impression before he gains acceptance. I think they can do well with an extended zoom for us wildlife guys. Keep the high aperture, but get us closer to our subjects, say 90-360mm. This would give a 550mm zoom in 35mm equivalence when it is needed. Then I could also benefit from the size and weight reduction of the APS-C mirror-less camera now that I own an X-e1.

  • ThomasT

    If they can’t get the color better, even better than the X100S, (that only getting Causcasian faces right, not landscape), then I’ll stick with my Fuji 175MP FF sensor, that has perfect microcontrast, sharpness, saturation, dynamic range, ISO, light Temp., and needs no PP. It’s .known as Velvia 50 sensor..

  • Oliburt

    Please!!!! Get this new camera to focus properly and fast, AT LEAST in manual focus.

    I have upgraded the firmware last night to 2.03 but it’s still (although better) slow and noisy, I was really hoping the camera could focus manually the way any SLR or DSLR does but it’s not the case.

    I like this camera but I get frustrated every time I need to focus fast, in fact every time I tried I failed and now use a 5D iii in manual especially when shooting in low light at concerts, weddings, etc.

    The EVF is a bit small to tell if you in focus or not as well.

    An optional rangefinder split screen focusing style would be good too.


  • Jesper

    Relax. Some of the best and most moving photos in the world have been shot with equipment far inferior to Xpro-1. Concentrate on sharpening your skills, not on spending your money

    • Jonna

      Hi Jesper
      You said it. The camera is just a tool in the photographic prosess. If you eyes can’t see it you will never get satisfied with whatever camera you use.

    • Jonna

      Hi Jesper
      You said it. The camera is just a tool in the photographic prosess. If you eyes can’t see it you will never get satisfied with whatever camera you use.

  • moon

    I would have purchased an XP2 as soon as it were released. But the X100s has a very worrying development which is that the shadow DR is curtailed. It was the marvellous OOC DR of the XP1 which had me go to this system in the first place. No need to mess about in Lightroom for hours.

    I’ll have to await the reviews.

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