Godox XProF Wireless Trigger for Fujifilm FIRMWARE Update

Godox XProF

Godox released a firmware update for thei XProF trigger for Fujifilm.

Xpro for FUJIFILM Camera ver. 1.1 – download page heredirect link here

To change C.FN-MIN to C.FN-STEP and add the adjustment of 0.1 step

Godox XProF: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS

Godox X1T-F controller: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS
Godox TT350F: Adorama, AmazonUS
Godox TT685F: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS
Godox V860IIF: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS
Godox AD200: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS

Godox TT350F Review (for Fujifilm)


As I wrote in this article,

  • the TT350F is in stock
  • the X1T-F Trigger is now official (and also available for pre-order under the “flashpoint” brand)
  • a major Godox Fujifilm support firmware is available

So make sure to get the full overview here.


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guest post by theoverratedphotographer – Twitter / Instagram

Flash, or more specifically TTL & HSS has always been Fujifilm’s Achilles heel. Sure you could get HSS and TTL with systems like Cactus and Roboshoot, you could get some level of support, but it wasn’t native and required expensive triggers and receivers.

Then the EF-X500 came out and although there was initial fanfare, it came with a premium price a lack of wireless support. Since then, we’ve been waiting for suitable alternatives and fortunately that day has arrived.

Godox released it’s TT350F which is the first one of their proposed TTL/HSS flashes for Fuji. It’s on the lower end of the power spectrum, but it’s also a good size for a small mirrorless. With the lack of wireless support for the EF-X500, I’ve been working with a Yongnuo YN560 along with a Elinchrom Ranger for the heavier stuff, but there are times where there simply isn’t any other alternative for TTL.

It’s unusual for Australia to be the first (or one of the first) to get something. These days global release dates seemed to be aligned, so when I saw the release date for Adorama on fujirumors as the 30 June, I wasn’t expecting anything better. I emailed one of the Australian suppliers (Hypop) and asked them to let me know when the were expecting stock. I got a response to say stock had just arrived so I put in an order. Pricing was better than I expected, I haven’t followed the pricing of the Godox gear recently but A$139 (US$85 on Amazon) for a TTL/HSS flash is pretty reasonable by any standards . My Yonguo manual flash cost more than that although it is a high power output.

Ordering and shipping

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Godox TT350 for Fujifilm Available for Pre-order (TTL + HSS)

We recently shared the news here on FujiRumors, that Godox was working on Fujifilm support.

Well, now it’s real.

The Godox/Flashpoint TT350 for Fujifilm is available for pre-order at Adorama for $85 (thanks for sharing, David). Here are some specs (full specs at Adorama here):

  • Compact size for use with Fuji compact mirrorless cameras
  • Powerful Flash with a GN of 80
  • TTL automation through Fuji Dedicated Foot with Locking Ring
  • Integrated R2 Radio System’s Built In Transmitter and Receiver for flawless Remote TTL and Manual Power Control
  • Fully Compatible With All On Camera TTL Controls Including Automatic TTL Exposure Control, Exposure Bias, Second Curtain Sync, HSS, EXIF Recording, FlashValue Lock etc.
  • Industry benchmark range and interference avoidance with the integrated R2 RadioSystem
  • Zooming Head for even coverage with automatic zoom or manual control
  • HSS for Shutter Speeds Up To 1/8000 Second
  • Regular and Intelligent Optical Slave Modes
  • 360 degree rotation and 90+ degree tilt
  • Stable color temperature at 5600±200K over the entire power range
  • Backlit Matrix LCD
  • Overheat Protection
  • Perfect for On and Off Camera Use
  • Flashpoint 1-Year Warranty

At this point a HUUUGE thanks goes to every single one of you guys, who always helps me to find the news and to break it first here on FujiRumors. Keep it up :)

See more also at flashhavoc.com

And again, here is the Godox Roadmap for Fujifilm

Godox Plan:
TT350 Olympus and Fuji April-May 2017.
If TT350 is good, Move to 685 and V860II.
If all is good move to X1 Fuji and X1 Olympus.
The same time firmware update for all 2.4G light accept Fuji and Olympus
AD200 60 bulb LED light head May-June 2017

[UPDATE] Godox Update: More Details about Fujifilm TTL/HSS Support (Including New X2 Trigger for Fujifilm in July)

Godox Fujifilm Support

For an entire month, the news was somewhere hidden on CheetahStand facebook page, until an attentive FR-reader (thanks) finally spotted it and shared it with us here. The news is now spreading quickly on the web, as usual ;) .

Anyway, since we broke the news today that Godox is working on Fujifilm support, something is moving, and more details just appeard on the web, always via CheetahStand here:

Olympus and Panasonic TTL/HSS remote for Cheetah X series light come out first…I will test on May….Fuji coming right after that….Stay tuned

Also FR-sources (thanks) quickly dropped me emails. Here is what I got from them:

  • The Godox X1 for Fujifilm will be released at the end of April, or beginning of May (HSS and TTL)
  • The new X2 trigger with Fujifilm support will be released in July

** UPDATE ** : More tidbits from the Cheetah page here:

Godox will make TT350 first. I will test it…..If good move to V860X….If good make X1 and same time all X series will accept Olympus/Panasonic by firmware update….Same on Fuji

The original Roadmap shared earlier today:

Godox Plan:
TT350 Olympus and Fuji April-May 2017.
If TT350 is good, Move to 685 and V860II.
If all is good move to X1 Fuji and X1 Olympus.
The same time firmware update for all 2.4G light accept Fuji and Olympus
AD200 60 bulb LED light head May-June 201

Let There Be Light :: Elinchrom, Phottix and Godox Working on Fujifilm X Compatible Flashes/Triggers (and Elinchrom hints support ;) )




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Let There Be Light

It seems that the point has come, where you can’t ignore the Fujifilm X System anymore. Sure, we are still a niche, but a constantly growing one, so it starts to be interesting for third parties to create Fujifilm supported products.

In fact, I’ve just heard from a source, that Phottix, Elinchrom and Godox are all working on Fujifilm X series compatible flashes/triggers. At the moment I have no indication, when the support will be completed, though… but I guess it won’t take that long anymore. Why?

Well, as FR-reader told us in the comments to the big rumor overview, he wrote this comment at the Elinchrom facebook page: “Where’s the Fuji love elinchrom!!!??” Elinchrom liked the comment. And when X-shooter Neil asked if this means that Fujifilm Support is coming in near future, Elinchrom liked also that comment! Maybe it means nothing… or maybe… ;)

And, just a reminder, as rumored here, also Profoto should add Fujifilm support in 2017.

The source (whom I trust) asked me to take it with a grain of salt at this stage… and so I’ll do. As soon as I will be able to confirm it, I’ll let you know here on FujiRumors.

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