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Last 3 X-deals days: save up to $1,150 on the X-PRO1 or X-E1 and 5 XF lenses


 photo X-E2_zps417cfb55.png

AmazonUS: Fuji X-E1 / Fuji X-PRO1BHphoto: Fuji X-E1 / Fuji X-PRO1Pictureline: Fuji X-E1 / Fuji X-PRO1 Adorama: Fuji X-E1 / Fuji X-PRO1

These are the last Fuji-X-deals days. The amount of savings depends on how many XF lenses you bundle with the X-PRO1/X-E1 body. You can save for instance $1,150 if you buy the X-E1 with the 18-55 kit lens and then add the 4 primes. You’ll pay $2,645 (purchasing all this gear separately would normally cost you $3,795).

It seems that the (still unconfirmed) rumors about the X-E2 do not influence the sales of the X-E1. In the AmazonUS CSC ranking the camera is stable in the top 20 and right now 15th. As Mike said in the comments: “Wow, that’s a great deal. Worth buying now and putting those lenses away to use with the X-Pro 2 next year!”… and then sell your X-E1 or use it as a backup camera.

Also the X-A1 is in the top 20, but behind the X-M1.


X-A1 with XC 16-50USA: AmazonUS: blackblue /BHphoto: blackblue / Adorama: blackblue / Pictureline: blackblue / EUROPE: AmazonUK: black – blue – red (via DR)

XC 50-230 : USA: AmazonUS: blacksilver / BHphoto: blacksilver / Adorama: blacksilver / EUROPE: AmazonUK: black – silver (via DR)

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