Iridient Developer 3.5 Released: Optimized for Apple Silicon and macOS 11 Big Sur plus Performance Boost Also for Intel

As you probably know, Apple has launched its brand new MacBooks with Apple Silicon, which promises a huge performance as well as battery life boost (read more here). I guess something that never hurts if you edit RAW files.

Now Iridient Developer 3.5 has been released released today for macOS. It is now Apple silicon (M1, A12Z) native and optimized for macOS 11 Big Sur! This update also features major performance improvements (for Intel too) to compressed TIFF export which is now up to 2X faster.

The Iridient Developer 3.5 update for macOS 10.7 to 11.0 can now be downloaded here:

Adobe and Iridient add Fujifilm X-S10 Support

Adobe & Iridient

Adobe added support for Fujifilm X-S10 cameras.

Also, Brian has released Iridient Developer 3.4.1 and X-Transformer 1.6.8 updates which adds Fujifilm X-S10 support, fixes bugs and brings other improvements.

Capture One

Speaking of RAW converter, we remind you that Phase One has launched a pre-order campaign fro Capture One 21.

  • if you own an older Capture One version (ver. 12 or older), you can now upgrade to Capture One 20 and you’ll get a free upgrade to Capture One 21 as soon as it released
  • if you own Capture One 20 already, you can pre-order Capture One 21 with a 20% discount using code “PREORDER2020

How to access the deal:

  • Login to Capture One
  • Go to the upgrade page and enter your license number
  • Upgrade to C21 and get the 20% discount using the checkout code “PREORDER2020“

You can get Capture One 20 here and upgrade here.

Fujifilm X-S10: BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama, Moment, Focuscamera

Iridient Developer 3.4 and X-Transformer 1.6.7 Updates Released

Iridient Developer 3.4 and X-Transformer 1.6.7 updates were released today.

These are primarily to add support for new RAW camera models from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and others (none lately for Fujifilm…), however they also include a number of changes for improved macOS 11 beta (Big Sur) compatibility particularly for Iridient Developer.

Iridient Developer also features additional GPU optimizations for macOS 10.13 or later systems with Metal compatible GPUs. Both programs also include a lot of behind the scenes work on Apple Silicon (ARM) compatibility, ARM optimizations and user interface updates for macOS 11 (Big Sur) although final macOS 11 GUI interface changes and Apple Silicon (ARM) native code updates still await the final release of macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) and Apple’s final developer tools for Big Sur and their CPUs.

The Iridient X-Transformer 1.6.7 update can be downloaded here (macOS and Windows):

Iridient Developer 3.4 can be downloaded here (macOS only):

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Iridient X-Transformer and Iridient Developer Updates Include Bug Fix for some Fujifilm Cameras

Iridient X-Transformer 1.6.6 and Iridient Developer 3.3.13 updates have  been released a few days ago.

X-Transformer 1.6.6, for Windows and macOS, includes a bug fix for some Fujifilm cameras that may show a black border pixel or two along the left edge with some lenses, particularly adapted ones. This version also includes an update to the latest Adobe DNG SDK libraries (v1.5.1). The X-Transformer 1.6.6 update can be downloaded here.

Iridient Developer 3.3.13, macOS only, includes additional workarounds for issues introduced by recent macOS Catalina (10.15.4+) updates along with new RAW camera support (non-Fuji), other bug fixes and improvements. The Iridient Developer 3.3.13 update can be downloaded here.

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Iridient Developer 3.3.11 with Fujifilm X-T4 Support Released

Iridient Developer 3.3.11 for macOS has been released released with support for the Fujifilm X-T4!

Notable changes include:

  • Fujifilm X-T4 RAF support (including lossy compressed RAF)
  • workaround implemented for crashing issues introduced with the macOS
    10.15.4 update.
  • bug fix for sporadic crashes on macOS 10.7.x.
  • The Lightroom plug-in now supports selection by non-RAW (JPEG, etc) images in LR making image selection easier for users shooting RAW+JPEG and using old versions of Lightroom that no longer support their camera(s) natively.

Iridient Developer 3.3.11 can now be downloaded here Full release notes here.

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