Fujifilm X100VI Starts Shipping + Did You Preorder Multiple X100VI Cameras but Plan to Keep Only the Fastest-Shipped One? (POLL)

Fujifilm X100VI is Shipping

The Fujifilm X100VI has started shipping all over the world, so that right for February 28 it will be in your hands. This is reported now by many members of our vast X100 users facebook group.

And look, preorders for the X100VI are incredibly high, leading many, myself included, to doubt the prompt fulfilment of all orders.

But there is still hope :).

Among the 5 reasons I’ve listed in the article above, there is one, that I would like to investigate closer today.

I am quite sure that many placed X100VI preorders at multiple stores, intending to keep the fastest-shipped one and cancel the rest. This could lead to a notable reduction in waiting lists once the initial batch is dispatched

And to investigate this, I’m launching this survey (which is 100% anonymous, so just drop your honest answer). If you’ve preordered X100VI from multiple stores but plan to keep only the fastest-shipped one, let us know.

If indeed many placed multiple orders, don’t lose hope if stores indicate a prolonged wait for the X100VI. The waiting list could considerably shorten once the initial batches are released.

Regarding my X100VI pre-order...

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The Popularity is Insane

Despite the potential for numerous multiple orders, it remains undeniable that the Fujifilm X100VI holds the record as Fujifilm’s most successful camera in terms of preorders, surpassing all previous models by a significant margin. It likely outshines cameras from all brands over the past 15 years in the realm of preorders as well.

Now Fujifilm has it: the true mainstream camera, that will make Fujifilm popular in the entire world as the maker of excellent modern digital cameras. And I strongly believe also their interchangeable systems will profit from this immense new gained popularity. Because, as Fujifilm has openly stated on multiple occasions, the Fujifilm X100 series also serves as the gateway camera to the X system.

Anyways, I hope you are among the lucky ones who’ll get yours shipped quickly… and I wish you lots of fun with your beautiful X100VI camera!

This Guy Turned his Fujifilm X100V into a Limited Edition X100VI using Stickers

Here is a little weekend curiosity.

At the recent X Summit Fujifilm announced the limited edition Fujifilm X100VI. Fujifilm also has a dedicated page for it here.

The limited edition X100VI camera body is engraved with the corporate brand logo from Fujifilm’s founding in 1934, along with a unique serial number. And only a limited number of 1934 samples is made wordwide.

Well, now a guy over at the Chinese Weibo platform has crafted stickers to transform his X100V into a budget-friendly imitation of the limited edition X100VI.

I am not sure if he plans to sell those stickers, or if it is only for his personal use.

Regardless, I anticipate it won’t be long before a similar sticker finds its way to the market. So, if you happen to acquire a second-hand limited edition X100VI online, exercise caution to ensure it’s not a low-quality sticker imitation. Be certain to receive all the accompanying perks, including a special box containing a unique strap, soft release button, and history cards.

Speaking of buying the limited edition X100VI, as far as I know, it is still not available for sale anywhere and you’ll have to go through Fujifilm to get it. Contact your local Fujifilm support and ask them how it works in your country, because it’s likely that different countries will handle it differently.

via asobinet via Weibo

5 Signs Sparking Hope for Fujifilm X100VI Shipping Smoother than You’d Think

Italian Fujifilm distributors Foto Luce is ready to ship out X100VI
Italian Fujifilm distributors Foto Luce is ready to ship out X100VI

In the history of FujiRumors, this will probably go down as the one article that contained the most inaccurate prediction of the history of forecasting.

But with all the talk of crazy preorders for the Fujifilm X100VI, warnings of epic shipping delays, and worries that the only way to snag one in a reasonable time is to soon buy it highly overpriced on eBay from scalpers, I decided to inject a glimmer of optimism within these challenging and difficult circumstances.

And yes, I am well aware that this injection of positivity might sound more like a refusal to accept reality.

And yet, let’s hunt for a bit of hope in the unpredictable journey of X100VI deliveries.

So here are some signs that maybe it won’t be as catastrophic when it comes to X100VI shipping.

1) Where is Fuji’s apology?

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Fujifilm X100VI Cut in Half (vs X100V) and IBIS Unit Size Compared

I thought it could be a nice curiosity to share a side by side inside look at the Fujifilm X100VI vs X100V, as you can see from the image shared in this article and spotted at the Japanese website dc.watch.

It’s interesting to see how Fujifilm was able to squeeze a completely newly designed IBIS unit into the small camera body of the Fujifilm X100VI.

And now you can also see why the tripod mount had to move a little bit forwards: it had to make space for the IBIS unit.

Speaking of IBIS unit, you can she size of it compared to older IBIS unit here, which was shared as a part of the summary for the X100VI development story by the Japanese website dclife.

The X100VI Madness Continues: Half a Million Preorders Reported – in China Only! – UPDATED

I don’t know if I should call the reports coming from China “good” or “concerning”.

Because the Chinese Weibo account Camerabeta reports that pre-orders for the Fujifilm X100VI in China have exceeded 480,000 [Updated: some point out that these are entires for the X100VI lottery, but the post of Camerabeta speaks of “orders”]!

And other reports speak of 580,000 preorders in China, as reported by the Japanese website asobinet here. This aligns somewhat with the observation made by joedidder in the comments here, indicating that there are accounts of 349,000 individuals attempting to pre-order the X100V from a single website in China during its launch. UPDATED: Asobinet reports that the number are not pre orders, but they are entries into a lottery to purchase the camera with no commitment other than creating an account to join the lottery. And also joedidder corrected his report and said it was for the lottery. Camerabeta instead says 480,000 are solid pre-orders (I don’t know where he gets this number from).

We remind you that the yearly production capacity for the X100VI is of 180,000 units (15,000 per month).

This leaves me conflicted about whether to categorize this as “positive” or “concerning” news.

I mean, for Fujifilm it’s certainly a luxury problem to have. But, if reports from China are accurate, it could imply an extended wait for customers before their X100VI cameras are shipped.

And also, chances would be very high at this point to revive the same absurd situation, where the only way to get our hands on a new or used X100VI would be to highly overpay for it.

I hope Fujifilm has made tons of X100VI ahead of launch, so that they can ship out pre-orders in a reasonable time.

via Camerabeta

Fujifilm at work to match the gigantic demand for Fujifilm X100VI