How I Learned To LOVE The Fujifilm X-Trans Sensor and Get the Most Out of It… and I Can’t Believe it’s Not Film [ X-Trans Roundup ]

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X-Trans Roundup

In our photographic journey, we start, we struggle, we learn, we advance, we re-consider, we get frustrated when things don’t work out and excited when we make a leap forward.

And yes, for us Fujifilm shooters, X-Trans is one of those things we had to learn to handle in our photographic journey.

And since we know that X-Trans is here to stay (the Fujifilm X-H2 will feature an X-Trans sensor – or at least one of the two X-H2’s coming), we better learn to make the most out of its strengths and be aware of possible limitations and how to work around those.

Now, you know what I think about the X-Trans sensor. If not, check out:

So yes, I love it! I love the fact that Fujifilm will keep the X-Trans sensor in their APS-C cameras. And judging from this survey, the vast majority of you guys is happy about this, too.

One of the X shooters happy with the X-Trans sensor is Edward Thomas, who, in the video linked below, explains how he learned to love the Fujifilm X-Trans sensor and what he likes about it. The key points of his video and the video itself can be found down below.

I will also share two additional videos, one about how to make the most out X-Trans files and another one with a Fujifilm film simulation recipe.

Last is a short video of me editing a heavily underexposed image taken with my X-E3 of my wife during our honeymoon in Andalusia (here is Cordoba), while were enjoying the sunset from the wonderful town of Ronda. It’s one of those pictures that should not be possible according to some, as it is only APS-C ;).

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Fujifilm GFX100 with X-Trans Sensor? These Fujifilm Slides Show 100 Megapixel X-Trans IV Sensor for Best 4K Results

X Trans Fujifilm GFX100?

The following Fujifilm slides have been sent to me (thanks), and they show what evidently is a Fujifilm X-Trans IV sensor with 101 megapixel for improved 4K video performance.

It’s called X-Trans IV, because it is based on the same sensor architecture of the Fujifilm X-T3 / X-T30, just 4 times bigger.

Is Fujifilm planing a Fujifilm GFX100 with X-Trans coming for best 4K video performance?

Let’s go through the slides (that you can see at the bottom of this post):

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