Fujifilm X100VI Officially Recommended Accessories

I got a couple of questions on accessories for the Fujifilm X100VI.

Now, down below I will share the list of officially Fujifilm recommended accessories for Fujifilm X100VI.

Of course there are lots of third party accessories, and in most cases accessories for X100V will also fit X100VI. For example:

But for the purpose of this article we stick with what Fujifilm officially recommends and is also on the official compatibility list.

Officially Recommended X100VI Accessories

Lens accessories

Camera Case


Power supply

Body accessories

Supported memory card

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Fujifilm X100VI Silver beats Black (on FujiRumors)

Just a curiosity.

Before the announcement of the X100VI, I asked you guys which colors you prefer for the Fujifilm X100VI: black or silver!

The result was basically a head to head race between black and silver.

But what did most of you guys really go for at the end?

Well, BHphoto marks the silver Fujifilm X100VI as #1 seller and the black X100VI as Top Seller.

So I have looked up the affiliate pre-orders you guys placed at BHphoto, and, at least here on FujiRumors, so far 58% of you went for the silver X100VI and 42%for the black X100VI. (and btw… thanks to everyone who decided to support FujiRumors by using our affiliate links).

Interestingly, WexPhotoVideo in UK contacted me and told me that in terms of FR-sales, the black version prevails with 61% over the 39% for the silver version.

Both cameras and colors are wonderful, so there is definitely no right or wrong choice. I guess the choice is between a bit more vintage touch (silver) and a bit more elegance and stealth (black).

Fujifilm X100VI Manufacturing Production Started (at Least) Back in November – 60K to 90K Units Produced Before Launch?

Fujifilm X100VI Production

Fujifilm told us that they are making 15,000 Fujifilm X100VI units a month.

But given the astronomical preorders for the Fujifilm X100VI, many were wondering if that would be enough to avoid the same shipping disaster we experienced with the X100V.

And we told you in past articles that this also depends on:

  1. how many people preordered at several stores but intend to keep only the fastest-shipping X100VI order and cancel the other orders
  2. how many units Fujifilm has produced ahead of launch

We investigated the first point in a dedicated survey and so far we can see that 14% of people placed multiple orders. So once the first 2-3 batches are shipped, we can expect a sensible reduction of preorders due to the influx of cancellations.

As far as how well Fujifilm prepared for the X100VI launch, yesterday I followed the live stream of German photographer Thomas B Jones (if you are German make sure to follow his YouTube channel).

During the live stream he told us that he was testing a “final hardware production X100VI” since November 2023, and that Fujifilm is basically producing X100VI’s at full power since a couple of months already.

So at this point we can assume that Fujifilm is manufacturing 15,000 Fujifilm X100VI units per month since at least November, which would mean a total of about 60,000 units were made before the X100VI announcement in February.

However, I’d not be surprised if Fujifilm would be making those since even longer.

In fact, I was contacted by the former “head of the production engineering department” (for another company) with an extremely detailed overview on how these things work.

He told me that they generally started to produce the goods 4 – 6 months before they shipped out to the retail stores, because (for the products he made) usually 80% of the annual sales were made within the first 3 – 4 months of a new product introduction.

The email he wrote me was very detailed and insightful (thanks). If anyone wants to take a look behind the scenes and how such things are organized, I share it as PDF here (I kept the person anonymous, but if you want I can add you in the file and link to your accounts… let me know via rumor box in case).

Anyway, back to the X100VI.

Based on everything we said above, we can assume that Fujifilm has so far produced anything between 60,000 and 90,000 units.

Now that would be enough for pretty much any digital camera in the last 15 years. But we are talking Fujifilm X100VI, the most successful digital camera the photography industry has seen in decades. So this might not be sufficient to match the initial demand.

But it is a solid starting point which makes hope that at least those, who ordered in the first 1 to 3 days won’t have to wait that long to get their camera shipped.

And ignore that China numbers for the reasons we explained here.

Fujifilm is aware that the true success of the X100VI is intricately tied to the number of units dispatched. And I am sure delivering X100VI’s as quickly as possible will be their Nr.1 priority for 2024.

Fujifilm X100VI Owners Manual Available Now

The Fujifilm X100VI Owners manual is now available in html here and PDF here (full manual visible to scroll below)