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Tony Northrup Mirrorless War Predictions: “Fujifilm’s Niche. The Battle is Between Sony and Canon. Nikon Underdog”


The Mirrorless War

It’s surely an exciting time, now that also Canon and Nikon are entering seriously into the mirrorless market. But more competition in a shrinking market… how will it end for the various camera companies?

According to Tony Northrup, it’s a battle between Sony and Canon, with Nikon being the underdog.

Fujifilm will end up in the 4th place, and Micro 4/3 as well as Pentax will basically disappear.

Regarding Fujifilm, Tony & Chelsea say:

  • lots of different form factors, and retro style. They have carved out a safe niche
  • however, he also says that this “safe niche” could become hard for Fuji to defend
  • extremely loyal following (also thanks to Fujifilm listening to customers, like with Kaizen firmware udpates)
  • customer base is growing and more Pros are moving into Fujifilm
  • but they are still limited by their sensor size, they only have APS-C, so they won’t make the breakthrough in the Pro market
  • things Tony and Chelsea love about Fujifilm are “intangible” and do not appear on DxO and DPR

Tony Northrup does not mention Fujifilm GFX medium format system. And overall I see that the big youtube channels don’t really look at this camera. For them, Fujifilm is APS-C.

A pity, since even DPReview says in their GFX 50S review herethis is the best image quality we’ve ever seen.”

Anyway… the moral of the story: apparently only Full Frame is really Pro (not APS-C and apparently not even Medium Format)!

the Ridiculous “is Fuji Pro” question

Of course I don’t agree with this, simply because many Pros already use Fujifilm for their work.

Or maybe those Pros don’t know they are shooting with an APS-C camera? In this case, don’t tell them the sensor in their camera is APS-C, or they will delete years of pictures from their hard drives and send back to clients all the money they earned with Fujifilm pictures over all these years. ;)

No seriously, besides the fun, I find the question if Fujifilm is a professional system often ridiculous.

Just ask top wedding photographer Kevin Mullins, world renowned portrait photographer Damien Lovegrove, ultra famous celebrity photographer Markus Klinko, Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey, official FIA car race photographer John Rourke (and so many others), if Fujifilm ruins their photography or if they get less paid because they use Fujifilm gear ;) .

With that said, check out the full video at Tony & Chelsea Northrup Youtube. And also Kevin Raber’s Mirrorless War video at luminous landscape youtube.