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Finally AmazonUS sells directly the XF18-55. Click here to see the 9 3 lenses in stock. So hurry if you want to purchase this lens!

P.S.: Riflessifotografici should soon come out with a comprehensive X-E1 and lenses review… I’m waiting for it! Meanwhile enjoy the preview images here at (for new Fujirumors followers, read “look inside the core of the X-series” here.)

image courtesy: (Fujifilm X-E1, Fujinon  XF 18-55 mm – 200 Iso  f/10 1/3200 sec.)



Rumor: First hints about a Fuji announcement in early January!


This is still a very young website and it needs time to build a network of “sources” that may be able to share hints about possible future products. Yet we just heard from one source that Fuji is about to announce new cameras in early January.

We can definitely expect a new bunch of compact cameras. The CES event in Las Vegas is traditionally a place where manufacturers display their new mass products. But you know, back on January 10th Fuji announced the first X camera (the X PRO 1). They may want to celebrate this with a new X camera or lens?


X-10 $100 price drop: last days at B&H


We already told you of the X-10 price drops at different online stores.

Save $100 at AmazonUS (click here) or Adorama (click here) or purchase the X-10 bundle at Adorama for $ 501(with 8GB SD Memory Card, Spare Lithium-Ion Type Battery, Camera Case, USB 2.0 SD Card Reader).

But also B&H offers this camera with $100 rebate. Click here to see the offer. The offer ends on Dec. 22.
So hurry if you’re looking for a nice X-mas gift (click here to read the gift-ideas in my previous post)!

As we reported, the X-10 recently won the StuffUK award (click here to read the post). A very good review can be read here at (translated version).

Some X-10 autumn shots and a review can be seen at lindsaydobsonphotography: “It’s a real photographer’s camera, the controls are where they should be and operation is very fast and intuitive (without having to wade through lots of irritating menus). The fast Fujinon integrated zoom lens is fast – f.20 to f2.8 and is sharp at all apertures and focal lengths.Read her review here.


the sexy one goes glamour


image courtesy:

The founder of sent me two links to his X-E1 reviews.

I’m Rudolf the administrator and founder of nikonian’s italian website Nikonland. In the last weeks I’m fall in love for the Fujifilm X-E1 and I wrote a couple of review :
Fifty Shades of freedom : test della Fujilm X-E 1 (translated version) and The Sexy One goes Glamour (translated version)

As the name of his website suggests, normally he takes his shots with a Nikon… since 30 years. But now he was tempted by the new X-E1. So he took some shots in his studio.

The camera is really great. Great pictures. Did he miss his good old Nikon DSRL?… Well, when the set is getting dark (low light and black background), he really missed his Nikon because he had problems with the EVF lag and the focus.

 Check the X-E1 in stock status here:

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 Fujinon XF18-55mm in stock status check

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