LEAKED: First Fujifilm X-T5 Images

So guys, these are the first leaked images of the Fujifilm X-T5.

Anyone of you guys can make a size comparison with other Fujifilm models? At the moment I am super busy, so if anybody can, feel free to make it and share it in the comments or send them to me via fujirumor@gmail.com.

I will of course work on making my own, but if somebody is faster, that would help immensily. Thanks

Fujifilm X-T5 vs X-T4 vs X-H2 vs X-H2s – The Complete Specs Comparison

With most of the specs of the Fujifilm X-T5 now leaked, I thought it could be useful for some of you to get an overview on how it compares to other Fujifilm X series cameras.

So we are going to compare the following cameras:

Above you can see the comparison sheets.

*pre-orders start at 10AM New York time Nov.2

Fujifilm X-T5 Pre-Orders Very Likely to Start Nov.2 at 10 AM EDT (1 Hour After the X Summit at 9AM EDT)

Many FR-reader have the same problem I have: when the heck can we finally pre-order the Fujifilm X-T5?

And since this question came up often in the last few days, here is my best answer.

In all X summits I can remember, pre-orders started 1 hour after after the start of the X summit.

This means that since the next X summit starts at 9AM EDT (Nov.2), pre-orders should start at 10AM EDT (Nov.2).

Of course this is just an educated guess based on the history of every X summit we have ever seen. But I can’t exclude that for the first time ever Fujifilm will change the “pre-order embargo” strategy.

With that said…

… if you think….

… if you think that FujiRumors did a decent job with the X-T5 rumors…

…. then feel free to pre-order the Fujifilm X-T5 via FR affiliate link… it would be an amazing support if you did…

And if you do…

then thanks in advance… it’s people like you who keep FujiRumors alive.

*pre-orders start at 10AM New York time Nov.2

Fujifilm X-T5 – FULL SPECS and PRICE LEAKED – Same EVF of X-T4 and More Details

On an anonymous Japanese forum, Nokishita leaked the full specs of the Fujifilm X-T5.

Nokishita also says that the specs sheet might be in the process to be re-written from, so not everything might be accurate.

At the bottom of the article we list the full specs. But before that, just a few highlights.

  • X-T5 Body (Black/Silver) $1699/1699pound
  • X-T5 XF16-80mm Kit (Black/Silver) $2199 / 2149pound
  • X-T5 XF18-55mm Kit (Black/Silver) $2099/2049pound

We also see that it will be smaller and lighter than the X-T4. And without battery, it will also be lighter than the X-T3.

  • X-T3 weight:
    – 489 g w/o battery + SD Cards
    – 539 g with battery + SD Cards
  • X-T4 weight:
    – 526 g w/o battery + SD Cards
    – 607 g with battery + SD Cards
  • X-T5 weight:
    – 476 g w/o battery + SD Cards
    – 557 g with battery + SD Cards
  • X-T3 size: 132.5 x 92.8 x 58.8 mm
  • X-T4 size: 134.6 x 92.8 x 63.8 mm
  • X-T5 size: 129.5 x 91 x 63.8mm

In terms of the EVF, the Fujifilm X-T5 will use the same EVF of the Fujifilm X-T4.

Fujifilm X-T5 – Full Specs

** CLICK HERE to Read the Rest of the Article **

LEAKED: Fujinon XF30mm f/2.8 Macro Price and Main Specs

Nokishita leaked on an anonymous Japanese Forum the main specs of the Fujinon XF30mm f/2.8 Macro.

  • XF30mmF2.8 R LM WR Macro
  • Lens composition: 11 in 9 groups (3 aspherical lenses, 2 ED lenses)
  • Minimum shooting distance: 10cm
  • Maximum magnification: 1.0x
  • Number of aperture blades: 9 (circular aperture)
  • Size: φ60 x 69.5mm
  • Weight: 195g
  • Overseas price: $599, £599

As FR-readers know, the lens will be announced along with the Fujifilm X-T5 on November 2 at 9AM New York time.

via mevius.5ch via asobinet via digicame-info

Fujifilm X-T5 rumors recap:

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