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RUMOR UPDATE: X-PRO2 coming late 2013 early 2014


I promised you that I’d come back as soon as trusted sources told me more, so here I am.

According to these sources, that were right in the past, Fuji won’t launch the X-PRO2 before late 2013 early 2014. So now I can exclude with certainity that, as rumored first in this Nippon Magazin, the X-PRO2 will be available in June.

So, still time to give Fuji some advice about how we’d like the X-PRO2 to be. Just write your wish list in the comments. I got some suggestions via email.

1) flip screen
2) wifi
3) touch screen
4) Allow customisation of the Q menu
5) focus peaking (where you can choose colour)
6) environmental sealing (from the comments. keep up your suggestions)

Some of these suggestions (for the X100S) can be found over here at

Feel free to extend this hardware and software improvements-list for the future X-PRO2 in the comments.