Fujifilm X100VI Shipping Schedule: Next Batch is Coming, Regular 2-Week Shipments in First 2 Months and Future Delivery Plans

Fujifilm X100VI Shipping

Now, this could be just another article about how big the pre-orders for the Fujfilm X100VI are.

But it’s not!

What we will try to do instead is to deliver some answers.

Answers based on:

  • what a source, who was right in the past, told us (next shipment)
  • what a store got told by Fujifilm regarding how shipments are managed in the next 2 months and beyond
  • what BHphoto is now telling to FR-readers who ordered the X100VI
  • what stores are officially displaying as expected “in stock” day

This is the closest I could get so far in terms of X100VI shipping plans. But I will investigate further and if I get more pieces to add to the puzzle, I will let you know.

The Rumor

I have received information by a source, who was right in the past, that the next batch of Fujifilm X100VI cameras should come to Europe at the end of next week.

I presume (not based on rumors) that the shipment is on its way from the factory to various destinations worldwide. Consequently, Fujifilm won’t exclusively dispatch all units to Europe; instead, a portion of the X100VI units will also be distributed to North America and other countries around the world.

Shipments Every Two Weeks?

The German Fuji-Store (screenshot above), says they expect regular batches to be shipped out every 2 weeks.

I have contacted the German Fuji Store and they told me this:

  • Fujifilm told them there will be shipments coming in every 2 weeks in the first 4 to 8 weeks after release (hence starting February 28 until latest end of April)
  • after that the shipments will not be as regular, but come in shorter distances (less than 2 weeks). However, there will be less X100VI units at a time
  • they expect all pre-orders (a massive amount) to be shipped between 3 to 5 months

Adorama Optimism

Adorama expects to have the Fujifilm X100VI in stock by the 1st of June (so 3 months from now, which fits with the time indication given by the German Fuji store)

That would actually be great news, because it would mean that at the current pace, all pre-orders are expected to ship by the end of May, which also makes hope that those of you who ordered the X100VI on day 1 will get it shipped much earlier than that.

BHphoto Info

And BHphoto?

Well, yesterday I’ve received an email from a FR-reader, who contacted BHphoto customer support, and they told him that “very soon” they’ll get another batch. However, even if he ordered at 1:07, he won’t make it into that batch, but his sample will be shipped in April.

However, this information might be already outdated, because today BHphoto is giving a different information:

In fact, I got the info (with screenshot) from a fellow FR-reader, who ordered the X100VI “about 15 minutes” after announcement, that BHphoto wrote him:

Based on the latest information that we have received, we expect to ship your order before the end of March.

Another fellow member of our huge X100 group, who ordered it at 1:04 has been told that he will get his “before the end of March“, as he shared here.

UPDATE: a FR-reader who ordered at 10:31PM has been told he won’t make it into the batches shipping in March.

The Big Questions

As I told you already here, the current real state of the pre-orders is really difficult to measure, because many have placed multiple pre-orders at many stores, but will only keep the one X100VI that ships out faster to them. So, with every batch shipped out, I expect also the waiting list to shrink significantly faster than the number of samples shipped would suggest due to the influx of cancelations.

Another thing to look at: it does not matter how many pre-orders were placed at a certain store. Bigger stores with more pre-orders will also get more samples from Fujifilm, smaller stores will get less samples.

Example: my local store in Trento (video tidbit of Trento here) had seven X100VI available on release day (February 28). I went to the store on Feb.28 in the afternoon and they had already sold them all out in the morning. They told me it could take “days, weeks or months” to get more units. So big or small, it will require patience everywhere.

What we really need to find out is when the next batches come in (which we tried to find out today) and how large they will be (which is what I am working on).

You have Shown Wisdom

Anyway, most of FujiRumors readers wisely ordered within the first day of announcement, so I am cautiously optimistic that their wait for the X100VI won’t be that long.

via fuji-strore

Fujifilm X100VI Officially Recommended Accessories

I got a couple of questions on accessories for the Fujifilm X100VI.

Now, down below I will share the list of officially Fujifilm recommended accessories for Fujifilm X100VI.

Of course there are lots of third party accessories, and in most cases accessories for X100V will also fit X100VI. For example:

But for the purpose of this article we stick with what Fujifilm officially recommends and is also on the official compatibility list.

Officially Recommended X100VI Accessories

Lens accessories

Camera Case


Power supply

Body accessories

Supported memory card

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This Independent Movie was Shot on Fujifilm X-T4 – Do We Really Need a Dedicated Fujifilm Cinema Camera?

Johnnie from CineD is probably one of the nicest persons I have had the pleasure to e-meet in all these years of blogging.

And I know he truly loves Fujifilm and uses Fuji cameras for his personal and professional work.

But there is one thing where I respectfully disagree with him: Fujifilm does not need to make any dedicated video camera, as Johnnie also recently asked Fujifilm for. And I tell you why.

The absence of a dedicated video camera in Fujifilm’s lineup, allows Fujifilm to pack everything they can in terms of video specifications into their hybrid mirrorless cameras. This strategy avoids any potential internal competition with a separate cinema camera lineup. In contrast, companies like Sony and Canon may restrict certain specs and features in their hybrid cameras to safeguard the sales of their dedicated cinema cameras.

In short: if Fujifilm would offer cinema cameras, you could forget the X-H2S and X-H2 to be such powerful hybrid cameras. Or in future the Fujifilm X-H3 and Fujifilm X-H3S.

Indeed, the Fujifilm X-T4 already proves to be an exceptionally robust hybrid camera, as demonstrated today, thanks to an email I have received from fellow FR-reader Angel, which I share below.

by Angel Alvarez

My name is Angel Alvarez, my team and I just finished post production on an indie feature that we shot entirely on the Fujifilm X-T4 (save for 1 drone shot). A camera that I got excited about because of your website.

I could write pages on how I find the color rendering from Fuji much better than that of Blackmagic or even RED cameras, but to summarize; the X-T4 performed greatly and far exceeded my expectations. Granted, I encountered a few problems with it, but it was to be expected given the amount of stress we put it through.

I’d like to share with you a few frames from our film as well as a couple BTS stills that I’ve attached to this email.

You can also find the trailer below.

This film is a labor of love that took three years to complete. I hope I’m not overstepping, but if you enjoy what you see, and you think it’s worth your time, we’d be extremely grateful if you could do a post about it.

Fujifilm X100VI Silver beats Black (on FujiRumors)

Just a curiosity.

Before the announcement of the X100VI, I asked you guys which colors you prefer for the Fujifilm X100VI: black or silver!

The result was basically a head to head race between black and silver.

But what did most of you guys really go for at the end?

Well, BHphoto marks the silver Fujifilm X100VI as #1 seller and the black X100VI as Top Seller.

So I have looked up the affiliate pre-orders you guys placed at BHphoto, and, at least here on FujiRumors, so far 58% of you went for the silver X100VI and 42%for the black X100VI. (and btw… thanks to everyone who decided to support FujiRumors by using our affiliate links).

Interestingly, WexPhotoVideo in UK contacted me and told me that in terms of FR-sales, the black version prevails with 61% over the 39% for the silver version.

Both cameras and colors are wonderful, so there is definitely no right or wrong choice. I guess the choice is between a bit more vintage touch (silver) and a bit more elegance and stealth (black).

Fujifilm Wins X-Pro3 Lawsuit

Back in 2022, Fujifilm started to face a lawsuit filed for allegedly falsely advertising ‘Reliable Durability’ on the Fujifilm X-Pro3.

Now the entire case has been dismissed.

when the listing is read in full and in context, Plaintiff’s cherry- picking of certain words does not lead a reasonable consumer to that conclusion. There is nothing “unambiguously deceptive” about Defendant’s Product listing.


Plaintiff alleges that the subject representations are that Product’s construction from titanium, when combined with certain advanced features, “create a camera that can be relied upon to perform in any situation,” and is made “for photographers on the move who want top-level features, a low-profile, and reliable durability.”

But that language simply does not tell “consumers [the Product] would function reliably and be free of flaws, damage, defects, and deficiencies subject to normal and intended use, although even when the camera is in excellent condition and never dropped or banged, the sub monitor and LCD become non-functional because of the defective ribbon cables.”

The Amended Complaint does not draw any connection between ribbon connector cables and the Product’s “body design [that] features a top and base plate constructed from titanium” thus making it more durable than stainless steel.

A representation that the Product’s top and base plate is made of durable titanium simply does not lead a reasonable consumer to believe that the Product’s ribbon connector cable would never require repair.

At the end it looks like the whole evidence where mostly a couple of screenshots taken from forums.

In my experience, when the issue is real and widespread, Fujifilm does take action, as for example with the Fujifilm X-T1 light leak. But evidently this was not the case with the X-Pro3.

You can read the full ruling here.