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Fujifilm HS50EXR posted his first impressions of the Fujifilm HS50EXR. You can preorder this camera here.

There is spec comparison at thenewcamera here. The battle is between Fujifilm Hs50 and Canon SX50 HS. The clear winner is the Fujifilm HS50. The Canon has more optical zoom, but the Fuji HS50 is better everywhere else. The HS beats also the Nikon 510 in this spec comparison (click here)

XF18-55mm lens

Roel tested the XF 18-55mm kit lens under extremely tough conditions, in the Bahamas :-). He says that “this is not an exhaustive review, but optically speaking, this lens delivers the goods.  In fact, it is the best “kit” lens I have ever used and is a great “first” lens for anyone wanting to get into the Fujifilm X camera system.” Excellent build quality, fast for a variable aperture lens (f/2.8 to f/4), sharp, even wide open, AF is extremely quiet in operation are just some of the PROS of this lens. There are two CONS: the linear motor provides adequate AF speed, but he expected it to be faster. Well, for the second CON just click here.


thephoblographer published his X-E1 review. Take a look at it here.

Patrick from Belgium loves his X-E1. He posted his review at stevehuffphoto here.

I bought this camera from Amazon, with the intent to try it out and then decide whether I will keep it or return (Amazon has a holiday return policy till the end of this month). I am going to keep it. I think I found my perfect travel camera. I am also seriously contemplating on selling my Canon gear and just having this system.” Read the whole review and see the pics here at

A short X-E1 review with PROS and CONS can be read here at

A Dtch review at version)

Another X-E1 video review can be seen here.

An “on travel” review in Burma with a lot of shots can be seen at peterlueck’s German website here (translated version). The X-E1 is a real good travel companion!

Here is the Japanese (translated version).

A French review can be read here (translated version)

For a simple autofocus video test of the X-E1 with the Fujinon 18-55mm see this youtube video.

X-E1, 35mm and Manhatten. See the pics here at

A little ISO-test can be seen here. posted a review about his first 2 week of experience with the X-E1

Look at some low light sample images here!

The winter sun in Barry Island… amydavies enjoys shooting with his new X-E1! See his pics here.


When the city sleeps at 5am, George takes his X-PRO1 and 18mm and takes some shots you can see here.

Bullfight in Spain… some pics.

See Rio de Janeiro through the eye of the X-PRO1 at… what a city!

The X-PRO1 capturing the winter scenery in Norway (click here)

Six months with the X-PRO1… read the experience here (translated version)

The X-PRO1 at work can be seen here.

You can read an X-PRO1 review here at

X-PRO1 in Brasil… click here.

Wedding photography with the X-PRO1? Take a look here! took a trip way back down memory lane today. Click here to see the pics.

Photo shoot with the X-PRO1 and Fujinon 18-55mm Among the others the photographer says: “The new zoom lens is very fast to focus and silent too. I am particularly impressed with the optical image stabiliser. It is so lovely to be viewing rock steady images while composing a shot. I find it great at wide angle too. Wide angle OIS is going to become a big thing driven partly by the need of the video market extensively using stills cameras.

ERPhotoReview tested the Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4: see the optical performance of this lens here.

X-PRO1 and street photography? Take a look at this pics.

“I’ll keep things really simple. To say the camera performed well would be an understatement, it was brilliant. A very capable camera, that simply worked in very dark conditions with a mixture of lighting. It didn’t trip it up at all and I can’t wait to put it to work on our next wedding.” Look at a lot of nice pictures on (click here).

Click here for a short youtube presentation of the hybrid viewfinder of the X-PRO1.

18mm lens, X-PRO1 and processed in Lightroom 4. gaborimages made a trip around Dublin. Click here to see his pics.

trevorhart impressions here

“Why dead people make the most fabulous decoration”… X-PRO1 in the Sedlec Ossuary.

See the johnnypatience shots in baltimore here.

The initial thought and first shots with his X-PRO1 at


We finally had the first real frost of the year and it was a dramatic one at that. When I woke up, everything was frozen and covered in a shimmering coat of sparkly blue and white. I didn’t hesitate to grab my camera and get some shots of the frozen landscape before the sun came up and melted everything. I picked up my X100 and headed out the door.” So Thomas Fitzgerald took his X100, faced the frosty morning and made some shots with his Fuji cam. Take a look at the images here.

X100 user report here.

Fuji F800 EXR

Now digitalcamerareview (click here) postet his review of the Fuji F800 EXR ($46 price drop). From the conclusions “Fuji’s new F800EXR was designed to be a competent travel zoom style P&S digicam and this little camera does deliver in that capacity, it can capture images of just about anything – from expansive landscapes, to casual portraits, to in your face macro, to super telephoto shots.

Fuji FinePix XP170

 You need a camera that is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and freezeproof? Maybe you should grab the Fuji FinePix XP170 (click here).