Tips for Updating your Firmware


by Rico Pfirstinger

While this column is officially due on Fridays, Fuji has a habit of issuing firmware updates (and press releases etc.) on a Thursday. And so they did today, releasing firmware updates for the X-Pro1, the X-E1 and the XF35mmF1.4 R – with a delay of two weeks due to a last minute bug fix regarding the XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS “kit zoom” lens. So I thought this may be a good opportunity to write up some tips regarding firmware updates and release it here ahead of time as well. Here we go!

What’s my current firmware status?

You can determine the status of the firmware in your X-series camera (and whichever lens you have attached at the time if it’s an X-Mount camera) by holding down the DISP/BACK button while turning the camera on.

Where do I find new firmware versions?

By following websites like Fujirumors, you can find out if there is a newer firmware version than what is currently installed on your camera. You can then download the new firmware updates directly from FUJIFILM using this link.

But… I can’t see it there?!

If you don’t see the new firmware listed on the global FUJIFILM firmware update site, there’s a good chance your browser or Internet provider has still cached an older version of that webpage. In this case, just delete your browser cache or force your browser to reload and refresh the page by, for example, holding the Alt or Option key while clicking on Reload.

My camera doesn’t recognize the firmware files!

When you download a new camera or lens firmware update to your computer, make sure you do NOT have previous firmware update downloads either for the X-Pro1, X-E1, other Fujifilm cameras or any XF lenses sitting in your PC’s download destination folder. File naming conflicts may cause your computer to save the new file under a different name (like FPUPDATE-01.DAT instead of FPUPDATE.DAT), which your camera won’t recognize and won’t be able to install.

Currently, firmware files for cameras are named FPUPDATE.DAT for the X-Pro1 and FWUP0001.DAT for the X-E1. Updates for lenses are named XFUP00xx.DAT, with xx being a number signifying a specific XF lens. For example, updates for the XF35mmF1.4 R always bear the filename XFUP0002.DAT. Do NOT ever change these filenames!

Follow these steps when updating your firmware:

  1. Locate the latest firmware for your camera or your specific lens on the FUJIFILM website and download it to your personal computer. Unzip the file if necessary and then double-check that your computer hasn’t given the downloaded file a name different from the filenames mentioned above.
  2. Make sure that you have a fully charged battery in your camera.
  3. Connect an SD memory card to your computer. The card must have been formatted in your camera (SETUP MENU > FORMAT). If your computer has an integrated card reader, use it; otherwise you will need an external card reader.
  4. Copy the FPUPDATE.DAT (X-Pro1) or FWUP0001.DAT (X-E1) or XFUP00xx.DAT file (when you’re updating a specific lens) to the top directory level of the SD card.
  5. Disconnect the SD card from your computer (using your operating system to properly unmount it first). Make sure your camera is turned off, and insert the card into the appropriate port on your camera.
  6. If you are updating a specific lens, make sure this lens is now affixed to the camera. However, if you are updating the camera body, make sure NO lens is attached to the camera while doing so.
  7. Turn your camera on while holding down the DISP/BACK button.
  8. Follow the directions on the LCD monitor and do not interrupt the update process. Do not turn the camera off before you receive confirmation that the process has completed!

The updating process can take several minutes, so it is important that your battery is fully charged. You wouldn’t want your camera to shut down during the update because if it did, you might need to have a professional service your camera.

Lenses and camera bodies must often be updated together. If you attach an updated lens to a camera body that has not yet been updated, the camera will detect this after you turn it on by indicating that a firmware update for the camera body is needed. Conversely, the camera will also indicate that a lens firmware update is needed if you attach a lens that hasn’t been updated to a camera body with a newer firmware version.

Anything else?

Today, the CP+ show did kick-off in Japan. Watch out for news regarding Fuji’s XF lens lineup! Oh, and if you use a X-Pro1 or X-E1 and haven’t already done so: consider getting a copy of my book “Mastering the FUJIFILM X-Pro1” (Kindle Edition) (Apple iBook Store) (German version).

For your convenience, here’s a TOC with links to my previous X-PERT CORNER articles:

Rico Pfirstinger studied communications and has been working as journalist, publicist, and photographer since the mid-80s. He has written a number of books on topics as diverse as Adobe PageMaker and sled dogs, and produced a beautiful book of photographs titled Huskies in Action (German version). He has spent time working as the head of a department with the German Burda-Publishing Company and served as chief editor for a winter sports website. After eight years as a freelance film critic and entertainment writer in Los Angeles, Rico now lives in Germany and devotes his time to digital photography and compact camera systems. His book “Mastering the FUJIFILM X-Pro1” (Kindle Edition) (Apple iBook Store) (German version) is available on Amazon and offers a plethora of tips, secrets and background information on successfully using Fuji’s X-Pro1 and X-E1 system cameras, lenses and key accessories.

  • Extremely helpful, thank you.

  • Thank you! I installed both camera and lens updates (Xpro1 and 35mm) and after a very fast test I noticed that :

    – focusing is very noisy with optical view (!) now (seems not noisy with Electronic view) and I have the impression that also shutter is noiser now

    – focusing is surely slower with optical view, but looks faster with electronical view.

    So, thoses updates seem to improve only electronical view meanwhile optical view is now worst. Is it a good thing ?

    • I have tested this 30 times in the Older firmware. It is indeed slower and noisier focusing while using the OVF. Focusing using the EVF is significantly faster and quieter than the OVF.

      Upon updating the Latest firmware. Testing it for 30 times and comparing it to the Old firmware. Using the OVF, there is the same noise but there is about 0.3 secs faster focusing. While using the EVF, it has almost the same speed and same noise (almost silent).

  • Perry

    We all must be trying to download at once. With a very fast internet connection that 36.5 mb file is taking forever to download.

  • ben

    Hi Rico ! Thank you for your tips !
    I notice that there is a difference of price between kindel and appstore version of Mastering the FUJIFILM X-Pro1…. are there differences inside book ?

    • I think the iBook looked nicer, but no difference in content.

      • GrauUhu

        Rico, I pre ordered Mastering the X-Pro 1 from Amazon (UK) at £19.54. It arrived to-day, with the price reduced to £4.83, a saving of £4.83. So I bought the Kindle version as well, making me very pleased indeed. Well worth the money.

  • Trev

    Thanks for the advice, I have followed instructions to the letter with respect to updating the XE1 to ver 1.04 but when trying to upload onto my camera it tells me the firmware already exists even though it says 1.01 on camera. I am downloading to desktop and using the file that appears. Any thoughts about what I am doing wrong?

    • You have probably “downloaded” older firmware files from your browser cache.

  • david Holliday

    I have the right number and firmware in my SD card but it starts the process and says it is broken . This is the X-E1 .

    Also it comes on 3 formats word, windows and adobe,

  • Adrian

    Rico, please don’t tease us with references to new lenses if there aren’t going to be any announced…thanks to your article I’m expecting at least one announcement :)

  • alessandro

    updated X-E1 Firmware 1.04 with 18 mm in low light is very fast
    Well done Fuji

  • chrome_81x

    hope that the next FW update will let us to rename the custom setting (eg landscape, B&W, potrait, street) rather than CUSTOM 1, CUSTOM 2, CUSTOM 3 – CUSTOM 7. Sometimes, I cant remember those settings when on field.

    • you’re right it’s something that becomes quite useless in the field, I have always been bothered by the first day

  • Tim

    I was curious, so I upgraded both lens and body without removing the lens. Like always, the only problem encountered was getting the right FW image on the SD card.

  • Hanseberhardt

    Always read your terrific X-pert articles re the X E-1 camera.
    Thanks Rico!
    PS Have ordered your book some time ago, but Amazon hasn’t delivered this yet.

  • Upgraded x-E1 camera body from 1.01 to 1.04. But when i try to upgrade. the 35mm lens, the camera tells me the upgrade not found.
    The firmware version on my 35mm is currently 1.01. Is that the latest?

  • Nevermind. It was a cache problem. Had to check the downloads file in the hard drive and found it had renamed the file with a number. Once i trashed the previous firmware downloads, it worked like a charm.

  • leonida

    Dopo l’aggiornamento del corpo macchina e del 35 mm, bisogna cancellare i due files dalla Sim?
    Grazie per una cortese risposta

  • I really like what you guys tend to be up too.
    Such clever work and coverage! Keep up the very good works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll.

  • mujahidamar

    I accidently updated body (XPRO1) firmware with lens attached (14mm f/2.8). Now the lens cannot Autofocus. How to resolve?

  • Per Ulrik

    I have just upgraded my X100 with SW v.2.0, but can’t set ISO for ISO Auto Control. I have set ISO -> ISO Auto Control –> ON and then Again selected ISO Auto Control where the choice is fixed ISO or ISO Auto Control. Do I have missed some conditions or do I face a SW bug?

  • Hi Rico, need an advice please. I updated my X-PRO1’s firmware to the 3.10 , however forgot to take out the lens when I did it. Not sure if that is the cause but the menu selector key doesn’t opera te to the left. (what prevents me to even access the system menu and reset the camera ). When I check my firmware status (pressing and golding back key while switching power on) it only shows me the body version. (3.10) Why doesn’t it show the lens status? Can I reinstall the lens update ? And even the body one, this time taking out the lens? Thanks in advance.

  • Frank

    Is it necessary to download and install updates in sequence? For instant since I have never updated the firmware since I have my Ex 1 makes it since just to update with just the latest one?
    Thank you in advance and for teaching and letting me know!

    • Guest

      I have the same issue. Have the 2.10 version on my X-E1, Can I upgrade to 2.0 straight? Txs.

    • Ricardo Bohorquez

      I have the same issue on my X-E1. Can I upgrade from 2.0 to 2.4? Can´t find older versions of the firmware.

  • loganjack

    Hi Rico, I need some advice please on the following problem, when I try to update my Fujinon XF18-55mm f/2.8-4 R LM OIS from firmware version 3.10 to version 3.11, when I view the download file on my PC, the letters and numbers of the file seem to be corrupt. A friend has tried on another PC which has resulted in the same problem. When I download from “Canon” I have no problem. Any ideas please. Thank you, regards Alun

  • Robert Jensen

    If I have version 1.0 on my Fuji X-T1, do I have to update it to 1.1 before I can actually load the new 3.0, or can I go straight from 1.0 to 3.0?

  • Leif Eliasson

    I just updated my Xpro-1 with The New firmware. After that Im not able to switch to OVF mode. Anyone any Idea what went wrong ang how to solve it?

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