New Fuji X PRO 1 test!



It looks like Romania photographers are having a special connection to Fuji. this is already the second exclusive test posted by a Romanian photographer!

After website (Click here) now you can see a new test at F64 (Click here). The reviewer compared the ISO results with the Fuji X100 and Nikon D3. His conclusions in short:

1) At high ISO the X PRO 1 beats both the e X100 and D3 cameras.
2) Shutter noise is similar to that of the Zeiss Ikon.
3) The 18mm lens suffers from some purple fringing (but Fuji could add an automatic lens correction once finalized the firmware).
4) manual focusing has been improved over the X100 but the reviewer is still not completely satisfied with the performance. Also autofocus isn’t really fast.
5) What matters: Image quality is spectacular.

Thanks Romania! Without you we would havn’t seen any ISO test at all! :)

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PDNonline confirms the Fuji lens roadmap (and adds small bits of info)


PDNonline (Click here) posted the Fuji lens roadmap and added some info about the aperture of most of these lenses:

•    14mm (21mm equivalent) super wide
•    18-72mm f/4 (27-108mm equivalent) image stabilized zoom
•    23mm f/2 (34mm equivalent) wide
•    28mm f/2.8 pancake design (42mm equivalent) normal
•    12-24mm f/4 (18-36mm equivalent) image stabilized zoom
•    70-200mm f/4 (105-300mm equivalent) image stabilized zoom

As you see the only lens that lacks an aperture info is the 14mm lens. Fuji marketing said it shoudl be somewhere between f/1.4 and f/2.0. I guess it will be the second :)


New X PRO 1 ISO test at Focus Numerique!


Click on image to enlarge

The french website Focus Numerique (Click here) posted a full X PRO 1 ISO test. The conclusions: Up to ISO 1.600 noise is almost invisible. At 3.200 ISO grain is very fine and there is a just a little color noise. A larger chromatic noise is only visible starting from 12.800 ISO. Focus Numerique writes that thei are truly impressed by that result!

Can’t wait to see more tests soon!

P.S.: Hands-on at Photographybay (Click here).