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To switch or not to switch? LAST super-X-deals day. Save up to $1,125 (and persuade Chelsey ;-))!



To switch or not to switch? That is the question Chelsey Wood struggles with… and many others out there too (read the comments in the last X-deal post here). The dilemma is the following: X-E1 and lenses or [shoplink 16816 ebay]GX7[/shoplink] and lenses? Chelsey is gravitating towards the [shoplink 16816 ebay]GX7[/shoplink] but said that you still have some hours to persuade otherwise :). So if you think Chelsey should not miss this occasion, feel free to share your reasons in the comments.

And what if Fuji releases the X-E2? lettherebelight said in the last post: “You can always sell the body but the deal on the lenses is awesome. You would probably come out even if you bought say an X-E1 kit with 18-55 and added a 35 f1.4 at the current discount then sold the body later and upgraded to the X-E1s/2 or X-Pro2 body.”

Or as Mike said: “Wow, that’s a great deal. Worth buying now and putting those lenses away to use with the X-Pro 2 next year!”