“If I was Fuji…. What Would I make next ??” by Dave Kai-Piper


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“If I was Fuji… What Would I make next ??”
by Dave Kai-Piper

That is a tough one… but I guess the next camera to come along would have to be a new version of the X-Pro, but, we have the new Updates coming soon, so I might be very interesting to see what these bring along. I know just as much as anyone does, there is no direct line to Japan here !! I wish !!

I can see why people are pushing for a new camera or a vastly updated camera from the X-Pro. The X-Pro 2/s Will come one day, but, for now, the lenses seem to be the focus of attention of the R&D department at Tokyo. There are some amazing things on the Road map. I think it is quite clear that Fuji are a company listening to to what the people are saying. But as with all global companies, they can only respond so fast due to the size and infrastructure set up. To be honest, it is pretty impressive the rate at which they are able to release cameras such amazing stuff

The 56mm F1.2 is going to be a something to look forward to and the word is that there will be a few other manufacturers making XF mount lenses or at least adapters to fit. Personally I really like how Fuji are being so open about third party lenses being used on the X-Pro. It is quite amazing how so many people are totally into the XF system, it feels like it has been around for years !! Looking at the lenses coming on the updated time-line, the 10-24mm looks nice, but might not be quick enough for me. I can see it being very popular with the landscape photographers, especially with the very funky Lee Filter Seven 5 system (http://www.leefilters.com/index.php/camera/system#seven5-system).

I have been out shooting with it and the CSC Tripod Keith (http://www.3leggedthing.com/compact-system-tripods/keith.html). It’s a pretty great combination for shooting landscapes and a pretty great all round tripod for a CSC Camera. It is great to see other companies really supporting the X-Pro and X-Series cameras. Since the X-Pro is a little larger than most other cameras in the same genre, it is clear that people are seeing the X-Pro as a flagship camera for the genre.

It has been quite a whirlwind for Fuji in 2012 & 2013, and great to see. Cameras like the instant classic X100 make such an impact, it can be quite a challenge to live up to it. But Fuji have done well to not only follow up but continue to raise the bar. In many ways, the most impressive camera Fuji have brought to the table could be the X20. I have enjoyed great access to the camera range and the X20 really is impressive. It truly is a great camera that everyone can use and a truly great reason to not use your iPhone for quick snaps.

Fuji have some great things coming I am sure. They have an app which works great on Android and iPad for sending the files from Camera to Tablet or Phone using WiFi. I would only imagine it will come to an X-series soon and would guess a not to distant future. At the moment it is on a Bridge camera and compact, but it works well and I expect it shall work its way up the scale in due course. I expect the larger files are harder to just zip over, I am not sure. On a similar note though, I was very happy to see the X100s was Eyefi Ready though.. but full on WiFi would be even better. As would USB3 maybe.

www.davekaipiper.co.uk / Fuji X-Pro gallery

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New X-entry level camera announced in July?


According to digicame-info Fuji will launch a new interchangeable lens camera for ¥ 70.000 yen ($700-€540) in the next months. This X-mount entry level camera should be announced in July and shipped in autumn. [FR already told you that the 27mm pancake lens could be released in June. And, as Tim said in the comments “this lens would be great with a compact X body, no viewfinder, just the sensor a touch screen and a few buttons.” Could this be the camera Tim imagined?]

Now, how would you like this entry-level camera to be? Could you go without a viewfinder? Share your ideas and wishes and create your perfect X-entry-level camera in the comments.

I’ll check this rumor with my trusted sources, so stay tuned on Fujirumors, I’ll do a bit of extra work for you this weekend ;)


via mirrorlessrumors via digicame-info


FR-readers roundup: a year with the X-PRO1, 60mm review, NYC and wedding photography


– Khoral: “Hello! Thanks for the blog, that’s my main source for Fuji news. Just did a post you might be interested into, my personal feelings after a year of use [click here to read the article].  Cheers! Khoral” From the conclusions: “I have a great time with the X-Pro1 and never miss my DSLR. The X-Pro1 is more compact, discreet, delivers top quality shots all the time. The only thing that would make me regret buying it is… the X-Pro2, granted it provides more accurate AF.


– Lorenzo” […]I suggest my profile ( http://500px.com/LorenzoTazzioli ): All last pictures are taken with X-Pro1 (with different lens) and x100. And soon I will upload new 18-55 photos. Thanks ”


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– Gergely: “Dear Patrick, I wrote a little review about the 60mm macro, for nature photographers, with many pictures. If you are interested, please feel free to post it! 60mm macro review. And I have a late X-E1 review for nature photographers too. X-E1 review (click here).” Here is another one who sold his Nikon.

Fujinon XF60mm [shopcountry 10276]

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– Nick: “I am a professional wedding photographer. I was based out of Richmond Virginia until a few weeks ago and now I am based out of Manhattan. About one month ago I bought my first fuji. A used x100 limited edition black from B&H. Everything was in great condition except I recently discovered the little front thread ring missing. (hear thats a common piece for people to lose. Anyway the point in writing was that last night I did a blog post of some of what I have shot here in NYC my first few weeks. Since all the photos are from my x100 I thought I’d let you know incase you wanted to check it out and share with your readers. Most are from Raw some jpeg some without the wide angle attachment some with.” Nickkessler.com  – x100 in NYC


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Evert: “hi Patrick, First, my compliments with Fujirumors.com! I’ve been following the site for a few months now and I’m really enjoying it :) It might’ve been the trigger to get a Fuji X100s (and who knows what’s next in the future…) Anyway, I though it’d be nice to share a link of a recent wedding I shot as second shooter (I’m a professional photog shooting weddings and commercial events and portraits), but not with my Canon kit: I’ve shot it completely using the Fuji X100s. It was a remarkable enjoyable experience with great results I think. My opinion? Fuji mirrorless could be a really great alternative for a complete DSLR kit for wedding- and event photographers. Here’s the link (translated version). all the best and good luck with the site!
Best regards,
Evert Doorn


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miXed zone: “DSLR is dead”, reviews, Wood Grip Bases for your X100S


[Preorder the new 55-200: USA at BHphoto (Click here) and Adorama (click here)]


Daniel sent me this mail: “I wrote up a small blog post on my personal jpeg settings including some sample shots. Maybe something for one of the miXed Zone. Thanks for your great work on the Fujirumors site. Kind regards or as we Germans say mfg und Dankeschön“. Bitte sehr, Daniel! Check his settings out at stockografie here.

Wood Grip Bases for your X100S

Wood Grips Bases, 100% handcrafted and made in the USA can be purchased here at AmazonUS. ( J.B. Camera Designs click here.)

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– Zack Arias video about the X100S (in Istanbul) can be seen here. “DSLR is dead […] it’s the greatest camera ever made. I’ll fight you in the streets, if you think differently!” So, anyone out there who’d like to challange Zack?


– Is it worth the price? That’s the question of digitalcamerareview. It earned an 8.2 overall and the Editor’s Choice award. They found it improves immensely on many of the trouble areas that plagued the X100, with superb manual focus support. They did notice some extremely aggressive clipping of JPEGs, even at ISO 200, which they go into in the review “The main problem is that with JPEGs, even at ISO 200, the camera clips all the shadows to zero very quickly. The result is shadow areas that have no visible noise, but also lack any recoverable detail“. There’s a great deal of information in the RAW files to tap into that the JPEG just eliminates. Just read more here.

– rileyjoseph X100S review (part II) here: “I am not a street photographer by any means but I can see why the X00s is so popular. It is very quiet and discreet. You are walking, see something, raise it up, click (which you can barely hear), review the shot in the EVF and keep walking.” Part I of the review can be read here.

– “The the Fuji X100s looks sexy, and it feels sexy .. and better yet, makes *you* look sexy. And that’s worth the price of the camera already.” This is the last sentence of the review over at neilvn.com (click here). Read if the X100S is the camera for you.

– digitalcameraworld X100S video review can be seen here. “While the X100S might intimidate novice photographers, enthusiasts will find there plenty to get excited about and the exposure controls are a joy to use. Perhaps even more importantly, its also capable of capturing superb, well-exposed images with lots of sharp detail and pleasant colours.”

– A wall, the bricks, and different cameras. See the comparison shots of the Fuji X100s vs Fuji X-E1 vs Canon 5DMK2 vs [shoplink 9959]Nikon D800[/shoplink] over here.

– “Spring in the Langhe: Landscape Gallery with the Fuji X100s” at bestmirrorlesscamerasreviews here.


[shopcountry 10267]

– minghthein X20 review can be read here. Just an extract:

“Ultimately, I was left with very mixed feelings on this camera. I really wanted to like it; it simply felt right in the hand in a way that few other modern designs have managed to; color rendition and native tonal response render both very natural color images and subtly toned black and white ones after conversion. Above all, it was very, very enjoyable to use. The trouble is, I can’t help but feel the size to image quality tradeoff isn’t a good one; if I’m going to carry something that large and not particularly pocketable, to be honest, I’d rather have the OM-D – which moves me up a couple of sensor classes entirely. Furthermore, despite being physically large for its sensor size, the battery is rather small – I averaged about 250-300 frames before running dry. You’ll definitely need a spare to get through a day…”

– Check out danbailey’s review here: “Overall, the X20 is an incredibly capable and versatile little camera that has a wide array of very usable features. It’s built well, it shoots great looking photos, and of course, it’s got a great classic design that MAKES you want to hold it in your hands and shoot photos with it. In my mind, that goes a long way, because when it all comes down, a camera is just a tool for capturing moments in life. If you don’t have it in your hands, you’ll miss the shot.

– Joshua: “Hi there Patrick, I have been following your blog on Fujifilm X stuff and I really love it. I wrote a little personal review of the X20 here: My Fujifilm X20 Review. Thought you might like to share it with some folks out there interested in this wonderful camera!  Cheers!” Click here to read his review. It’s quite a long list of PROS, and 2 CONS (battery life and video… so it’s just one CON for me, as I don’t care about video ;) )

– bestmat.ch X20 review can be read over here. A part from a weak battery life and zero controls in video mode, the X20 is a little great camera. Superb design, great image quality and well built.

– X20 photoreview can be read here. The camera gains 8.8 out of 10 points.


[shopcountry 10259]

– Comprehensive admiringlight review of the X-E1 here. “[…] the Fuji X-E1 produces tremendous images.  The outstanding dynamic range, great noise control and beautiful tonal depth create images that look like they came from a full frame sensor.  And, despite the letdown in the AF department, the camera is an absolute joy to shoot with. Controls are simple and quick to change and everything you need as a photographer is just right there.  I love shooting with the X-E1, and the output seriously impresses.  It’s not a fully mature camera, but Fuji’s on the right track.  If you are shooting events or moving children or are in situations where you need a quick, responsive camera….don’t use the X-E1 (I grab my OM-D for those situations).  However, for deliberate shooting and an old-school feel to photography, it’s really hard to beat.”


[shopcountry 10261]

– “tulip festival+ Fuji = colour!“. See some beautiful (macro) shots here!

image courtesy: vanearlphotography

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