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“I can tell you… the future of the X-series looks very exciting” (Bert Stefani after his visit in Tokyo)


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Bert Stefani was part of the fellowship of the X-photographers selected by Fujifilm and invited to Tokyo in order to present them their own suggestions to make the X-series even better and more complete. They continue to share their experience on their blogs.

So, after Kevin Mullins (article here) now also Bert Stefani wrote about how the company listens to the feedback of customers to improve the X-system and he gives an insight of what’s going on behind the scenes. Read Bert’s blog post here.

“[…] What struck me most is that the technical part doesn’t seem the starting point in the development process. It’s not about: “let’s produce a sensor with as much pixels as possible”. Instead they start from what kind of colors, contrast and “feel” people like in pictures. And only then they start looking for a technical way to capture that. A fine example of this philosophy is the fact that one of the main guys in sensor development has been involved in the development of some of the iconic films that Fujifilm produced like Velvia, Astia and Pro. He moved from chemicals to microchips but his job is still the same: making sure the image is pleasing, has character and the right “feel” […].

We were presented with the question: “Which five lenses should we design next?”. This triggered a lengthy discussion. […]

Throughout our visit, we were given the chance to give feedback on top-secret prototypes in various stages of development, from early ideas to almost production ready products. We didn’t have to sign any NDAs or contracts but I’ll leave the honor of announcing new products to the people who design them with so much passion (so dear rumor sites, there’s no reason to keep e-mailing me). But I can tell you is that the future of the X-series looks very exciting. […]”

Now it’s our turn. As we’ll never be that lucky to be invited by Fujifilm to Tokyo, Fujirumors could be the place where you can raise your voice and let all your wishes arrive to the Fuji headquarters.

Feel free to give your own answer to the question at which five lenses should Fuji design next? Or what would be your dream camera? What should the next firmware bring?… the debate is open in the comments! And I know that someone in Tokyo will read it.


P.S.: now lemme see if I can dig up something about the exiting X-series future for you  ;)

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