RUMOR: April 17! announcement of a zoom lens (the 55-200?) and lens roadmap update


 photo fuji_x_lens_roadmap_zpsd0d75951.jpg

What’s special about April 17? It’s my birthday, exactly! Oh, and Fuji will announce a zoom lens (probably the 55-200mm)… Fuji will also update the lens-roadmap! So don’t forget to read Fujirumors on April 17.

That’s it!


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  • Martin

    I’m eagerly awaiting the 23/1.4!

    • Some bloke

      Agreed. The 35mm (approx) equivalent focal length is better than (approx) 50mm focal length the current 35mm gives me (IMHO).

      Also waiting for the 56 1.4 as I love the 35mm + 85mm (equivalent) combo for dual prime shooting.

      • Jay

        Exactly the lenses I’m waiting for too!

    • +1

      It’s one of the reasons I went for the x100s instead of the XP1.

  • Tailwagger

    So does release mean ship or allow retailers to start taking orders? Neither BH nor Amazon have a hint of being able to order this lens yet.

    • Valentino

      I think, if this rumor is indeed true, that on the 17th Fuji will officially announce the release of the telezoom. After that we would see placed on B&H, Amazon…. Shipping might not actually take place until around May. At least that is my guess

    • patrick

      It will be announced… changed it now to avoid any possible confusion.

  • David

    Any idea on cost £ ??

  • chris

    I bet the 55-200 comes in around $1,200. I really wish Fuji would speed up the 23/1.4 instead of trying to tempt me into getting a X100s, cause I’m not going to bite. I will order the 55-200 as soon as available, same goes for the 10-24, 23/1.4 and 56/1.4 – those combined with my 18-55 and 35/1.4 make a perfect all around kit with 6 lenses covering a FF FOV of 15-300mm and easily fitting in a small messenger bag with a multitude of filters and accessories.

    I keep saying it, release the Xpro2/Xpro1s or whatever with the X100s updates, the rumored dual processor to speed write times/improve the buffer and please enable full manual control of video so I can get those fabulous Fuji colors with proper exposure — I’ll buy two and shoot professionally with Fuji while dumping my 5d3 forever.

    • chris

      Also, hopefully the revised roadmap doesn’t push back any of the 2013 lenses. 5 high quality lenses in one year is pretty ambitious, Nex has been around for 3 years and there are still only a couple really good lenses, the 10-18 and the 24/1.8 (which isn’t that great, my new Sigma 35/1.4 is better and $100 cheaper), the rest are just ok (35/1.8, 50/1.8) or rubbish (all of the zooms, pancakes and that goofy macro).

    • kuishinbou

      I agree ~ they are taking too long with the release of the 23mm f/1.4 and the updates to the X-Pro1 and X-E1, which are just a marketing strategy to get people to bite on the X100s. I am not going to buy one either, because an interchangeable lens camera with fast primes is always going to be better. And, if they take too long with this silly marketing strategy, I may pass on the X-Series all together, as by that time there may be better choices. If they wait till late 2013/early 2014 to upgrade those cameras, they better come with something far more exceptional than the X100s (at least APS-H sized sensor, assuming that could be used with the current lenses, a much improved OVF/EVF, much improved low-light AF performance, focus peaking, in-camera TIFF, minimum shutter speed settings in auto ISO, etc), as they could easily provide us with the features in the X100s now. No need for wifi and tilt screens ~ just an efficient, accurate, professional quality camera!

  • 14mm, 23mm and 56mm thats my trinity. Selling the kit and the 35mm.

  • kuishinbou

    It will be another year until this system matures and has a full lens lineup. Perhaps by then there will be an APS-H or larger sensor x-series camera with interchangeable lenses. Once the system matures, it will most definitely be a fantastic option. But, until then, I am done with following it, as I have been too hopeful for too long for an efficient and accurate x-series camera to replace my DSLR. That won’t happen until at least next year, so it is time to stop wishing…I definitely admire Fuji for its innovation and achievements so far…hopefully they continue along this path and create some groundbreaking cameras…

    • I’ll bite

      There will not be an APS-H system from Fuji. It only brings marginal gains compared to APS-C, but most lenses designed for APS-C would not be compatible, and third party manufacturers will not want to design lenses for such an exotic system. Also, if your concern really is “maturity”, why do you ask for an altogether new system?

  • chris

    Its not quite a full DSLR replacement yet, but with that roadmap it will be – and the lens options will be far better than Nex or M43, both of which lack fast AF primes and zooms. Right now the 18-55 and 35/1.4 are so much better than the other compact equilvalents – I spent some time with the Nex7 and the EM5 before settling on the Xpro1 as my “b” camera to my 5d3 and my small always with me kit. I’m holding off on the amazing 14mm until the 10-24 is out, as I’d like something a little wider.

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