Fujifilm X100VI – What About Weather Sealing?

The Fujifilm X100V is fully weather sealed only if used with:

And the question I often get these days is: will the Fujifilm X100VI be fully weather sealed also without adapter rings and filters?

Now let’s start by saying that the X100V camera body itself is already weather sealed. And even if there have been minimal changes to the camera body, I think it’s safe to assume that also the X100VI body will be weather sealed.

But a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and the weakest link in the X100V is the lens, which in itself is not fully weather sealed and hence needs the AR-X100 adapter ring and the Protector filter PRF-49 to enjoy full weather sealing.

So has Fujifilm improved on it on the X100VI?

Well, also in this case I have no rumors about it. But I have a rumor that says that the X100VI will use “the same lens” of the X100V.

And if correct, then this means it will be a wonderful sharp lens, but it will also inherit the same “imperfection” of the X100V: it will only be fully weather sealed if used with adapter rings and filters.

That’s why, in my X100VI vs X100V specs comparison, I made my “educated guess” that the X100VI will still need filters to be fully weather sealed.

But again: just an educated guess to try to answer your questions as good as I can with the information I have so far.

Fujifilm X100VI Rumor Recap

Fujifilm X100VI vs X100V Specs Comparison

I noticed in the comments that some fellow Fujifilm shooters ask questions about the Fujifilm X100VI (for example here), that we actually have answered already.

And I get it, there have been so many rumors that it can be hard to keep track with all of it.

That’s why I have decided to create a dedicated X100VI vs X100V specs comparison sheet that is based on our rumors and in some (rare) cases on educated guesses on my side (and they are marked as such in the sheet itself).

You can access the file here.

Fujifilm X100VI Rumor Recap

Fujifilm X100VI Official Teaser Video Released ahead of February 20 Announcement

Fujifilm has released the official teaser video for the upcoming Fujifilm X100VI, which will be announced on February 20.

They don’t mention the camera, we only see a silhouette, but fellow FR-readers know what’s coming ;).

Down below a brightened version of the image.

Fujifilm X100VI Shipping Date Revealed

NOTE: Videos on my YouTube channel do not add information to what is published on the Blog. But if you want to see wonderful landscape (this time the Langental in the Dolomites), you might want to check out the video above anyway ;).

Fujifilm X100VI

So this might come surprising to most. But the information comes from trusted sources, so it is 100% accurate.

In fact, according to our sources, the Fujifilm X100VI, which will be announced on February 20, will start shipping in late February already, so just a few days after its announcements.

That’s a record shipping speed… or at least that’s Fuji’s plan.

Because now the big questions is: has Fujifilm produced enough X100VI samples to ship out all pre-ordered cameras on day 1?

And we all know that the answer to this question can only be “LOL” ;).

Stay tuned… more rumors are coming.

Actually A LOT more rumors.

Beyond X100VI… ;)

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Fujifilm X100VI Additional Specs: 3.69 m-Dot EVF, 6.2K30P, Made in China, UHS-I slot and More

Here are a couple of specs, all of them passed to us by two new/anonymous sources (thanks to the first for contacting me after this post, and to the second for giving yourself a nickname).

Some of the specs are of course expected, some maybe a bit less (for example it’s the first X100 camera made in China), and there is one that is a bit different compared to our previous rumor (the price).

  • IS0125
  • 1/180,000sec shutter
  • Al subject detection and the latest AF algorithm
  • 3.69m-dots EVF
  • 6.2K/30P
  • 4K/60P
  • UHS-I  slot
  • a bit heavier than X100V
  • made in China
  • $300 more than the x100v (we previously reported “$200 more”) IMPORTANT COMMENTS ABOUT THE PRICE BELOW

The Price

So let me address only the price rumor.

When I shared the price of $1,599, I told you it was not based on our trusted sources. And now we got the price of $1,699 ($300 more than X100V), and we share it with you guys, but it’s also based on anonymous source (which again we would like to thank for the help).

So how do we go from here?

First: I will try to get it confirmed by trusted sources.

Second: Fujifilm can change its mind on the final pricing many times before announcement (and as we documented here, sometimes even shortly after announcement). So it could well be that both sources got the right info at the time they heard about it. But the question would be who of the two got the more updated information.

Third: For now, I will not change my original rumor of $1,599. And the reason is that, as we have documented here, usually there is a 250/300 price difference between US Dollar and EURO. So X gear that costs $1,500 in USA, will cost about €1,700/€1800 in Europe.

And because we know from trusted sources that the Fujifilm X100VI will cost €1,799, it would be rather unconventional for Fujifilm to price it at $1,699, so with only 100 difference.

To be more in line with their usual price gap between Euro and USD, the X100VI should be priced $1,599 or even $1,499. Which is why, for now, I will keep the $1,599 price as the “official” rumor.

So, that’s all for now. Stay tuned, because more is coming.

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