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Fuji X-Day July 7 :: Not Only Fujifilm X-T2 :: Recap of What Will be Announced (and What Will Not Come)


Live Blogging FR

July 7
Fujifilm launches Worldwide Exclusive VIP Events (USAEUJAPAN)
And for the mere mortals X-shooters like you and me, who’ll never get an invitation from Fuji? You can follow the Live-Blogging-Event here on FujiRumors!

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Hm.. let me see… 420 articles shared only in 2016. And 121 of these 420 were rumors. And reading the comments and emails, I have the feeling that some got quite confused in the huge News/Rumors stream on FR. So here are two things I should do

  1. Invite you to follow FR also on social medias (Facebook, RSS-feed and Twitter) and subscribe to the FR-newsletter (box below), where you’ll get a weekly summary of the most important news/rumors
  2. Make a short summary for those, who are confused right now, about what we will see (or not) on July 7

To be announced July 7

What will NOT come July 7

  • I haven’t heard of a silver X-T2 to be launched along with the black X-T2. It’s a possibility, but I’d not be too optimistic about that
  • No 23mmF2 annoucement (I’m sorry to destroy many dreams out there, but you can stop hoping. Here is the announcement date)
  • XF120mm will be removed from Lens Roadmap (post here and here). So forget an XF120 ever coming.
  • No 33mmF1.0, 200mmF2, 8-16mm and 8mm in the New Roadmap (post here)
  • On request of reader emails: No, I haven’t heard of any camera remote APP update coming on July 7

That’s more or less it. Of course I’m FujiRumors, not Fujifacts, so it might be possible that there will be surprises. Or that I’m not 100% accurate with something. We will see soon.

All I know is that I did my best and squeezed all the energies out of me (and more). But it was (and still is) one of the most exciting times I’ve ever had on FujiRumors! :-)

stay tuned,
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