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VIDEO TEST: Fujifilm X-T4 and GFX100 New Firmware Fixes Auto Exposure Stepping Bug


Just very recently, Fujifilm has released a bug fix firmware for the Fujifilm X-T4 ver. 1.03 and Fujifilm GFX ver. 2.01.

All Fujifilm mentioned was a vague:

Fix of a minor bug during a movie shooting.

Well, FujiRumors could not be happy with such a vague definition ;).

So I decided to try to find out what’s behind it, and despite being on my very last days of holiday in South Italy with my wife, I made quick testings and immediacy reported about my findings in this dedicated article.

My findings in short: exposure change is now smoother (not stepping like before), except in high speed modes (like 120 or 240 fps).

Now, I have no time to make a video and edit it, as I am mainly writing from a beach with a beer/seafood pasta/ice cream/etc. in my hand , but luckily other fellow Fujifilm shooters do :).

So, you can find a video made by Andrei, that shows the difference between Fujifilm X-T4 firmware 1.02 and 1.03. He says:

  • Exposure changes a lot better than before, it’s not changing in steps anymore
  • he is happy that Fujifilm works on fixing the small problems the X-T4 has, because it is an amazing camera
  • he shot some clips in 24fps, some in 30fps and slowed down at 24fps in post to see exposure change better
  • he also shot at 60fps and higher frame rates, but at those frame rates it still does not work smooth [admin note: in my quick testings, I see the stepping still clearly at 100 fps and above]
  • at 60fps he shows how the exposure still works in steps, but in my eyes (fujirumors), it is actually smooth, then only shortly stops for moment, and then continues to go down smoothly. Much better than before, where you saw fast and hard steps. Maybe a further firmware down the road will also take away that very last pause at 60fps and higher frame rates
  • he says the exposure still clips when you zoom in and out
  • a good improvement for people who are vlogging
  • he hopes next comes face/eye detection improvement and addition of 4:2:2 internal

Well, happy to see Fujifilm finally addressing this issue.

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